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  1. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    I am feeling a mess and going back on the Whole30 (not for 30 days, at least not planning to do it for 30 days). We'll see how it goes! I hope everyone is doing well.
  2. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    I'm so bloated. I'm thinking about going back to strict Whole30 for a week or so just to try and clean up my system again. In the last week I've put on about 5lbs (water weight, I'm assuming) which is crazy to do in 5 days!
  3. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Indigestion is finally gone today. I did some gluten free grains. I just feel very full and a bit bloated, but not too bad otherwise. At least not yet. That indigestion was bruuuutal.
  4. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    This indigestion is killing me. I don't know what's up. Wondering if I should just go back to Whole30 and do a slow roll reintroduction. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Well I have spent the last few days with terrible reflux/indigestion. It wasn't some sort of acute, intense pain. It was just low grade and always there. Not happy at all. Still Whole30, taking at least one more day before I try gluten free grains.
  6. Day 30 Results

    Thanks so much everyone! So much of this feels like a work in progress even in reintroduction. I have not felt good since Whole30 ended.
  7. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    How is everyone's reintroduction going? I had some wine last night and felt okay (yayyyyyy). I thought I would feel the alcohol more, but I drank lots of water and had a nice dinner and all is good. Out for dinner tonight again, but back to real Whole30 today. We're going for Mexican food so I know I will be able to make something work. Just so glad I feel better and have found this lifestyle today. It almost seems (dare I say...) easy now? My breakfast is three eggs with greens and sweet potato and that's delicious. I'm happy with that. My lunch is chilli...I'll have to batch cook for the week. It's starting to feel routine and after my experience with sugar I feel this is how I want to eat. I still can't get over how terrible I felt on the sugar. Gonna give myself at least two days to fully reset before adding gluten-free grains. I've also decided those bulk "snacks" type foods (like chocolate covered almonds) need to not be in my house. Also, the scale addiction is returning again so I need to rein that in.
  8. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Update: I felt TERRIBLE. Last night I had crazy bad indigestion and kept burping and couldn't sleep at all. I fell asleep at 2am and woke up at 6am for my exam today. Is that seriously all from sugar? That's terrible. So terrible. I didn't even think I ate that much and it felt like I had been gorging all day and all night.
  9. June 26th Start - REINTRO

    Stomach is not happy with the increased sugar today. Back to Whole30 tomorrow with my glass of wine at dinner. It's a tighter reintroduction than I wanted (added sugar to alcohol) but I'll get back on schedule after tomorrow. This glass of wine will be special and worth it...and if it's not I guess I won't have it. Definitely need to start practicing the one bite rule more. How are you guys moderating your template meals to incorporate reintroduction foods? Are you just making your portions a little bit smaller than they were on whole30?
  10. Start Date June 26th

    I created a reintroduction group for the June 26th start if you guys want to share your strategies in there!
  11. Hi guys, I created this group so we would have a place to share our reintroductions (whether it be slow roll or scheduled reintro). I'm not reintroducing anything today except possibly easing up on the added sugar restriction I have a big exam tomorrow and I have to study and I don't want to feel like crap when I write it! Tomorrow night I will reintroduce a glass of wine with my friend at dinner. Congrats on finishing!
  12. Start Date June 26th

    Congrats to all who completed and thanks for all your help this month! I posted my story in Success Stories. Looking forward to hearing all your post Whole30 plans!
  13. Day 30 Results

