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  1. Go-To Grocery Store Brands and Foods

    Not sure where y'all are from, but in my region we have Kroger stores. A friend of mine on the Whole30 tipped me off that the Kroger store brand of bacon is compliant, so I checked it out...and it's true! However, it's only the "Lower Sodium Bacon" that's compliant. I'm not complaining because I probably do need to watch my salt intake. I'm going to whip some up with dinner tonight and see how it tastes!
  2. Several meds, unsure of compliance

    Good to know! I just checked the label on my Zyrtec OTC, and it's definitely not compliant. I need this med every day, or I'm an allergic mess. I'm also on two prescription meds that I cannot stop. I'm glad these shouldn't interfere!
  3. Beef jerky

    I will try that, ShannonM816. Thank you!
  4. I just discovered the Sam's Choice (Walmart brand) apple chicken sausage today! I was going to buy the Aidell's, but I checked the SC ingredients out of curiosity...and they are the same. I couldn't find compliant bacon at Walmart, but a friend of mine also said that the Kroger brand is compliant. I'm going to pick some up ASAP.
  5. Beef jerky

    I have a dehydrator and make my own venison jerky. I always used a pre-packaged cure and spice mix before...so now, do I just use the spices? No cure at all? The venison I have is far, far less likely than beef to cause any food poisoning because I harvested, butchered, packaged, and stored it all myself. (Well, my brother helps, too. Haha.) So I'm guessing I really don't have to worry about cure...
  6. Living Alone - Any Tips?

    Great advice! Thank you both! After I grocery shopped today, I realized that I probably don't have a whole lot to worry about. All the produce I bought, I bought specifically for this coming week's meals. I did forget almond butter though...crap!
  7. Hi all! I am starting the Whole30 on Monday. Sunday I will be grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking for the week ahead. I am REALLY excited about this program because I know people who have had wonderful results! However, I live alone as a single woman. (Well, "alone," considering I have a dog, two cats, and three birds, but none of them want to do the Whole30 with me.) I've always struggled with buying food and not knowing how to store it so that I don't end up throwing some away. Do you all have any tips about how to do the program without wasting food? The fresh veggies and fruits are what scare me the most, haha. I do plan on growing my own tomatoes, sweet peppers, and some herbs this summer, so that will help I think. Any and all tips are much appreciated! Emily