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    Starting Jan 8

    Hi everyone! I'll be starting today (Jan 9th) my 2nd round. My 1st was in April2017 and as much as I loved the journey, it was very easy to get off track very quickly. I tried a 2nd round right after the 1st one but I didn't had the motivation or commitment needed. This time I'm 100% in! Hope everyone had a good 1st day!
  2. Am_S


    Hello everyone, I'm also starting today. It's my 2nd round, I've completed my 1st W30 a few months ago and I loved it. But I didn't do the reintroduction phase properly and never got to discover which foods weren't working for me and started craving sugar and less unhealthy stuff too soon. I'm looking forward to this new round!
  3. Am_S

    May 1 Start - Support

    My staple weeknight dinner recipe is some kind of protein (usually chicken or beef) marinated the night before + chopped sauteed veggies (think fajitas). It's pretty quick (around 30min if you need to slice the veggies), cheap and by varying the veggie and spices marinade you can keep it interesting. I've recently started making the same stuff in skewer format, or making beef patties instead of diced beef- same food different look. You can also add some cauliflower rice or quinoa if you're including that in your post-W30 diet. Soups and stews are great for winter and also super super easy, just steam the veggies, add spices and blend (also great to make them eat different veggies as they won't see them). Roasted veggies are also a great option to make ahead in big batches. You can mix them with different proteins, greens and grains and you have a W30 compliant easy dinner ready. Good luck on reintro starting tomorrow!
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    May 1 Start - Support

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted since the beginning but I've been following the thread.. thanks for the inspo! Actually in the morning of day15 I ate a couple of dry figs and later found out they had sulphites- I considered keep going as if nothing had happened but I finally decided to start over. I'm actually feeling great with this way of eating and was considering continuing beyond the 30 days with minor adjustments. To me it's 30 new days to have an improved whole 30 experience as over the past 2 weeks I've been identifying things that are trigger foods and I easily binge on (nuts/fruit) @CCLaymon I love the Whole45 approach, way more positive, thanks!