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  1. ZoodleOutlaw

    I'm starting on 5/20/2017!

    Thank you Where do you find yourself shopping the most? I have a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's nearby, so I'm assuming they're going to be vital during this process!
  2. ZoodleOutlaw

    I'm starting on 5/20/2017!

    Okay! We should be partners!
  3. ZoodleOutlaw

    For those of you considering the Whole30....

    Thank you for posting this! I haven't started yet, my start date is May 20th. I am so happy you said that you finally found a way to eat for the rest of your life because that's what I've been wanting for so long. I can't wait to get started and I can't wait until I can just let go of all of the "diet" mindsets I've built up over the years! Congratulations on finishing, that is so awesome and you should be very proud.
  4. ZoodleOutlaw

    I'm starting on 5/20/2017!

    Hi everyone! I am starting the Whole30 journey on the 20th of this month, and I am super excited. I have been really terrible to my body for the last decade or so, and I can't wait to fix all of the damage I've done. I am not currently working out and am pretty sedentary, so this will be a good start. I am planning on starting weight exercises with a bit of cardio when I start my Whole30, so if anyone has any tips or ideas for me that would be greatly appreciated!