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  1. Have you tried any of the Whole30 drink recipes? I'm siding into week 4 of the program and we've hosted at least 4 bbq's which typically involved heavy food and lots of alcohol. I tried the Blood Orange Paloma, the white tea "sangria" and the sparkling blackberry lime tea on different occasions and they were really refreshing and satisfying and kept me from feeling deprived at the parties. Give it a shot!
  2. Start date July 2

    Day one in the bag! Spent the last 3 weeks reading through the Whole30 book, marking recipes in the cookbook, cleaning out the pantry and fridge, and doing a modified version of the program to ease into it. I'm a mostly healthy eater to begin with but this will be the first time with no grain and no dairy. Trying not to dwell on missing cheese. Spent the weekend shopping and prepping food and started day 1 with an amazing sausage and spinach frittata instead of my usual protein shake. Really looking forward to the next month (and onward) of good food, new recipes and a healthier mindset overall.