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  1. Hi everyone, I'm starting day 1 today. I have a lot of health issues that I would like to get resolved or improved and I'm hoping this can help. I won't bore anyone with the details of my medical issues but I am almost 100% certain they all stem from leaky gut as they are all inflammatory and I have a history of stomach issues. I'm wondering for those of you who are working mothers and have almost no energy, what are your tips and tricks? I work full time and have an 8, almost 9, year old daughter who is suddenly violently against vegetables of any kind and most fruit. I have to sneak it into her with things like zucchini in the brownies made with coconut flour and things that she doesn't know are "healthy." Also, my husband doesn't have the motivation to do full blown Whole30 with me as he is not overweight by more than 10 lbs and has no medical issues. I also work in an office at a hospital where they are constantly, and I seriously mean constantly, bringing in "treats" for us. Example, this is hospital week. Yesterday our office had a table full of Panera bagels and breakfast sandwiches, apple fritters, reece's cups, twix, dove dark chocolate, sweet tea, and small amounts of fruit and at lunch they were giving away free ice cream sundaes. Ya'll. Seriously. I am way overweight and this is why. When I hit the kill all the things stage what are some of your tricks to avoid things like this at the office even when you have packed a healthy on plan lunch and snacks when a frozen snickers ice cream bar is staring you in the face? (True story, happened yesterday.) Also, I'm going to be cooking things off "plan" at home for my daughter to try to sneak her veggies in and staring it in it's hairy eyeballs with all the smells and the mmmmmmm. So, any tips are hugely appreciated. I planned for the first week all the way down to potential snacks for emergencies and went grocery shopping last night. I'm locked, stocked, and ready. I just need some tips for when everyone around me is moaning about how good the ice cream and things are. Thank you in advance for any help. Tonyia Also, I keep trying to sign up for the daily emails but it says Account Suspended which is weird because I've never done anything like this on here before and it let me sign up for the biweekly email just fine. I've tried on all my devices and it won't let me. Any ideas?