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  1. Can I have this with my dinner of veggies and protein as a "side"? I'm trying to change up my variety and very rarely add fruit or nuts. Today I feel like doing so. Is this considered cheating or SWYPO? I'm not looking to replace t with anything or substitute for something and still plan to have protein + fat + veggies.
  2. mrsmonte02a

    5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Hi Jen....I just saw your reply on my post and we do have some similarities! I too work from home and have two children (10 and 7). Want to be buddies??
  3. mrsmonte02a

    New Coconut Amino Rule

    Any update yet?
  4. mrsmonte02a

    5/1 start date -- buddy ??

    Hi I started my Round 1 yesterday 5/1 and would love to have a buddy. Anyone starting around the same time interested to help support each other? 38 y/o mother from NY!
  5. Hi...prepping and planning for day 1 on Monday. I have the whole30-recommended fish oil, vitamin d, magnesium and multi vitamin along with digestive enzymes I've been searching and reading forums before posting these questions but can't seem to find any blogs or users mentioning incorporating the supplements into their whole 30. I am interested to see how it helped, enhanced or eliminated symptoms throughout the plan. Any comparisons for those who have done with and without? 2-6 digestive enzyme tablets per meal seems like a lot. I guess I am nervous about the effects of these new supplements. Also I have read that oral magnesium is harmful and had planned on taking oral form. Anyone find this not to be true? Any tips & help is greatly appreciated. I am excited to partake on my whole30 journey and cannot wait to see how I do and what is in store for me.
  6. mrsmonte02a

    Starting my 1st time on May 1st!

    First timer for 5/1 also! Looking for fellow motivators and support during this process. Need to lose weight but ready for a lifestyle change to get out of this food overtake of my mind and body. I am very excited about this process....
  7. mrsmonte02a

    May 1 Start - Support

    Hi there! I am starting 5/1 as well! Meals are planned and grocery list written out. I will shop and prep Sunday. I am more nervous about the second week than the first!!