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  1. itswhitneybitch

    Day 27...bloated & thinking of extending my W30?

    Hi Jihanna! Thank you for your response - I will definitely try out your suggestions
  2. Hi Everyone! Day 27 here (OMG)! And I am still soooo bloated – and have no consistency if ya know what I mean… I have tried incorporating more fats in my meals, and avoiding high fod map foods – wondering if it is time to try that magnesium supplement everyone is talking about regarding this topic. Before W30, my gastrologist prescribed me having Metamucil daily which I stopped on W30 figuring I would become more regular as the time went on due to the low inflammatory foods. But now its day 27 and still no luck. I have included a sample of my meals below (I do realize there are a few high fodmap foods in this, this is just an example). SO – my first question is, should I try the magnesium tablets without knowing if I am in fact magnesium deficient? Also, which magnesium supplements do you recommend? Second of all – since I am still feeling bloated on day 27…is now the time to re-evaluate if I should add another 15/30 days for my whole 30? Would you suggest that I do add more time? OR do you suggest going through the reintroduction anyway and see how I feel? Other things that may be helpful to know: I was diagnosed with esophageal ulcers and a hiatal hernia in October - unsure they cleared up yet. Thank you! Any help/advice is greatly appreciated! Rock on whole 30ers! B: 2 hard boiled eggs, butternut squash, brussel sprouts (includes olive oil) L: Chicken Wings & Salad with Tessemae’s balsamic vinegrette D: Burger with Avocado, Pickles, Potatoes, Snap Peas & Asparagus (includes olive oil) S: Almonds
  3. itswhitneybitch

    Starting Today Solo!

    Hi Everyone! Today I am starting my whole 30 for the first time without my husband. Would love to hear some advice, comments, tips etc. for others who have experienced doing the whole30 by themselves. He is genuinely supportive of me, willing to go to farmer's markets and cook with me, eat my meals and etc. but was just wondering other peoples experiences and would love to connect further with this amazing community! Happy Whole 30! - Whitney