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  1. Anyone want to buddy up?

    That is so awesome! Glad you're sticking to and and hopefully will be feeling much better in the near future!
  2. Anyone want to buddy up?

    I am out of town this weekend too and I am stress shopping! I figured I can have boiled eggs and fruit for breakfast and I got loads of snacks to combine for lunch (fruit/ seed bars, jerky, sausage, nuts, dried fruits) and I am hoping a salad for dinner will work. Maybe bringing some things like that will also put your mind at ease? You're so lucky you can bring things with you! I'm flying Hope the tourney (and the W30) goes well!
  3. Anyone want to buddy up?

    Hi All, I hope you don't mind if I also join you! I just started today I am doing this by myself. My husband will eat what I cook and keep the sweets and other no-nos out of the house, but otherwise I'm doing it myself! I live in the Netherlands and don't speak much Dutch so I am struggling to find ingredients. I also have a really stressful full time job, so I won't have much time to make all of the broths and sauces that I would like to right away. I, unlike you guys, didn't really over prepare my house, but I know I can do this. I hoped I could join your thread for some encouragement! I have been really ill for a few months now and I hope that getting my stress level down combined with Whole 30 will make a difference! Anyway, it's nice to see you helping and encouraging each other!