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  1. Timing of Workout "meals"

    There is also a form of hot yoga that is just called "hot yoga." It is a lot different from Bikram in that they offer classes like yin yoga, hatha yoga, power vinyasa, etc in the heat. Totally different style, but their main "hot yoga" class does remind me an awful lot of Bikram. I've done both bikram and "hot yoga" (I really wish it had a different name, it's easy to confuse them), but I don't necessarily gravitate toward the heat in yoga. But, I have been wondering about the pre workout meal with yoga. I wouldn't dream of eating right before yoga! It would make you sick.
  2. I know you probably got the response you were looking for by now, but I thought I'd add to it. I've done yoga for about 13 years, and consider it to be a very strong form of exercise that is not just about stretching and relaxing. Basically, it is what you make of it, and I recommend trying different studios and different styles until you find the one that is right for you. I have practiced many different styles, and I seem to prefer the stronger forms of flow yoga such as power vinyasa and Astanga. That is what works for me and leaves me feeling amazing. I do not enjoy yin yoga, but I also feel that I get the deep stretches and relaxation from the stronger forms. This is just my preference, and I know plenty of people who prefer yin yoga. When I'm doing yoga regularly (I have lulls sometimes), my husband calls me Sarah Connor. In other words: you can become very, very strong doing yoga. So if you enjoy it, I say do it!
  3. Beef drippings?

    The brand is Farmland Foods Limited; made in Wanganui New Zealand.
  4. Beef drippings?

    Yes, that is what I call drippings too! But I'm from America originally, so maybe it's different lingo here. I've been here almost s decade and I'm still surprised by the things I learn.
  5. Can I take these vitamins?

    If you are trying to get pregnant (this is not related to vitamins) then I recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility: I feel like it has changed my whole perspective on fertility.
  6. Can I take these vitamins?

    I don't think they will like the soy and corn starch in there. I think that if I were to have been in your situation then I would have started over, because the big ones were listed there. But maybe I'm wrong and you can just stop taking them now?… I guess a moderator would know better. Here's an article I found when I was researching my vitamin situation; this should really help:
  7. Beef drippings?

    Solved! It's Monday now (in New Zealand) so my husband called the company to ask what goes into production. Apparently it is only beef and is processed by boiling the meat to get to the fat. There are no additives, oils, or other funny business involved in the process…. Just cow and water… At least for this company! This label just said beef drippings as the ingredients, so I think that if a company did put other things like salt, or vegetable oil, or anything else; that they would likely list it in the ingredients even if they were not directly put in the container, but rather got there through the processing. That is my assumption. It was definitely worth checking for me.
  8. Beef drippings?

    Thank you! I think I will just hold off on using it, and hold off on seasoning my cast iron pans with it, until I am able to reach them on the phone. I shall report back for sure!!
  9. Beef drippings?

    Yes, there is a website and I rang it... But it's Saturday here so no answer... Darn.
  10. Beef drippings?