    Confession: I have tried the Whole30 before. I say “tried” and not “completed” because I see now how out of compliance my meals were. I had a breakfast of an RX Bar, a pre workout of prosciutto and walnuts…I also trained for a half marathon at the time and did intense circuit training and it was a rough month. It was a white-knuckling kind of month and I got nothing out of it. Nothing. It triggered disordered eating tendencies (from being starving all the time) and things I had not been doing since high school I started doing again. I ended up gaining weight in the weeks that followed. That was in 2013. So why did I come back? I felt out of control. I’m living totally alone for the first time in my adult life and I felt like my food habits were just getting worse and worse. No meal prep was happening, I was skipping lunches all the time and then going crazy at dinner. I was pouring myself a glass (or two) of wine 4 or 5 nights a week. I was bloated, I was lazy, I needed to do something dramatic. Also, my digestion seemed to be getting worse and worse. I’m an abstainer. Now, the Whole30 taught me a lot this time around. Some things I knew and it just reinforced and some things were brand new information to me. I wrote this list before I weighed myself this morning. Things I learned from my Whole30: I overeat. Especially when I am alone and bored. I’m always wandering into the kitchen wondering what I could pull out just to munch on. I have to be aware of it. I eat too late at night. Not waking up hungry is the result of my after dinner popcorn/chip/chocolate snack. I justify it because it’s low calorie but I don’t need it by any stretch of the imagination. The Whole 30 was the first time I felt really hungry for breakfast. I use wine as a transition from work to home. It’s my reward after a long day. (And my days have been LONG this month, trust me.) I was fat phobic and still am to a degree. I want to go get my cholesterol tested, no matter how many peer-reviewed/meta analyses articles you show me stating dietary cholesterol does not impact serum cholesterol. I’m a (not practicing) registered dietitian. It’s ingrained in me still. Not weighing myself was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I surprisingly almost broke only twice. I might be intolerant to garlic (#sadface) I feel weird asking for what I want at restaurants. I’m a paying customer and none of my requests are unreasonable, but I get anxiety having to order food, no matter how cool or indifferent everyone around me is. I went out for dinner with a work colleague and then friends and both times they had their own specific requests and had to give me a little nudge to ask for substitutions instead of just making do and probably starving myself. I hope I get better at this. I don’t need sugar in my coffee, coconut milk is delicious and good coffee black is satisfying. The only time I want an almond milk latte is when I’ve had a coffee for the day and just want a mid-day “treat”. I don’t drink enough water but when I do I feel a lot better Despite not weighing myself all month, I’m not over the scale. I have been having anxiety for days knowing I have to step on it (Note: I know I don’t have to, but I will. I want to know and I also don’t.) I still struggle with eating to satiety. I eat what’s on my plate. Now, for some NSVs: Glowing skin (according to a coworker) Less pronounced under eye circles Stronger nails Flatter stomach Leaner appearance Less bloating Feeling more confident in appearance Fewer PMS symptoms (I have PCOS so this is a big deal) Less stomach pain Less diarrhea Less constipation Less gas Improved regularity Fewer seasonal allergies (maybe related to the changing time of year, but definitely better now) Feeling in control of your food Fewer carb cravings Fewer sugar cravings Improved disordered eating habits More nutrition in my diet Food no longer has unwanted side effects Thinking more clearly Awaken feeling refreshed Energy levels more even No more mid day energy slump Need less caffeine New cooking skills New recipes Meal prep is organized and efficient AND NOW, for the weight... I lost 2.6lbs. I don’t want to qualify this saying I’m PMS-ing or anything (I am). That doesn’t matter. It’s lower than I expected just seeing how flat my stomach is by comparison. It also explains why none of my clothes really felt looser. I’m on the higher end of a normal BMI and I would like to lose weight. Am I disappointed? Yes and no. I was a little surprised it was less weight loss than I had anticipated but also, if I can keep eating good amounts of healthy food and eating enough and feeling satisfied…I’m super happy with 2.6lbs. I’m at peace with that number…and I never thought I would be able to say that. So what are my plans now? Well…I don’t know. I had a reintroduction schedule all laid out and I’m on the fence whether to follow it. I have a big licensing exam tomorrow so I will be having a glass of wine with my friend at dinner afterwards, but I’m kind of at a loss for what to do beyond that…In some ways, I want to stay on the Whole30 and do a slow roll. If you are still reading I’m amazed because I do tend to ramble. I’m very happy I gave the Whole30 another chance. It’s what I needed in so many ways and it’s nice to know I can always come back to it. Now, to practice practicing food freedom. Good luck to everyone completing the program/living the post Whole30 life!
  14. Start Date June 26th

    Changing habits is hard. Adjusting to new food patterns is challenging and overcoming an eating disorder and all the tendencies that go along with that is also quite mentally exhausting at times. Everything gets easier with practice, of course. Sometimes you don't know something is going to be a problem food until the moment arises and you realize it is exactly that. Of course it's doable, but I don't think it's fair to disregard the effort everyone has put in. It's about resetting your habits and emotional relationship with food, which does not come as easily to some. This forum seems to be a place to share victories and struggles and ask for advice (which has been very helpful). I understand you do not feel my struggles are valid. I'm truly glad to hear you never found eating this way to be a challenge, even in the beginning. And I never said I was miserable, just having a few bad moments :).
  15. Start Date June 26th

    Thanks again @SugarcubeOD and @Let's Dooooo It! for your wisdom and encouragement. I cut out fruits and nuts today and concentrated on really making sure I was hitting template meals. I had guacamole with my eggs (and still kept a bit of coconut milk in my coffee) and added fat to my lunch that I think I had been lacking. I feel much better and my anxiety is way down today even though work was quite dramatic and stressful. I also came home and ate dinner right away and I feel good right now. Also, found compliant (and delicious) chicken burgers and those were a life saver tonight. I had nothing for dinner and didn't feel like cooking but these were perfect. Sipping some kombucha and ready to do some yoga later. Glad my sugar dragon seems to have calmed again. FIVE DAYS TO GO. I am reading the reintroduction part of Food Freedom and planning out my reset. I'm going to do a scheduled reset instead of the slow roll and thinking mine will end up being about 12 days if all goes as planned. I have a licensing exam on Thursday and my friend is taking me out for dinner after to celebrate so it will be nice to do so with a glass of wine.