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  1. Hi all! I started the Whole30 on Wednesday, August 2nd (it's currently day 3). I am already finding this challenging, but I'm excited to be connected to others making this commitment! I am so used to having something sweet (even if it's just fruit) after EVERY meal. And once I start on a cookie/something dessert-y/chips/trail mix/something snack-y I will sit and eat way too much of it, way beyond the point of feeling full. I definitely have a problem with portion control and eating out of comfort/boredom. I really want to drop these habits and have a healthier relationship with food. Yesterday (day 2) I felt pretty miserable and was realizing how dependent I am on always having "dessert" after every meal, and how used to eating half a bag of veggie stix (essentially potato chips) each day! I have 3 weekend camping trips and a birthday party planned for this month so far, so that will be challenging. But I'm determined!