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  1. beet root sugar

    You have probably had beet root sugar your whole life. The vast majority of the table sugar in north america is from sugar beets not sugar cane because it is easier and cheaper to produce.
  2. So I have been at this since the 1st. So I am 21 days in but with two "falls from grace" I am really on day 6. Ugh, so depressing when you write it out that way. I am starting to feel very "meh" about the whole thing. Is that normal? I mean last week I was riding high and now this week it is like I could care less. I am still eating compliant but the novelty has worn off - which I am sure is normal. Since my restart 6 days ago I have been feeling very ambivalent towards the whole thing then, to top things off, I slipped and fell on the ice last week and stretched my LCL and bruised a bone - long and short of it is that my workouts are pretty much torched for a few weeks, at least until I can handle things like getting off a toilet without crying. So here I am. Debating what to do. I feel like I started this "redo" with the entirely wrong attitude and therefore don't feel like I am truly reaping the benefits of it, the physical benefits are there I am just not really appreciating them. I also really feel like the tumble took the wind out my sails so to speak. Should I continue on with this or simply scratch my "First Whole 30" and start a second one fresh tomorrow? It seems sorta silly but in my mind the idea of just saying, "hey, you know what, i was unsuccessful the first go round but I learned a few things." Then start of with a clean slate rather then continue with the third crack at my first one. Sorta a "six of one/half dozen of the other" type situation I know. It isn't about the food, or the lack of certain foods, at this point if I were to never have dairy again I would probably be quite content. Grains have vanished from our house with very little fan fare and aren't really missed either. I am not planning a huge "oh my god, I am free" gorging of non-compliant food either, I have a delicious roast, asparagus, and spaghetti squash on tap for this evening. I just really feel like I would benefit more from a complete fresh start. Am I the only one that feels this way? Am I just trying to get back the "glory" of the first few weeks of my Whole30? Ughh, I just don't know. I really feel like I am on the verge of floundering if I continue on. I think I am in mourning ... I just don't know what for, my motivation maybe?
  3. Well, first I made it to day 3, then I stress ate part of a gingerbread cookie. Now I've made it to day 12 and ate 2 hazelnut chocolates. There was an incident....okay, my three year old pooped on my couch, there were dogs involved, it was......horrendous. The chocolates were supposed to be my solace. I am just so annoyed with myself. I mean, seriously I actually had a running dialogue in my head....they aren't worth it, they aren't worth it, and I ate them anyway. I was possessed. Then to top it off, they didn't even taste good! They tasted like....pine trees. If someone made a chocolate that tasted the way vicks vapo rub smells that was what these were like. I blew 12 days for gross tasting chocolate. That is what I am most mad at. Arghhhh So, I need to figure out a way to deal with "out of the blue" situations. Things that completely take you off guard and are unexpected. Something that will allow me to immediately release tension but not land in food purgatory, alcoholics anonymous, or jail. I meditate at night, I do yoga, I work out. I walk the dogs. But when a kid smears poop all over your 1 year old couch what do you do? Normally, a glass of wine would work but that is not whole30 compliant. Must figure this out. I must also rummage through my cupboards to make sure no more "lapses in judgment" can occur. Thank you for allowing me to rant....I am sorry my kid is gross.
  4. Soups

    I just ate an entire pot of this last week the only thing was instead of the italian sausage I made italian meatballs (couldn't find compliant sausage). This has red chilli flakes in it so spicy on the tongue and warm in the belly. My husband made this weekend and I just ate a ginormous bowl of it's deliciousness for lunch. This has a chunk of fresh ginger in it so it is really nice for warming you from the inside. We also made a beanless chilli found here except we added extra veggies and 1/2 lb of chopped compliant bacon. If you are going to cook it in a slow cooker just brown your beef and bacon (if you decide to use it) before throwing it in the crock pot.
  5. Some enlightenment on potatoes please!

    Hey Amanda, Just to add in, I don't think it is so much that potatoes will lead you down the path to ruin. I think it is simply that for a lot of people the concept of a potato without cheese, sour cream, simulated bacon type things, or deep fried and loaded with salt is so foreign that it is better to just exclude them (with or without cause) for a Whole30. I personally love potatoes. I think they, much like eggs, butter, fat and a host of others, have sort of become a scape goat for people. As much as I didn't want to I cut potatoes out of my diet this month simply because those were the "rules". I have also managed to OD on sweet potatoes, the very idea of them makes me want to gag. Given I work out 4 days a week though, I know I need something. I have added in Spaghetti squash, lots of zucchini, and expanded my cooking techniques of the standard roots. I know you said you don't like a lot of root vegetables but, how have you cooked them? Boiled beets are enough to make me sick, however roast them with seasoning and they are delicious. Carrots roasted in the oven with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar is really good. Or grilled with cinnamon on the bbq...delicious. And lastly, I have a bag of organic purple potatoes patiently waiting in my pantry for me to finish my whole 30
  6. Whole30 Fail - Not enough groceries

    I was there last week.....I ended up doubling my grocery order on Saturday. I walked out of the store with an INSANE amount and variety of veggies. It happens to the best of us. I also went out on a play date yesterday, failed to take anything out of the freezer to defrost and arrived home half an hour ahead of my husband. Needless to say we were still close to an hour and a half away from dinner. Oh well, live and learn.
  7. How much meat is okay?

