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  1. Kombucha helps me when my stomach gets upset. A little kombucha in a glass and then fill the rest with sparkling water. The only drawback is that it's cold and sounds like you want something hot.
  2. Terez

    It seemed easy...At first :(

    It is better to use organic and grass-fed but my understanding is that you can use regular butter if the grassfed/organic is out of your price range or not available where you live. [if I'm mistaken, I'm sure a moderator will correct this.] If you have a Costco near you, many of them carry Kerrygold butter (grass-fed) at an excellent price. It's sold by the fancy cheeses, not with the regular butter. (Some folks don't like ghee from salted butter but it tastes fine to me.) Terez
  3. Yes, I keep running out of eggs too. Interesting how they seem to evaporate! As for the booch: I'm sure I've got some vinegar because I put a scoby and sweet tea in a jar in mid-January and have done nothing with it. Can always start again using the goop from a bottle of commercial kombucha. Will be interested to hear how your next batch turns out. Terez
  4. Terez

    Irony and Karma

    Just clicked on the link in your footer, YahMoorah. CONGRATULATIONS on your success at the one-year mark!!!!!!!!!! Terez
  5. Terez

    It seemed easy...At first :(

    What all of them said!!! When I was on the Whole30, I limited fruit to one serving a day. That way I wasn't depriving myself (I was having fruit every day) but I wasn't going overboard. But before the fruit came the vegetables. LOTS of vegetables. And fat. And animal protein (at least 3 eggs at one meal, then a serving of meat at all the other meals). And...that's the meal template. Not to hammer you here. Just to assure you this isn't just what one or two or three people are suggesting... You're going to LOVE this when you get the hang of it. Terez P.S. Interestingly, now that I'm post-Whole30, I don't have fruit every day anymore. It somehow was more important to me while I was on the program. Kind of a legal treat, I guess.
  6. I can identify with having all those cartons of eggs in the fridge! Ha!
  7. Terez

    My bike got a flat!

    {{{ Hugs, Krista! }}}
  8. Terez


    National seminar????
  9. Terez

    Stupid Hard Boiled Eggs

    I always wondered why my yolks were off center!
  10. Terez

    Chefs: What could I substitute for onion?

    Katey, you and I are thinking along the same lines. It was the caramelizing of the onion that made me think that I should be looking for a sweet caramelized substitute (the fennel suggestions). I had wondered about bell peppers, if they would mimic the sweetness. Was hoping some chefs might have encountered this and come up with substitutions. I think I'm going to try Susan's "Mean Jean" recipe and leave the onions out. There are enough other ingredients and spices that the onion doesn't seem to have such a major role. (And it's a smaller recipe!) My chicken livers won't show be delivered until the end of next week so it'll be a little while yet before I make this. Thanks, Katey! Terez
  11. Thanks, Tracy. Someone has asked for the coffee beans so they are no longer available. Thanks for the interest!
  12. Followed Tracy's advice to go with a coarser grind and gave the beans another try. The adjustment to the grind helped but it doesn't change the fact that I don't like Upgraded Coffee. Being that I gave it another try, there's less on offer. Now the amount up for grabs is 5 ounces of beans. I'll give this another day, then will post to my local freecyle if no Whole30'ers have replied. Editing to add: the beans have been claimed and are no longer available.
  13. Terez

    Compliant coconut milk?

    Katey, are you in the U.S.? I use Native Forest coconut milk. It's in my local health food store and I bought a few cans from there to make sure I liked it. Now I buy it by the case from amazon. I've heard others mention Thai Kitchen brand (canned) and something like Arro-D (I'm mangling the name), which I believe is in a shelf-stable cardboard-like box. Terez
  14. Terez

    Cream in coffee

    I'm going to try it. Thanks!