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  1. laurelerin22

    Chicken Bouillon

    Bouillon cubes are pretty bad. I stopped using them after actually reading the ingredient list, and that was before I ever did Whole30! In general, it's tough to find store-bought compliant stock or broth (which is why the book has a recipe for them). So many of them have MSG, soy, or added sugar! I did find a couple of organic, compliant chicken and veggie stocks/broths, but I have yet to find a compliant beef broth that does not have added sugar/honey. Just remember to READ. EVERY. LABEL. Literally every one, including spices, nuts, tuna, etc. You will be shocked to find how much added crap goes into the food we buy every day at the grocery store. Good for you for committing to a restart! Good luck!!
  2. laurelerin22

    Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    Yes, it will get better. Like you said, it's your body adjusting to burning fat instead of immediately available carbs. I was also slow and sluggish the first couple of weeks, but by the end, my workouts were better than they were before Whole30.
  3. laurelerin22

    Persistent Diarrhea after re-intro

    When you had the issues with dairy, did you just do dairy for one day and then go back to Whole30 right after? Did you continue reintroducing other things, even with the persistent digestive issues? Sometimes, if you have a really bad reaction, it can take awhile for your system to get it all out and reset itself. Many people do find they have issues with dairy after being on Whole30. I wasn't nearly as bad as what you describe, but dairy now makes my stomach uneasy, full-feeling, nauseous, etc. I've narrowed it down to cheese moreso than other dairy, but I'm basically avoiding dairy altogether now. I would think it might be worthwhile to go back to Whole30 compliance until ALL symptoms are gone. Then give dairy one more try. If it affects you like this again, you probably have your culprit. Then, go back to Whole30 completely again until all symptoms are gone before reintroducing anything else. Sounds like you would benefit from doing the "slow roll" reintro instead of the "fast track".
  4. laurelerin22

    Starting July 17

    Hi there! Welcome! Your second paragraph stuck with me because I feel like I was similar, back in the day (like in college, and then everything went downhill after I was no longer in college athletics). I also have some arthritis in my knees, a result of sports-related knee injuries. I've never had surgery, but it's gotten worse to the point where I'm now going through a round of gel shots to see if it will help (I'm 38 - I feel way too young to have arthritis already!) Anyway, I just got through my first round of Whole30. I cannot say if this diet will definitely help your afflictions, because everyone is different. I can tell you that it helped SOME of my problems, but not all. I no longer have any heartburn or other digestive issues. I have a lot more energy during the day and don't have any afternoon "crashes" at my desk anymore. I sleep better. I feel better. My mood is better. Unfortunately, it did not help with the arthritis in my right knee (this knee was always significantly worse than my left). However, it did get rid of some mild shin splints (I have no shin splints AT ALL anymore), reduced the stiffness in my feet that I have every morning (it's not entirely gone, but markedly improved), and allowed a sprained right ankle to finally heal completely. Not to mention, I lost 12 lbs and 3" from my waist. For you, I think it's at least worth a shot. Even if it doesn't clear up your issues, I think you will benefit greatly from learning how different foods affect your body. Everyone I know who's done Whole30 thought it was extremely eye-opening, regardless of their ultimate goals, myself included. Keep in mind, though, that the process is not just "30 days and you're done". If you really want to LEARN from the process, you need to commit yourself to reintroductions after, which is another 10-15 days, and then hopefully incorporate what you've learned into your life in a way that works for you (I'm still in the final days of reintros). Regarding the Pre-Made Paleo meals, I suggest doing a search in the forums on Pre-Made Paleo and see what turns up. I feel like I read somewhere that the servings are not particularly filling, but I may be wrong. You NEED to be full and satiated at each meal on Whole30 because you're supposed to avoid snacking. Personally, I wouldn't rely on just pre-made meals through the entire Whole30. The point of Whole30 is to teach yourself how to read labels, how to make healthy choices, how to rid yourself of bad eating behaviors, and how to prepare quality, satiating meals. If someone else is doing all of that work for you, then what are you really learning from the process? Maybe consider just ordering SOME pre-made meals to have on hand, for the times when you really can't cook your own meals. Or consider moving your start date down the road a little, to a time that will be less hectic so you can better prepare your own meals. Good luck with the Whole30!! The forums are a great resource. Start your own log in the "Your Whole30 Log" section - I found it extremely beneficial to keep a "diary" of my experience, especially because I connected with two other great women who were on this journey at the same time. It was so nice to have some other people to share ideas and experiences with.
  5. laurelerin22

    Ningxia Nitro??

    Seriously, it's incredible what is in certain foods that you might not even think to check! Read EVERY label - almond milk, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, nuts, tuna, deli meat, broth, etc. There are so many things that have non-compliant additives. Be warned that carrageenan is not allowed, and it shows up in a lot of sneaky places (same with soy). And if you choose to eat Larabars or RXBars as an emergency item, make sure you check the labels because some of them are not compliant with Whole30. Good luck!!! I'm on DAY 30 today, and I will tell you: It is hard, but it is worth it.
  6. laurelerin22

    Ningxia Nitro??

