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  1. Starting 5/14

    That was so anticlimactic, I was prepared for tomorrow being! Lol
  2. Starting 5/14

    Well guys I suck at counting cause apparently I'm finished now too LOL
  3. Starting 5/14

    I started on Monday not Sunday so I guess I have one more day to go? Lol but thank you all! It's been a journey!! Anyone want to start our group up for reintroduction? Even if it's just a place to keep together?
  4. Starting 5/14

    Frozen grapes, compliant lunch meet to roll up and keep in a cooler, lots of water, olives are an easy fat or avocado. Salads! Make mason jar salads that you can assemble before you leave and put in a cooler!
  5. Starting 5/14

    So I've kind of been flying by the seat of my pants with making meals the same day instead of cooking a lot of things ahead of time. Well it's just about burned me out! Understandably so. Lol anyway, What are you guys doing as far as prep? I've heard about batch cooking but never done it before. What are your tricks of the trade so I can lose the burned out feelings with cooking?
  6. Starting 5/14

    Things have been going great since we figured out I wasn't eating enough. I definitely have tigers blood and am so optimistic. I've gotten compliments on my skin and how bright and fresh I look NSVs for the win! Can you believe we are in the single digits?! We've come really far! @Vguck I feel the same way about autopilot! I threw together chicken tacos in a lettuce wrap for lunch the other day. I was so proud of myself, I even made homemade taco seasoning! Taco seasoning in the pouches has sugar :/ what's up with that?!
  7. Starting 5/14

    I'm pretty sure yes. I've taken some. So hopefully yes, otherwise I'm not sure what day I'm on lol sorry you have a headache!!
  8. Starting 5/14

    @pilatesfan I struggle with the eggs too. It's rough sometimes :/ I'm thinking the perfect burger would make a nice protein for breakfast!
  9. Is this enough?

    Thank you! I appreciate your help!
  10. Is this enough?

    I'm a little more than halfway through with my whole30, I think I have 10 days left. The past few days have been awful with food cravings so I troubleshooted and we came up with I'm not eating enough, but especially fat. So here is my meal 1. Do I need to add more? 4 scrambled eggs, approximately 2.5 handfuls of cooked butternut squash, half an avocado and a half a palm size of olives that were leftover from last night that I figured I could finish off.
  11. Starting 5/14

    Okay I'm going to check in my foods more often to make sure I'm doing okay. Should I post this in the meal one?
  12. Starting 5/14

    I like that! And needed that reminder! "A craving is just a thought" thanks!
  13. Starting 5/14

    Is it supposed to be getting harder? I feel like my sugar cravings and desire for sweet snacks has gotten worse. It's awful. I'm fighting tooth and nail not to give in but it's hard :'( normal or no? todays food: meal 1: half a sweet potatoe, half a bell pepper, half a avocado, 2 eggs and one aidells apple and chicken sausage. Meal 2: non existent meal 3: roast with roasted butternut squash, green beans and olives. Yesterdays: meal 1: same as today's meal 2: pulled pork carnitas salad, with olives meal 3: two palm sized chicken breasts and half a plate of mixed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. and fridays meal 1: sweet potatoes and 4 eggs meal 2: the carnitas salad with olives meal 3: same as saturdays but with olives. I know I'm struggling with getting decent fats in. Like really struggling. But is everything else looking okay? Maybe I need more of something or more food? I just hate how bad my cravings have been roaring the last few days, I feel my resolve slipping so I need to change something STAT! a part of me worries about if this will actually change my relationship with food. I've been so messed up with food controlling me and being an emotional eater, I fear that as soon as I add back in, that's it, I'm fall back to my old ways. That I'll always be carb consumed and over eating. so I think a part of me is like eh, you won't be changed so what's the point. Anyone else? Mods is this normal? :'( guys, this is hard. The food changes are easy compared to the mental battle of not giving into cravings and changing my habits of using food to cope for everything.
  14. Starting 5/14

    @SugarcubeOD I think my handful of olives was bigger but not that much more. Yes to both of your questions. It's been amazing to me that I'm not getting hungry after 2 hours, I sometimes can go longer than 5, like at work and my lunch break isn't until later. I never thought this was possible.
  15. Starting 5/14

    Do y'all know if we are at a point where we can listen to our bodies being full and content? Lunch today was amazing, but I couldn't finish, I felt stuffed lol normal?