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  1. Maxmill

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    Taco salad - Opened my wallet for new walking shoes yesterday. Today it snowed but that should end soon.
  2. Maxmill

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    I am back from walking my errands ,which included the small winter market to buy farm fresh eggs(so good)! On my way I overheard a couple talking about where they could find a Paleo meal in town, they settled for coffee but fun to hear Paleo eating on the street. Pork Chops for dinner.
  3. Maxmill

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    Made ghee and Mayo feeling good. Tuna salad ,I like hard boiled eggs in mine.
  4. Maxmill

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    I spent the morning cooking, one so/ so meal Short Ribs with Pearl Onions - not sure I really like pearl onions. Second was a saugage and ground beef chili that never taste the same way twice and that is a good thing, yummy this time.
  5. Maxmill

    Whole30, 5 months later.

    Thank you for your post. It made me realize, I am not throwing out food either.