    I'm not sure if it's specifically disallowed, but I would also avoid anything with "fruit juice concentrate" because it's essentially a processed, fructose-dense form of juice. I found a great app called "Sift" that really helps with label reading. I think the initial app is free, and then you can pay a couple of dollars to have it tell you if foods are specifically compliant to "Whole Food". It works simply by scanning the bar code of a product and explains what each "mystery" ingredient really is. The only issue I've found is that it will tell you items with bean gum or guar gum are non-compliant, even though they are.
  7. laurelerin22


    Try infusing water with fruit, instead of just lemon or cucumber. My FAVORITE mix by far is watermelon, cucumber, and mint (cucumber has a strong flavor - you don't need much - and rip up the mint leaves to get more flavor). If you don't have an infuser pitcher, just take a large ziploc bag, pierce it with a bunch of holes (like with a toothpick or something, put the fruit mix in there, and let it sit in a pitcher. It will be good for about 3 days or so, and you can add more water to the pitcher without replacing the bag of fruit. Also, what about unsweetened iced or hot tea? You mentioned you're not a coffee drinker, but it sounds like you crave caffeine. If you want something with caffeine but with a bit of a sweet fruity flavor to it, try making tea with a mix of brews - like maybe black tea (for caffeine) mixed with a fruity flavor-packed herbal like red zinger or berry. Oolong tea is caffeinated (not as strong as black tea, though), and Stash makes a delicious white peach variety. Side note, I also knew this product was going to be from the Ideal company when you mentioned "Slendesta". I used to drink their IdealFit meal replacement shakes. All of their products have a lot of artificial sweeteners. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
  8. laurelerin22

    Fresh Market vs. Whole Foods vs. Publix

    Whole Foods >>> Fresh Market, in my opinion, as far as the selection of Whole30 compliant foods is concerned. Compliant deli meat is almost impossible to find. Ask your local deli counter (Publix?) if they have store made fresh roasted turkey breast or roast beef and check what they coat the outside of it with. That's probably your best bet. You can also just buy rotisserie chickens or turkey breasts and take the meat off of those. I find that I like the rotisserie chicken or turkey meat better with Whole30 meals anyway. Another option for deli meat is prosciutto. It's almost always cured with only salt. Pay for the high-end good stuff (prosciutto di parma) - it's expensive, but a half pound will last you awhile. I like to pair it with some cantaloupe or honeydew melon along with my meals. Prosciutto is also a nice alternative to bacon, if you want some meat with your eggs but don't want to go out of your way to find Whole30 approved bacon. Applegate Farms makes a prepackaged prosciutto that's really good (and totally compliant, unlike most of their other meats), but it's pricey for the amount you get.
  9. Thank you for this information!! I'm 22 days in and sometimes still struggling in my morning runs and HIIT workouts. It was better yesterday, but I think I've been fueling incorrectly and also doing the old routine of easy carbs (fruit, mostly) beforehand (if anything - I'm an early morning workout person). Next workout, I'll try fatty protein beforehand and lean protein with sweet potato after. It's funny, but Whole30 seems to recommend the complete opposite of what most diets recommend for pre- and post- workout meals!
  10. laurelerin22

    fueling while training for a marathon

    @beatakf, while I'm not training for a marathon, I've also noticed that I'm not nearly as hungry during the day after a hard workout than I was before Whole30. I think it's because you're feeding your body the right nutrition, and becoming fat adapted means your body isn't constantly searching for easy-to-burn carbs. I have noticed, though, that I'm feeling low energy during my workouts/runs. This morning (day 21) was the first time my legs didn't feel sluggish during my workout, but I didn't have a lot of running (a lot of rowing this morning instead). I ran a 10k race this past Saturday, and my legs felt like they totally ran out of fuel at mile 4. Sounds like you're already a decent way into your Whole30 and running a lot, so maybe you're not noticing this issue. I agree with @ThyPeace that you should probably figure out a mid-run fueling/electrolyte strategy sooner rather than later for your marathon. If you're still on Whole30 during your marathon, keep in mind that you won't be able to get electrolytes from Gatorade at the water stops (that sucked during my 10k because it was really humid - all I wanted was one cup of Gatorade near the end!)
  11. laurelerin22

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    A new farmer's market opened in my town yesterday and we went to check it out. They haven't gotten any produce suppliers in yet, but they had a bunch of fresh bakeries there that smelled soooo good!! It was so hard to resist, but I did!
  12. laurelerin22

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    YES! Me too - dialed in! It's like I'm fatigued physically, but my brain isn't tired. Last night, though, my brain WAS tired. I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30, which is early for me! Couldn't keep my eyes open!
  13. laurelerin22

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    Hi all! I started Whole30 on June 1st as well (Day 5), but this is my first day on the forums. Thought I would introduce myself! It's great to have such an active group on here! I've been fighting off headaches and sooo tired the past couple of days, but otherwise feeling good. I'm just proud of myself for surviving the weekend with my kids and not cheating! Hope to learn a lot from and about all of you over the next 25+ days! :-)