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  1. I was over a week into R2 and got a stomach virus. The only thing that's staying down is saltines and toast and the thought of veggies, fruit or meat right now makes me feel nauseous. Obviously this round is over. But for future reference, is there any complaint foods that are good for nausea? Like a W30 version of the BRAT diet?
  2. Found these at my store and thought they would be fun to try. I generally do not care for squash of any kind, but had some butternut squash mixed in with a rice bowl (pre Whole30) and it was tolerable. So I'm looking for some super yummy, flavorful recipes, I don't think I can handle them just steamed or roasted. Any ideas?
  3. Homemade Mayo for Kids Lunch

    I know commercial mayo has eggs but it's pasteurized or processed, not raw, that's my concern. We use eggs from a friend's chickens, not sure if that ups our salmonella risk or lowers it.
  4. My kids aren't doing W30 with me, but I feel silly having my homemade mayo and then a bottle of Best Foods mayo both in the fridge. Hubby likes the homemade stuff better too, so I'm trying to just have one mayo in the fridge. But I worry about using the homemade mayo in their lunches and it staying cool enough to be safe. I pack their lunches with an icepack, but I'm not sure how cold it really stays. Am I just worrying to much or should I skip the mayo unless they are at home?
  5. Help with healthy fats

    I'm allergic to avocados, so following this to find some ideas. I can only eat so many olives, lol!
  6. Oh and restaurants charge for bread, so if you aren't going to eat it have them take it away when they bring it. They don't always ask if you want it first and its 3-4 euros.
  7. Start date June 1st

    After eating way too much cookie dough yesterday, I decided at 10pm last night to start today on Round 2. I did Round 1 in January and have been trying to stay compliant 75% of the time, but lately it's been more like 10%. I have a lot of stuff on hand already, so I'm just going to jump in with the new month!
  8. A lot of hotels offer an American breakfast, sometimes for an extra charge, which will include eggs and sausage or bacon. Most regular hotel breakfasts had a variety of cured meats, prosciutto or ham, and sometimes boiled eggs in addition to the pastries and fruits. I'm sure it depends on where you go, but we didn't see a lot of butter while we were there, everything was prepared with olive oil. The few times I ordered a salad, it was served with no dressing, just a bottle of olive oil and a bottle of vinegar, so that will be easy for you! And honestly, the bread was not that amazing for me, but the pasta was out of this world. If you are going to splurge on some gluten, I'd save it for the pasta! Enjoy your trip!