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  1. Thanks for the tips and encouragement! So far, things are going ok but boy do I have sugar cravings off to bed now....
  2. Welcome! I’m also on my first Whole30 (started yesterday). What helps you getting stuff done in other areas? I’ve found the 4 Tendencies from Gretchen Rubin helpful in figuring out how to keep myself accountable and get stuff done. Right now I’m focusing on the fact that it’s only 30 days. We can do this for 30 days? What aspect makes you nervous? I’m worried about making the time for grocery shopping, meal prep and cooking when I’m back at work on Monday. I know there are strategies but it still makes me uneasy.
  3. Happy New Year! Another first timer here. And here we go... this feels scary Made eggs, veggies and avocado for our first Whole30 meal today and can’t stop thinking about candy. I really want to do this but I’m so scared of all the grocery shopping and meal prepping involved. Hope it will get easier over time.
  4. I’m in as well, this is my first time. I’ve toyed with the idea last January but got side tracked by business travel. Now that I’m not traveling and my health took a toll over the last months of sitting at home (sugar, sooo much sugar!), I’m doing this! My partner will join me, which is motivating but also scary. I can subsist on roasted veggies with canned tuna and mayo if I have to but any of our quick, weeknight go to meals that he also eats are out of the question for the next few weeks.