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  1. Post workout meal

    Thank you! The fruit juice is the only new thing. I'm doing re-introduction with only 1 element at a time. But I thought the fruit juice wouldn't hurt. Wrong! Ive been skipping the post workout meal totally. It's only 20-45 minutes of interval cardio. So I felt like a bigger breakfast would suffice. I'll try protein and carb dense veggie today. A sweet potato sounds really good right now so I'm thinking my body agrees with this plan! Thanks so much!
  2. Post workout meal

    I am on day 4 of my reintroduction. The last week of my Whole30, I really amped up my workouts. But I don't think I ate enough to fuel and refuel. I rarely did a post workout meal but just ate a bigger breakfast. Not the best idea as I crashed by the end of the week. This week I've been trying to do better. Since my Whole30 was complete, I thought a small glass of no sugar added juice (4 ounces) and collagen protein would be sufficient as a post workout with breakfast shortly afterwords. But my sugar cravings have returned! Could it be the juice? What's a better post workout meal? I usually have little appetite right after so I need easy to digest.
  3. Concerned about weight loss Day 20

    Thank you!! I feel even better today. I realized how much I truly have changed in just 21 days. It is pretty spectacular.
  4. Concerned about weight loss Day 20

    Actually all , ignore this. I'm just being silly. All the other benefits are fantastic. I've changed more on this free program than I have with several other expensive nutritional coaching sessions. The weight that should come off will. I never started this for weight loss. Keeping my eye on the bigger prize- healing my body!
  5. So I keep worrying that I'm not going to lose weight. Honestly I started this to tame my sugar dragon and that guy is in a coma. All of my other goals are already checked. And, I know I'm not as bloated and I've lost a bit. A pair of leggings fit better than they have in months. But... I really wanted to also lose at least 5-6 pounds. And it's not vanity weight. Before the start I was 10 pounds over my ideal. But no matter what I still am so happy to be doing this. Truly life changing for me! Any advice or comfort? How is that aspect going for others? ps- my background. No major health issues but concerned about family history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I have a desk job but I jog a bit and I'm on a figure skating team. So I'm semi active. I'm 5'3 and was around 135. I think my eating is pretty solid. Working hard to follow the template with each meal. I start getting hungry within 4 hours but can go a bit past 5 if necessary.
  6. Just hit my halfway point

    Definitely hang in there. I didn't tell most people I was starting until after my first 7 days. I knew I didn't need the negativity. Fortunately I only had 2 naysayers.
  7. Just hit my halfway point

    Isn't it the best feeling? I'm stunned that I'm on day 17. The challenging aspect wore off quick. Now I'm just enjoying it.
  8. Start date July 1

    Hi all. I started on the first but am just now venturing to the forums. This is my first Whole30 but wow! It's changed my life. I was exactly like the bad example in "It starts with food". I thought I ate pretty good. I felt like crap, my cholesterol was getting worse and I couldn't lose weight. But still, you know, I was eating ok. Lol. What a difference eating true whole food make! I'm loving everything about the program. Happy to report my sugar dragon is dormant and his friend constant hunger is gone too. This is definitely a lifestyle change for me!