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  1. mrsmonte02a

    5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Hi Jen....I just saw your reply on my post and we do have some similarities! I too work from home and have two children (10 and 7). Want to be buddies??
  2. mrsmonte02a

    Starting my 1st time on May 1st!

    First timer for 5/1 also! Looking for fellow motivators and support during this process. Need to lose weight but ready for a lifestyle change to get out of this food overtake of my mind and body. I am very excited about this process....
  3. mrsmonte02a

    May 1 Start - Support

    Hi there! I am starting 5/1 as well! Meals are planned and grocery list written out. I will shop and prep Sunday. I am more nervous about the second week than the first!!