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  1. I don't have any input on the alcohol question but I do have a suggestion on the reintroduction schedule. It turns out that we should be prepared to allow 2 days for each reintroduction and then three days of clean eating to see if we react to it. (If we react the first day then no need to add the second day. But if we don't react the first day, we might not have enough of the food in our system yet and we should eat it a second day.) So your schedule above (if allowing 2 days per food test) would be: Days 1 & 2: dairy. Days 6 & 7: gluten grains. Days 11-12: non-gluten grains. Days 16-17: legumes. I'm whining that they should call this a Whole60 and not a Whole30 because we're really not off it until after we've tested all the foods that we're going to test. I look forward to hearing the replies to your alcohol question.
  2. Terez


    What a description! I woke up with "cat tongue" during the night.
  3. Terez

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    I'm stumbling across posts about this today! I find it creamy, delicious and satisfying. There's a slight slickness to it but I was already putting coconut oil in ("on") my coffee so I was used to the feeling oil on top of my coffee. Using a blender incorporates the fat and the effect is creamier than using coconut oil (although I can't say how it would be to blend coconut oil; haven't tried that).
  4. Terez

    Coffee Creamer?

    Thank you so much, Tom!
  5. Terez

    Coffee Creamer?

    It's not hard. It's not a struggle. I drink my coffee black in the summer (because the remnants of creamed coffee get smelly when I leave a cup in my car in hot weather). My nonW30 sweetener is 1 drop of stevia in a 12-ounce cup of coffee. I was expecting to drink my coffee black for the W30 but then I found out that adding coconut milk and/or ghee were compliant. Since I prefer my coffee with "cream" and it's now winter where I live, I used the compliant options. The reason I'm doing the W30 is to improve my nutrition and build good eating habits. With that, I'm going along with the "elimination" of possible trigger foods and the gradual post-W30 reintroduction to see how/if they affect me. That's what I understood as the reason for not having (real) cream in my coffee. Then there's an element of the W30 that I am still trying to understand, such as this about black coffee being a better choice. I don't quite get the reasoning behind that. That said, I am perfectly willing to do my W30 with black coffee (am having a cup right now!), just wanted to understand the reasoning behind it. And not to take up your time talking about coffee and creamer! Consistently having three nutritious meals a day with animal protein and a variety of vegetables is what my goal is with this program.
  6. Terez

    Coffee Creamer?

    Ah. That makes sense, jaym. Thanks.
  7. Terez

    Coffee Creamer?

    Tom, how is that "creamer" combo so different from using straight coconut milk or ghee? I actually prefer coffee with ghee mixed in the blender but I often don't want to clean the blender in the morning so I use the "creamer" instead. (Plus I've been using the "creamer" to cut the heat in some overly spicy chili but I could use straight coconut milk for that.) The benefits of the "creamer" for me are: it's in a jar in my fridge, not in a can that has to be opened and dealt with, and it stays emulsified. Of course, I can put coconut milk in a jar in my fridge and shake it before using it. I just don't see the difference between doing that and using the 'creamer' concoction. Are you saying that someone who used cream in their coffee should take their coffee black and not even use straight coconut milk? I know you're not because in another post you told someone they could have a little coffee in their coconut milk if they wanted. I don't get what makes up the "unhealthy past" of putting cream in coffee. Is it the fact of spending time trying the different variations (or spending time to make the "creamer" rather than just pouring straight coconut milk in the coffee)? The time focused on trying to recreate a non-compliant food experience? I ordered a case of coconut milk on Sunday(being delivered today!) figuring I'd be going through a couple of cans a week with this creamer. But I'm sure I'll use it up with other things (such as the chili) and can use ghee in my coffee. Or I can put the coconut milk by itself in a jar in my fridge and shake it before pouring into my coffee. I'm doing plenty with adding a greater variety of vegetables, having three real meals a day, etc. -- just not talking about it in the coffee creamer posts. Or are you referring to people you've seen who spend time perfecting the creamer but don't get the rest of their nutritional house in order? Thanks, Terez
  8. Terez

    Can I have Angostura® bitters?

    Stacy, I've been having kombucha mixed with sparkling mineral water. Just make sure it doesn't have sugar added in the second fermentation (sugar will be listed as part of the kombucha ingredient but won't be its own ingredient, and the total sugars in the Nutritional Facts will be 2 grams or less). I read that the "best" brand is GT's. I started with the flavored ones then I got an "original." Wow, the "original" flavor is outstanding. I far prefer it to the flavored ones. Not sweet, has a hint of vinegary-ness. (When selecting, watch out for their chia drinks; chia is not W30 compliant.) Yesterday I picked up a scoby to make my own kombucha but it will take a few weeks before it's ready to consume so I'm continuing with store-bought for now. Buy it at the health food store, in a refrigerated case. If you don't see it by the juices, ask. One store here keeps it by the produce. Another store has kombucha in its own chiller. I drink about two glasses a day, which works out to about a cup of kombucha (because I pour only half a glass of kombucha and fill the rest of the glass with sparkling mineral water). People say it can be an acquired taste. If you like dry wine, I think you'll find it easy to acquire the taste for kombucha. Terez