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  1. This Whole30 was my very first try of anything paleo/primal and when I started on 1st January I signed up for the daily emails (which have been GREAT by the way!). Today's email suggested that if I haven't felt the "magic" yet - which I haven't - that one option was to extend another 15 or 30 days. I am really proud how well I have done so far but I think I need to stick with it a bit longer to get the most out of it. I am hoping this is the right decision ... I just feel like I have come so far that it is better to keep going than to have to start all over again. I wish I was a more decisive person!
  2. Fi68

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Well, I am nearing the end of Day 5 and this is the first day I have felt really awful! I tossed and turned so much last night I woke up feeling as though I hadn't slept at all and had red, aching eyes this morning despite being in bed for at least 7 hours. I felt grumpy and grouchy and I have had a headache all day ... and I couldn't be happier! It means this is working and I don't care what my body and brain throws at me, I am in this for the long haul ... I am nothing if not stubborn as a mule
  3. Fi68

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hello everyone this is my first W30 and as I am in Australia, I am nearing the end of day 3 ... so far so good! I am feeling the benefits already, more energy and definitely sleeping better so I can't wait to see how amazing I feel after 30 days!!! I only very recently discovered the wonders of paleo after toying with a gluten-free diet in an effort to overcome severe lethargy and bloating ... I work in a very sedentary job where I am sitting down for hours at a time and this, together with poor eating habits, has seen far too many kilos pile on in the past 2 years. My goal is to feel healthy and alive again! I am still waiting for my book to arrive so I am relying on information I have gleaned from the website and this forum to keep me on track and eating by the rules ... I have never been so sure of anything as I am that I will finish this and, in itself, that is pretty amazing as I am usually unsure of nearly everything I am very much looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with all you wonderful like-minded people
  4. Fi68

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    I am very new to paleo (only discovered it last week - clearly I live under a rock or something but better late than never!!) and in my online research (while I wait for my book to arrive) I found Whole30 I am super excited and can't wait to start on 2nd January ... losing weight and feeling better in my own skin is my motivation! @Praxisproject - another Aussie here!! Western Australia