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  1. Barb Owens

    30 Days and Feeling Great

    Thanks so much and I hope you achieve every goal you are after! Many happy days to you!
  2. Barb Owens

    30 Days and Feeling Great

    Hi All, I haven't done my best by logging in and keeping up with you all but....I did complete my 30 Days! I took a lot out of this Whole30. I shed 10 lbs and now have 10 to go. I also kicked my coffee cream to the curb. I no longer crave coffee....well cream...... and that was one of my most difficult give ups. I came to find out I enjoyed the cream, not the coffee. I am now a hot tea drinker. I also look at every ingredient before buying anything off the shelf! And Last.... I was a grazer during the day and a snacker at night when watching TV. No longer do I do this (as it wasn't permitted) but I will stick to this positive habit. It was a very bad habit and added weight! Thanks Whole30 I did it!!!!
  3. Barb Owens

    Applegate all beef hot dogs

    I just made them for dinner. I searched every label and came upon these. I put them in a baked sweet potato with the insides scraped. It may sound disgusting but it was actually really good. I don't even think I looked for a price. I was so happy to finally find them. I wanted a fun Saturday night dinner. And yes, I agree about the flavor. They were really good.
  4. Barb Owens

    Shrimp and Other Shellfish

    Hi Robin, Do you know how much shrimp are allowed? I have medium tail on shrimp from Costco. I love shrimp and can eat a lot which I'm sure isn't suggested lol. Thanks so much, Barb
  5. Barb Owens

    Construction Worker lunches needed

    Thanks so much for the great tips. I was laughing at the lunchbox. He actually has an igloo cooler that is insulated but he would be the coolest guy on the construction site with a Spiderman lunchbox. I'm realizing that I have to get creative with his lunches. He usually has sandwiches with chips so I will make the changes that you suggested. He's very active which I took into consideration and he's also hypoglycemic so he has to have more to eat throughout the day. A thermos will be a great idea and you gave me a great selection to choose. It's just not easy for the construction crew having no amenities. Thanks for the ideas!
  6. Hi All, My husband and I are taking on this challenge together however, I am spoiled at work because I work inside with all of the necessities. He works on construction sites and has no microwave, fridge, plugs...well maybe a few if they're in.... and he doesn't even have a table to sit at. He uses his tailgate. I see heads nodding at this. Sound familiar? If anyone has any ideas for lunches for a lunchbox only, I'd be more than grateful Thanks much
  7. Barb Owens

    Sparkling ICE Drink....please say yes!

    Thanks so much for looking. I couldn't see that on the bottle. I just figured out to look it up. So thank you for that! I'll Catch on to this soon lol!
  8. Hi All, I have researched this and can't find it anywhere. (it's probably right under my nose) Does anyone know if the drink Sparkling ICE is allowed? Cheers
  9. Hi All, I'm starting the Whole30 on Monday, July 10th. My vacation ends and back to work! This will also give me some time to get organized, get my shopping done and prep my meals. It was incredible when I separated my Whole30 foods vs. No No No in my fridge.... my fridge is incredible looking. I can actually say I love the look of the Whole30 side! I did the same with my pantry and found only 5 items I can use during this time.....and probably thereafter! I'm excited to talk to you all! Cheers!