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  1. Reintroduction and Travel

    Do you think I could try and eat reasonably on vacation and then when I come back I can do a whole7 or whole14 and then do a reintroduction after that one? Or will it just mess up everything
  2. Reintroduction and Travel

    I am on day 4 of my whole30 and it's going well so far. There is a family vacation that interferes right with reintroduction (I thought it was in August, not July!). Is it unreasonable to do reintroduction while traveling? Will it be too hard to manage? I'lll be going out to restaurants. I've asked my mom if we could get a hotel with a kitchen so I could at least make my own breakfast. Thoughts?
  3. Mannitol in Vitamins

    Hi! I'm on my third day of my Whole30. I took my vitamins as per usual and I noticed that my Trifolamin (B12 and Folate) was rather sweet. I checked and it has mannitol in it (the amount is not included). Do I have to start over? This would be my second time having to start over (my almond butter had sugar). It also has citric acid, vegetable stearate, modified cellulose, and orange natural flavor. My dad doesn't understand why I have to start over and he says its so little that it shouldn't matter. If I do have to start over, what should I say to him?