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    Construction Worker lunches needed

    Thanks so much for the great tips. I was laughing at the lunchbox. He actually has an igloo cooler that is insulated but he would be the coolest guy on the construction site with a Spiderman lunchbox. I'm realizing that I have to get creative with his lunches. He usually has sandwiches with chips so I will make the changes that you suggested. He's very active which I took into consideration and he's also hypoglycemic so he has to have more to eat throughout the day. A thermos will be a great idea and you gave me a great selection to choose. It's just not easy for the construction crew having no amenities. Thanks for the ideas!
  2. Hi All, My husband and I are taking on this challenge together however, I am spoiled at work because I work inside with all of the necessities. He works on construction sites and has no microwave, fridge, plugs...well maybe a few if they're in.... and he doesn't even have a table to sit at. He uses his tailgate. I see heads nodding at this. Sound familiar? If anyone has any ideas for lunches for a lunchbox only, I'd be more than grateful Thanks much