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  1. I don't have any input on the alcohol question but I do have a suggestion on the reintroduction schedule. It turns out that we should be prepared to allow 2 days for each reintroduction and then three days of clean eating to see if we react to it. (If we react the first day then no need to add the second day. But if we don't react the first day, we might not have enough of the food in our system yet and we should eat it a second day.) So your schedule above (if allowing 2 days per food test) would be: Days 1 & 2: dairy. Days 6 & 7: gluten grains. Days 11-12: non-gluten grains. Days 16-17: legumes. I'm whining that they should call this a Whole60 and not a Whole30 because we're really not off it until after we've tested all the foods that we're going to test. I look forward to hearing the replies to your alcohol question.
  2. Terez

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    I'm stumbling across posts about this today! I find it creamy, delicious and satisfying. There's a slight slickness to it but I was already putting coconut oil in ("on") my coffee so I was used to the feeling oil on top of my coffee. Using a blender incorporates the fat and the effect is creamier than using coconut oil (although I can't say how it would be to blend coconut oil; haven't tried that).