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  1. I am on day 5 of the whole30 and my 20 month old is sleeping much less than before I started. The diet isn't a giant change for us. I almost always cook all our food from scratch, I have been avoiding grains, I use sugar (except hidden sugar) only in my coffee in the morning. The big difference is omitting dairy and alcohol. Since day 2, my baby is sleeping no more than 2 hours between night nursing. I am SO DONE with nursing at night. I was really hoping this dietary shift would help but it seems to make it worse. AND he is nursing more during the day. HELP! I am am eating about the same amount of protein, veggies and fruit. Probably not as much fat because I am not having dairy. I am not trying to lose weight or clear up my skin or get rid of allergies. I am a good weight, have great skin and no allergies. I am just trying to sleep!