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  1. IBS Help!

    I have IBS, but I'm on day 23 and not one flare up since. I've incorporated a ton of ginger into my diet. Have you tried adding ginger? Maybe sip on some ginger tea? (Cut a few pieces, peeled and put them in the bottom of a mug and fill with hot water!) I also started supplements-The Garden of Life Probiotic. Do you take one? That could help too.
  2. Caribou Coffee Teas

    I found that at Starbucks, one herbal tea had hidden sugar in the added dried pineapple by looking at the packet. That's the way to go! Thankfully, they gave the ingredients of the dried pineapple. Why all this need for added sugar or natural flavors?! Many of my favorite Yogi teas have stevia in the teabag and I never knew it-until Whole 30!
  3. Anyone ever eat Whole 30 at a buffet wedding? Wondering how to eat/order without being pretentious or annoying to the staff or other guests. I assume there is always lettuce...however, I saw that some vingar (oil and vingar dressing) has sulfites in it (one from Trader's.) Normally places don't give you vingar in a bottle with a label. You also don't know what the meat is cooked in for grilled chicken, etc! Some places may not let you order a separate meal from the buffet which is usually carb and cheese galore!
  4. Day 17-tired, no appetite?

    Thank you. I appreciate your insight and will make the changes starting tomorrow.
  5. Day 17-tired, no appetite?

    Thank you for your insight! I will skip any fruit and try to add more veggies to each meal and make sure the protein is a good amount. I hope that eating more and better things will help make me more hungry and then give me more energy! A question about fat: does it count as fat if you cook say the sloppy Joe's in ghee or avocado oil? Or do you really reccomend more than that?
  6. Day 17-tired, no appetite?

    After looking at what I ate, I don't believe I am eating enough which is due to a lack of appetite. My workouts are just light yoga or walking. Supplements include: multivitamin, fish oil, vit d, natural calm and was testing out a digestive enzyme (didn't take today). Also prescription medication for allergies and asthma Day 14: -breakfast: chicken hash (I cup?) scoop of chia seeds with full fat coconut milk Iced coffee -lunch: I can't remember!! -dinner: russet baking potato with sloppy joe mix (ground beef, tomatoes, dates, pepper) about a cup of the mix Day 15: -breakfast: half of cup chicken hash (sweet potatoes, walnuts, apple, chicken), two (2.5 x3) spinach egg bake with onion, carrot and jicama and little ghee, scoop of chia seeds with coconut milk. -Iced Coffee -lunch: russet baking potato with sloppy joe mix (ground beef, tomatoes, dates, pepper) about a cup of the mix -dinner: (wasn't feeling good but tried to eat) banana and two handfuls of baby carrots w/almond butter (two tbs) and then about 8 oz almond milk. Ginger turmeric tea Natural Calm drink Didn't count water. Day 16: -breakfast: (late start) banana, Lara bar, kombucha (8 oz) -lunch- one can tuna with avocado mayo -dinner- twice stuffed large sweet potato (inside: one Italian chicken sausage, as well as a mixture of sun-dried tomatoes and onion) and about 1/3 cup raw sauerkraut Ginger Tea (10 oz) Natural Calm Drink (8 oz) Approx 25 oz water Day 17: (trying to eat more!!) Breakfast: one cup or so hash (apple, butternut squash, onions, bacon) with two scrambled eggs and some kombucha Lunch: a serving of the Italian wedding soup from Whole 30 cookbook. (Added a banana too!)
  7. Hi All, I am going into day 17 tomorrow. This is my first Whole 30 and I am in my early 30's and am 150 lbs. I came into this with taking PPI's for heartburn and have stopped. I also elimated caffeine/coffee as of today. I tried a digestive enzyme today and have no idea if that works. I used a different brand for three days last week. I also take fish oil and vitamins. For the past week or so, I've had zero energy and have been so tired all the time. I have very restless sleep but I am taking natural calm before bed. The positive is I've had zero stomach aches and my clothes fit better. I'm also reading labels and really becoming aware of what's in my food and realizing I do have to cook and meal prep! Downside: Zero appetite. Headache/fatigue. Heartburn. Any ideas about the appetite? I have to force myself to eat. Does anyone know why I may not be hungry? I'm thinking the fatigue comes from not eating enough. My goal for this whole 30 was better health and feeling good!
  8. Several meds, unsure of compliance

    I'm still taking Zyrtec and asthma medication and I hope that the benefits would outweigh the cons of being off them. Perhaps, I will try after day 30.
  9. Hi All, I am finishing day four of the whole 30. I have heartburn pretty bad and was taking 40 mg of omperzole daily. I did not do the stricter version of Whole 30 taking out nightshades and more because it was causing me food anxiety! (Ive limited my coffee to only one cup a day as well.) I've stopped taking my heartburn medication when I started and I just started having heartburn today. I'm debating taking it or pushing through. Was wondering if anyone was in a similar situation and if they found heartburn relief in the regular Whole 30? Or do I need to expect this to come from the stricter version?