    I bought beef drippings, and just started seasoning my pans with them, when I realized: wait a minute! What is the difference between lard and beef drippings? And can I have it? From a google search it sounds like drippings are what you get after it's been cooked, but that made me suspicious of the cooking process used to make the drippings... I bought it in a tub... I didn't gather the drippings myself; so how do I know whether vegetable oils or anything else was used in the cooking process? I do know that it is made in New Zealand (where I live) and that means that it will be drippings from grass fed cows because that is pretty much the meat we grow here by default. Does anyone know anything about this and whether it's safe to eat the drippings? Or to season my pans with it? I would hate to find out that it was kind of a trick and not actually a good fat. Also, it says on the container that it is cold rendered...? The ingredients say 100% beef drippings. Cheers.
  11. Thank you! I will keep an eye on it. We eat salmon all the time. My husband even brings home sashimi with a squeeze of lemon and we eat it as a snack. Actually, I think we had that the few days before my Whole 30, so within the last 2 weeks. I would be so sad to develope an allergy for fish or shelfish... So sad. Bell peppers would be sad too, but only because I love hot sauce and curry! At the time I had attributed the sore throat to my run down coldsore/general malaise from the changes. I even thought it was because I had stayed up later than I had in a week. Cold sores definitely give me this nasty/sore throat feeling, but my cold sore is clearing up! That was probably the last day my cold sore was bad. And honestly, I have no idea why I have the hives. I'm starting to think it has more to do with stopping birth control than it does the diet since it showed up on day 2. I have gone 48 hours Whole30 compliant before, so it would be a real shock to find out that my change in diet did it. Still, you never know. Again, never had hives before. Body freak out then... Journalling will help.
  12. When I first went paleo I found that when I would eat chicken breasts or nuts that I would have severe stomach cramps. My husband told me to drink more water (he is no expert), and I did, and it helped. But now I just avoid chicken breasts... It seems to only be the breast part of the chicken that bothers me. I know you are eating really high quality food, but I think that one of the reasons chicken was bothering me was because they are some of the most messed with animals out there. It's hard to find good quality chicken meat in New Zealand, and a lot of Kiwis just avoid it (health conscious ones). Fortunately our beef and lamb is grassfed by default. The nuts cause problems on and off for me. I have a problem with eating too many of those, so I'm trying to stay away from nuts on my Whole30. I still have some other issues that cause nausea which I have yet to figure out. I think that the best method is to experiement and see what works for you. Here's my latest post, which may or may not be relevant:
  13. I should probably also mention that today my breakfast was: eggs, coconut oil, spinach, organic olive oil, and half an avocado. And I should point out that the bell peppers and the salmon were not consumed at the same time. These are different meals, but were eaten on the same days or nearby days.
  14. After eating breakfast I felt sick to my stomach… My husband told me that last night he woke up with a stomach ache at like 3 am and couldn't get back to sleep. Actually, I've only half paid attention to the stomach ache I've had after dinner for the last 3 nights. But this post breakfast pain is common for me. Every now and then I get this feeling after breakfast that I am so full that it makes me sick. I don't know why because I eat the same thing all the time, and it doesn't always give me this reaction. Then I also had some very urgent bowel movements today and felt like it was more likely to be something I ate yesterday. Then it got me thinking about the last few days… I did have a stomach ache the night I cooked the salmon… I also had a stomach ache the next night where we had another salmon meal, but it was less severe. Then I had the stomach ache today, and had just finished the last of the salmon during lunch yesterda. Was it salmon? Then I started thinking some more: The night that I cooked the salmon I ate around 7:30 pm roughly…. I normally go to bed at 10 (since Whole30) and that night had stayed up until 10:20, but at exactly 10:07 my throat (like where I swallow and also my tonsil) started to get sore, and a slightly tight feeling. I don't think my throat was closing up, and I would assume that if it was an allergic reaction to salmon it would have happened 3 hours earlier when I ate it. But I thought it was weird. I thought that I could have been dehydrated that day. I also felt sick overall and just went to bed. I passed out and slept great. The next morning I woke up fine. No symptoms that I remember… Then the next day (this is day 3 with the salmon) I ate my leftovers for lunch, and immediately had a sore throat. But it was nowhere near as severe as the first time, and went away pretty quickly. That was yesterday…. And yesterday was hard in a lot of ways… Anyway, I only started to really think about these things after my stomach ache today (which seems to have passed after my movements), but I have suspected in the past that bell peppers don't sit well with me, and that is what we had for dinner last night. I started googling “allergic to bell peppers†and “allergic to salmon†which was a mistake! Never google medical conditions unless you want a dose of paranoia! I am keeping a very good journal of everything now, so hopefully this will reveal patterns in my eating habits and symptoms, but I am almost scared of eating salmon again. But I would be so surprised if it was an allergic reaction! I have sushi cheats (had) all the time and raw salmon is a favorite! I had some only like 3 weeks ago with no negative reaction at all. But then again, my body is totally freaking out in all sorts of ways. I stopped birth control- I started the Whole30…. I have hives that are not gone, but I still don't quite get why they are there… I did eat bell peppers the night before they appeared, but again it's like the salmon thing: I've never had hives before in my life, and I've had lots of bell peppers so why would they be related? I'm kinda wondering whether this is all just a symptom of my body adjusting to no sugar and the new diet minus wine, cheese, and chocolate? Or whether I really have something else going on that I should look into? I'm losing hope at the moment- like will the hives ever go away… Am I allergic to these things I love? Whine!!! To read my meals please go here:
  15. That is a brilliant idea! I have another vegetarian friend coming over this week or the next. I will look into this.