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    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hi all, This is my day 2. I did an unofficial 30 day last fall after my chiropractor challenged me to go 30 days eating only meat, fruit and veggies. I didn't have the book so I didn't understand all of the rules and reasons for things. I wasn't very pure but I felt the positive difference eating this way made in the way I felt and the weight I lost. Reading It Starts With Food has encouraged me to do it the right way. This is very scary to attempt because I have so many food triggers and tend to avoid looking at anything having to do with body. I am obese, not terribly active, spend too much time at my job ( I am a teacher), have a lot of the negative hormonal responses, food allergies/ sensitivities, and probably leaky gut as described in the book. I really feel like I can change this and I want to make this work. My husband is supportive but doesn't want to do it and does most of our cooking week nights. I need to find balance - exercise more, stress less, figure out how to work less and eat better. As I write this, I realize I am excited about this new adventure I am on/ I am also thrilled to be doing this with other people. asereth