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  1. Starting tomorrow, 9/11

    Hi Tammy, we were carb lovers too but I'm thrilled to say those cravings have gone. Getting past the feelings of trying to replicate baked goods was a major turning point for me. I haven't used potatoes during our whole30 and keep sweet potatoes mostly for bases to quiches or if I need a filler or sweetener in a meal. ☺
  2. Starting tomorrow, 9/11

    We (Myself and dear patient husband) are on day 12 of our first whole30. The best tips I can offer are to make sure you cook up excess to meal requirements. When cooking a dinner for instance, double or triple the recipe as if you're catering for guests, then you will always have meals prepared and try and stay ahead. Mel Joulwan's Good season's Italian dressing has been a saviour for me on vegetables, roasted, steamed or salads. I discovered we weren't eating enough vege and too much protein. I now find our evening meal is more satisfying and my husband is not wanting snacks. ☺
  3. Hi pearlgirl2017, I did donate my food but I felt very mixed emotions of guilt and wanting to help as I now realize the poor quality of the ingredients. My sister and her husband are very caring generous of spirit people, through ill health my sister is morbidly obese and I would love her to follow the paleo path but they are also very poor financially and I knew they would appreciate the food. Knowing that the the additives in the food would be contributing to her ill health even though I know they would go to supermarket and buy those foods if they could afford to did sadden me some what.
  4. Newbie struggling with first week

    I like the idea of adding coconut cream/milk into dishes to add the extra fat, I will try that tonight to tame a dish - chicken thighs in tomato passata sauce, a little complient curry paste could be a good addition too. Leftovers are the greatest!! :-)
  5. Well done Azgirl :-) I found drinking water helps to banish the detox aches and pains, though I have been lucky as I've not had too many of them. I read in one of the paleo books, to focus on what we can eat rather than what we can't eat which has made it easier for me but initially of course we need to learn what is not ok as that's been our downfall over the years. I miss the wine as I'm prepping dinner but I manage to refocus and all is well.
  6. I found one of the huge hurdles I had to get over was clearing out all non-paleo food from my pantry, store cupboard, fridge and freezer. I'm a bit of a foodie and had quite a stock pile but had been shocked when I started reading labels on basic condiments to flavour meals with. As I was resonating with my whole30 commitment, I took the plunge and had a major clear out. I struggled with the idea of waste but decided it was waste nutritionally for our bodies if we were consuming them. :-)
  7. Hello from New Zealand

    I've been studying the paleo way of living for probably close to two years now, I think I must have had just about every paleo recipe book ever written out of the library, some several times and those are the ones I decided to purchase as they are a constant inspiration. From the beginning of 2017 I'd been planning on committing to doing the whole30 but struggled with the very commitment and always found a social date stood in the way. As I started reading more online blogs from paleo practitioners and September was focused on I started telling my family and friends I was going to do this and here I am!!! Day 8 for us here in NZ. Day one (Friday) - no wine?? How was I going to handle this one and for a whole weekend. Well, I and I should say we as my husband, bless him has come on board with me, we both flew through the weekend faultlessly and even had an impromptu dinner, prompted by my two adult daughters who invited the 8 other family members for me to cater for. I had several requests on what they could contribute. I told them I would provide main meal but no, nibbles, dessert or alcohol. I had soup in the freezer (Melissa Joulwan's Golden cauliflower & silky gingered zucchini) I combined the two to amp the volume and made Mel Joulwan's Chili Chocolate and I bulked it out with spiraled veges. Everyone loved both courses and were inspired to look further into paleo. I might add here too that my husband and I were out of town until 4pm that day so I was even further impressed with efforts, despite short notice. The rest of the week has been interesting with energy levels up and down, Monday (day 3) energy to burn, unstoppable, fabulous. Today (day8) dragging myself from chore to chore, fuzzy head and difficulty in staying focused on one chore at a time. I need to do more food prep which I know has been my saviour for the past week.
  8. Kombucha

    I've looked through the kombucha forum but can't find reference to first ferment only made with brown rice syrup. I am on day 6 of whole30 and my kombucha is ready for bottling. I add fruit and nothing more. Is this complient?