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  1. Annie.Stolt

    Positive pregnancy test!!

    This is so encouraging and motivation to keep going(currently on day 19). Congrats to you and your growing family!
  2. Annie.Stolt


    Using potato as a filler is genius! I'll be trying this. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hi all, I'm on day 13 over here and have been so amazed by how much better I'm feeling. The best part for me has been the last few days of deep and restful sleep! I wake up feeling energized before my alarm. Yesterday I fractured my ankle by tripping down the stairs. I'm in a cast and on crutches for possibly 6-8 weeks. I love to cook and trying out new recipes for W30 the last two weeks has been so fun. However, I know I'm going to need to make simpler meals since I'm not as mobile. If anyone has recommendations on quick recipes or blogs/websites/books to find them please let me know. I do not want this to ruin my 13 days of progress. I definitely want to keep at it even just for the benefit of improved sleep. Also, if anyone has ever broken an ankle before and has any tips on how to make life more enjoyable, I'll gladly take them! Thanks!
  4. Annie.Stolt

    Califia Farms

    Hello, I've been scouring the forums for information about Almond milk and in particular, the brand Califia Farms. Are both the Unsweetened Almond Milk, and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk from Califia Farms both compliant? From reading the labels they look compliant but there seems to be conflicting information on other sites and I haven't found a definite answer on the forum, which is the first place I usually look. Thanks!