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    Soup with noncompliant sausage

    Tonight we have a vegetable soup here, but my grandmom added a noncompliant sausage (with sugar in the ingredients) at the end and I'm really upset Would it be okay to have it without the sausage?
  2. Andre Manoel

    Work and Study - Is it okay to have snacks?

    Yes, it makes sense. Mini-meals, not snacks. English as second language can be tricky sometimes haha Thank you so much
  3. Hello guys, I'm on my second day and I've been learning a lot here in the forum but there's something I'm not getting. I study and work. I usually have breakfast around between 7 and 9, it depends on the day, and lunch at 12:10 because I have to leave home at 12:30 to get to work and I only get back around 19:30. It seems that ˜7 hours (6-hour shift + transportation) is too much for a gap between meals. If I don't eat a small snack around 16:00, I get home starving and can't control my actions haha. Should I really try not snacking or that is normal? I get home and need to study a little bit more until 23:00 almost every day, so no early dinner :/