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  1. Callmibree

    Loss of appetite on second Whole30?

    I forgot to say this is my second Whole 30 also, with about a month in between.
  2. Callmibree

    Loss of appetite on second Whole30?

    Count me in this group, too! I am on Day 12 as well and I've been having trouble choking down food the last few days. I am diabetic and about 100 pounds overweight, so I need a certain amount of food to keep blood sugar up. But sometimes, even though I know I need to eat and I may even have some hunger pangs, but I don't "want" the food. I don't crave carbs either. I'm just feeling indifferent about food. But not enjoying my meals is not ok. Does anyone know how much someone like me should eat at each meal in order to keep (actually, GET) strong? I am very out of shape and looking forward to seeing lots of improvements in my strength and energy, as well as weight loss. But I need more of a guideline. I know everyone says to eat when hungry and not to overeat, but exactly how much fat and protein should I be eating to be optimal? If I knew that, then I could just make myself eat that much and go on, whether I feel like eating or not. Help!