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  1. Cynthia NASH

    I'M DONE! :o)

    QUESTION: Some times I'm more tired than hungry and would rather sleep than eat. Is it okay to eat breakfast and lunch but no dinner (as long as it's not a habit?
  2. Cynthia NASH

    I'M DONE! :o)

    Thank You Lord for letting me get through it! I didn't have the results that I wanted. In fact my eczema didn't start to improve until the 3rd week ---just like the book said. Then I allowed some situations to stress me and my symptoms got even worse. BUT! I'm encouraged because: 1. I learned which triggers bother me and I have a better way of dealing with them. 2. I always said I was too busy to eat 3 meals a day, but I realize it only helps me with hormones and sleeping. (This was the first time I ate 3x/day in over 30 years!) 3. I really only missed 3 foods, which I resolved to eat less. So I decided to stick close to the W30 Program, and go back (strict) when necessary. 4. Although I couldn't get them to do W30, my family has started eating healthier, which is a big start! THANK YOU!! ❤
  3. Cynthia NASH

    Thanks for the Great Resources!

    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to say I'm thankful I was desperate when I started because no thoughts of cheating or quitting ever entered my mind --I want RESULTS! Unfortunately I haven't seen as many as expected, especially the ones I want to see. But after reading the "Should I Continue?" section in the book I now know not to expect them this early. I'm even considering doing more than 30 days.......Not sure if my fam will like that because they're counting the days when we can all go back out to eat, lol! And the recipes and instagram posts reignited my interest in the food. I plan to make a few mayos and salad dressings. And I found a few new veggies I can add to my menu. Thanks WHOLE30 TEAM!
  4. Cynthia NASH

    Started TODAY! : )

    My apologies DallasGypsy! Thought I had replied shortly after your response. I was traveling at the time, but just wanted to let you know today is Day 17 for me. I hope you're still doing well. See you at the "finish line", although for me that might be Day 60 --not sure yet. God Bless.
  5. Cynthia NASH

    Started TODAY! : )

    Hello Everyone! This is my Day One. A coworker gave me the WHOLE30 book yesterday and I was "in" after reading the Preface. In fact, I kept reading through the first section until I remembered I was at work ~Lol! I had a family meeting last night and made my decision while I experienced another night of multiple symptoms. Woke up early this morning to make my lunch, grab some fruit and out the door I went. I. AM. EXCITED. I think my biggest challenge will be not "watching" for symptoms, but I'm determined to do all 30 days.