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    Vegetarian proteins - Tofu ok?

    I use tofu but always buy organic tofu. Except in a Thai restaurant since you can't guarantee what's organic. When ordering Thai, I always order the Thai vegetables with tofu no rice. I try to limit going out to eat, but I dine for work events, business meetings, etc so I always try to order vegetables, salad, eggs, and if there's no other options, tofu or legumes. I was in India for several months and it's risky to eat salad (due to the water) so my diet was mostly lentils and cooked vegetables, eggs and baked tomatoes for breakfast. I like to cook tofu with hot spices, olive oil, and will add veggies, spinach my favorite, when I'm at home. I've also tried almond butter (instead of peanut butter) and have at least one egg every day for protein.
  2. I've been a vegetarian most of my life, yes there are times I have some meat like chili, but very rarely. I've been reading the books and am looking to give this a try, mainly for hormone balance and losing this menopause muffin top stomach that has started over the last couple years. I've always been thin. But I've put on quite a bit of weight over the last few years and don't feel the best that I should. I'm trying this to learn how to eat better and give up sugars, carbs, and all the foods that are disrupting my balance. I want to feel healthier and lose weight. The thought of eating a piece of meat makes me ill so I'm giving the Whole 30 Veg a try. I will eat legumes but will cut out all the veggie fake meat, grains, and bad carbs I've been eating. Also going to try and give up wine and replace with more exercise. I agree with many areas of this diet, except the heavy meat focus, so I'm out to prove that this can also be done for vegetarians as I love vegetables but cannot give up my organic tofu or legumes. Looking forward to meeting any other vegetarians on here!
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    Vegetarian and giving it a try

    My try and give up wine comment went hand in hand with the title of my post - giving it, meaning the whole plan including giving up wine, a try. This is all new for me, first time. Yes the goal is to give it up for 30 days and succeed but when you're new, it can be intimidating. I am aware the rules don't fluctuate for anyone - that is certainly not the point I was trying to get across. This is not easy for new people which is why coming here for support helps. Sorry for my miscommunication. If you know of any tips of how to resist the wine cravings, that would be helpful.
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    Recipes with limited resources

    I thought this is a vegetarian forum? Why is chicken and pork being recommended when vegetarians do not eat meat? I have the Whole30 shopping list for vegetarians and vegans right in front of me and it's written that various beans ARE allowed - properly prepared (soaked, boiled, etc). You can also use organic tempeh, natto edamame, and tofu. I can share some lentil and other legume recipes if you are still interested....I cook Indian food (using minimal spices) with alot of veggies and some legumes quite a bit. I also modify some of their recipes in the book. For example, I make the ground beef and spinach frittata and just remove the ground beef....maybe just add another veggie in place of it, like tomato or artichoke, and it's delicious.
  5. Thank you all for the wonderful food suggestions. I'm really new to this and it's great so see so many ideas for meals. I've only been doing this 2 days, alot of vegetables and eggs, and feel better already. I'm even starting to like olives and am getting more creative with how to prepare veggies.... Using alot more olive oil and lemon. Thanks again and when I find some good recipes, I'll be sure to share.