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  1. How awful! I can't imagine having to go through that. When I was interviewing preschool directors, every single one said it was no problem to accommodate us bringing our own meals, to protect my daughter from having an allergic reaction. That said, many daycares don't want to accommodate vegetarian diets either. When my oldest was in daycare, they repeatedly gave my daughter meat (which made her cry in the night) and milk (which made her projectile vomit) against my wishes.
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    Easing into Whole30 when most food hurts

    Thanks Michaela. I am not sure if I was tested for H. Pylori. I doubt I was tested for GERD. I am on enzymes now, not sure if they are helping or not... Just thought I would update. I couldn't deal with switching my diet so drastically, and decided to add eggs and almonds back in. I seem to be tolerating them just fine, though it's impossible to know with 100% certainty since I didn't reach baseline (a complete absense of symptoms). The stomach burning seems to be gone, though I still get a bit of tenderness here and there. I've kept coffee and nightshades out, and of course the standard grains/sugar/dairy/legumes. Today is day 13, and I think I'm feeling better, overall. One day at a time. Laura
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    Easing into Whole30 when most food hurts

    Thank you for the empathy and the BTDT. It really helps! Yes, I've had both IGE (traditional allergist) and IGG (the naturopath sort) testing. I have classic allergies to dairy and shellfish, but absolutely NOTHING showed up on my IgG panel. Like, my ND had never seen such clean results. So my reactions are either through another mechanism, or I have something else going on. My baby is 2 now, so we're at the "every six months" level for the thyroid testing. But maybe I will call her just to double check my most recent results. My thyroid craziness cause bad morning sickness into my 7th month, at which point we noticed my T3 was off and put me on Armour. I would be really happy if it were that easy to feel better. *sigh* Onward to day five!
  4. My ND has been encouraging me to make some dietary changes to help me with my health problems. I have celiac, fibromyalgia, and perhaps arthritis. My thyroid was wonky during my last pregnancy and postpartum period, but has since stablized. I've been gluten free for years, and dairy-lite (sometimes in baked goods or cheap milk chocolate, rarely cheese). My ND really thinks that the Whole 30 plan would really benefit me. I think she wants me to follow the AIP, because she specifically say, "no nuts, seeds, or eggs." She didn't specifically say no nightshades, but since I'm having trouble eating anything without pain, and am off all veggies very temporarily, it was kind of implied. Anyone else been through this? This week (from Jan1) I've done bone broth (with onion,carrot, and celery scraps), turkey, lamb, coconut, and some gentle herbal teas. (And, I confess, some black tea to get through the withdrawal headaches from not having coffee.) I'm desperate to add veggies back in to my diet. I tried adding some finely chopped zucchini squash to my broth at lunch today. Not sure if it was a pass or not, from a tummy standpoint. From a taste standpoint... Bleh. Not great. I was vegetarian (or nearly) for years, and only added meat back in to my diet because we thought it might help improve my health. My husband is still vegetarian, and extremely not thrilled to have meat in the house, especially stinky meats like lamb. The good news is, my stomach pain is less. I had some stabby/burning when I had black pepper the other day, so I guess that's out even though it isn't a nightshade. The bad news is, I don't know where I want to go from here. I don't feel that being on a severe elimination diet is great for my relationship with food, but being in pain every time I eat, or being afraid to eat... Not so great. Anyone else been where I am now? Laura
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    Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

    Yay! I'm just starting out with this, but have been gluten free, dairy-limited for a few years. I hope to see some improvements too.