    Forgive me but....if you are putting cheese on your eggs are not whole30....cheese is dairy, dairy is a no no. That would be like saying I am eating two slices of whole wheat bread because it works for me and claiming I am Whole30. You are robbing yourself of the potential payoff of following this.
  8. carb addicted kid - help

    My three year old was surprisingly easy to switch. He, much like his mom, is a carb-aholic as well. We started by upping the veggies and fruit available through the day while decreasing or removing most yukky carbs. Cookies, granola bars, bread, pasta all went away. What stayed, at first, was wild rice, quinoa and some cold cereal (gluten free though as he has digestive issues with gluten). We took those out eventually too. We also have a one meal rule. Mom cooks one meal for the family. You can eat that or wait until your next meal (or snack time) to eat. If meals weren't eaten only water was available to drink until the next meal/snack - kids are notorious for tanking up on milk and then not eating. He converted pretty quickly. We have a drawer in our fridge with pre cut veggies, pre-cut hard cheese, washed fruit etc. When snack rolls around he can pick his own. Even at 3 autonomy is important. I mentioned on an other thread the process it was to convert my 5 year old. 2-3 is still really little. They will follow your example. Just give them the time to adapt. Always keep what you want them to eat readily available and it is amazing how quickly they usually convert. If you think she is able get her to help. My guy loves setting the table for meals. He grabs things out of the fridge, he has a special "knife" (spread knife) that he uses to chop things like bananas, he portions our raisins or nuts from their packages onto their plates. Above all you have to be consistent and lead by example. It won't be all roses and sunshine but it will be worth it.
  9. Hi, I have a five year old very similar to your 10 year old. We pretty much never get a pass. We used to make dinner for the rest of us and then a separate meal for the 5 year old (much like your boca burger back up). I eventually just gave up on making the back up. The first few weeks were horrible. HORRIBLE. I would make him breakfast, he would refuse to eat it. I laid down the law that unless he ate the meal he would not be allowed snacks and would only be allowed water until his next meal. We went a day and a half before he ate. I made sure to throw in at least one thing he would like and he still refused to eat just out of spite. We now do "snack lunches" this is the meal he prepares for himself out of food I have pre-selected. So I will have cut up chicken or beef, carrots, celery, broccoli, an apple, a banana and some almond butter out of which he chooses 3 or 4 things. He feels like he made his own lunch and is more willing to try things. I try to always include things I know he likes as well as things that he might not prefer. The catch is "if you take it, you eat it" even if it is just a bite. There was a gag inducing episode with spaghetti squash that I am sure will be hilarious once the trauma has worn off. I also found letting him help made a big difference....he helps make scrambled eggs. He lines the bacon up on the cookie sheet before we bake it. He gets to smash raw almonds to paste with a mortar and pestle. We also make paleo versions of stuff I know he would eat before....Golden Nuggets (chicken) from Eat Like a Dinosaur has saved my bacon more than once. The idea of bringing him along to help shop is good as well. We allow ours to each pick a fruit and a veggie they would like to try. Sometimes its a hit sometimes it isn't but they know because they chose it they have to at least try what we made "especially" for them. It is a long, gruelling process to convert a picky eater. But, slowly it is worth it. Mine now eats shrimp, fish, scallops (he thinks they are chicken but whatever) and has a decent repertoire of veggies that I can pull from. Oh, and we planted a garden. Huge improvements were had with vegetables when he got to grow some. Even if it is potted tomatoes they will get a kick out of it.
  10. Starting Over Criteria?

    From everything I have read I would say start over. My basic understanding of the rules....if you eat something that is non-compliant it is best to restart as any amount may interfere with your results and healing process. Or, like yesterday's facebook crepe fiasco, if you eat something that is made entirely of compliant food but is technically not compliant, it is more of a lesson learned, continue from where you are as you didn't eat anything off plan just remember for next time. Hope that helps.
  11. Keurig

    It's only 30 days....29 if you started today lol. Besides, maybe once you switch you may not want to go back...especially if you find something you like more
  12. Keurig

    I would steer clear of the "flavoured" coffee and stick with just plain old boring coffee. Flavoured is code for chemicals created to taste like the real thing. I have added real vanilla or 85% pure chocolate shavings to coffee for flavouring. You could probably try crushed blueberries or orange zest too. I have the k-cup insert and just grind up my own beans - at least for the next month anyway - so I know that my cup of joe isn't sabotaging my day before it even starts. If the idea of unflavoured coffee is too unappealing maybe try a herbal tea instead, there are some fabulous teas out there with everything from lemon to peppermint to valerian in it. They taste amazing and don't need to be artificially 'bumped" to be palatable.
  13. Homemade Soup with Potato

    Well, I figured they were a no no in the baked, boiled, steamed, fried, mashed, cheese stuffed, bacon accessorized varieties but given that it was less than a 1/4 cup pureed in soup I thought I would try We make our own broths from scratch and our salad dressings, mayo, mustard, ketchup, bbq sauce etc. (it is what happens when two foodies marry each other). I have guides taped to the fridge now about what is and isn't acceptable. He isn't doing the Whole30 with me but we are about 70% paleo (higher if you count all the quasi-paleo almond/coconut flour goodies we have created in the past). Made two salad dressings for the week and clarified some butter. Now I am tossing a chunk of organic free range cow in the oven for my breakfast tomorrow. Thanks for your help....I am sure there will be more questions once I start rolling
  14. Homemade Soup with Potato

    That he knows, he has read Primal BluePrint, The Paleo Solution, and Practical Paleo
  15. Busy Momma of 3 starting a Whole 30 12/31/12!

    I think that is an awesome idea! I will request to real life identity is Christie Mawby