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  1. Stomach/GI pain during Whole30

    Keep me updated! I haven't had pain but I had a lot of digestive issues on Whole 30 and couldn't get regular! I have a strong stomach, so maybe that's why I didn't have pain, but I'd have to book it to the bathroom after eating sometimes. I never had digestive issues before.
  2. So, my Whole 30 was over, and I noticed my bowel movements were still irregular and I kind of had some diarrhea, which I never had previously on my regular diet. Now that I'm off whole 30, after reintroduction, my stomach is WAY WORSE. It was kind of hard to tell when I did reintroduction what caused it, because I was never regular, but post reintroduction period, I made some kraft macaroni and cheese and I just about died after, it literally almost killed me, I felt like I had some food poisoning. I'm kind of thinking I should do whole 30 again, because my stomach is so messed up now, and maybe take a probiotic. Has anyone had major stomach issues doing whole30? Did you have to do a whole45? Can you recommend a good probiotic supplement?
  3. Day 22 Extreme Headaches and Exhaustion

    I'll keep a food diary over the next few days to remember what I'm eating.
  4. New here and have serious trouble with willpower

    Here is the vodka sauce recipe no vodka is used http://www.perchancetocook.com/2017/01/26/whole30-paleo-alla-vodka-sauce/
  5. Day 22 Extreme Headaches and Exhaustion

    I eat to the template, either broccoli or kale. I have had avocado 3 days this week. I usually eat bananas or clementines as a snack. I have beef burgers from the store. I have cashews at breakfast sometimes. I'm not really sure how to stick to the template any more than I already do.
  6. I've been having so many headaches and I'm so exhausted on day 22. What's wrong? Where's the tiger blood?
  7. New here and have serious trouble with willpower

    I disagree, I don't think telling someone to eat more vegetables is a hack. Vodka sauce doesn't need vodka. It's just a tomato sauce with milk to make it creamy. I use coconut milk.
  8. New here and have serious trouble with willpower

    Hi Jena! Sometimes, I even eat my veggies first, as an "appetizer" to my meal, so that when I am eating the better tasting main dish, I am not hungry for seconds. All of the energy and better sleep comes from eating more vegetables, because of the nutrients you're getting. And if you drastically increase the amount of vegetables you get (i.e. half a plate per meal from maybe 1/4 of a plate once a day) you will feel better, sleep better, feel better. That's right, the big secret is EAT YOUR VEGGIES! I also don't meal prep very much, my work has a salad bar that I can go to often. I also buy deli meat from Trader Joes. I'll buy frozen premade patties and make a simple lettuce wrapped burger. My favorite Whole30 meal was when I made spaghetti squash with compliant sauce, it felt like a comfort food but I was actually eating so many vegetables (pureed tomatoes and squash).
  9. What Counts as a Protein?

    I've found compliant deli meat at Trader Joes and the regular Acme/Shaws. Maybe I'll try some frozen fish! I forgot about that. Cooking in general takes a long time, and although I like it once in awhile, I prefer to make easy things like frozen vegetable stir fries, salads, etc. I just really am not a fan of cooking.
  10. What Counts as a Protein?

    I'm having a lot of trouble finding complianthe meat, and I'm not a huge fan of my own cooking, so I will definitely look into the vegetarian options.
  11. I thought a nut butter is protein, is this not true? How do you eat protein if you are vegan or vegetarian? I am not, but I'm sick of eggs.
  12. TMI: Diarrhea

    Is there somewhere that has example template meals? I'm always better at copying someone else's meals.
  13. TMI: Diarrhea

    I have been having bananas with sunbutter and sweet potato for breakfast. I had a sweet green salad for lunch one day (all the ingredients were compliant, apple, broccoli, kale, chicken), fruit salad and a regular salad, and I did skip lunch one day because I was really busy at work and had to eat an Rx bar. For dinner I have had some deli meat or hamburgers. One night I had shrimp and green beans. I think I'm really low on vegetable intake at dinner time.
  14. Day 5 bloated still

    I was very bloated at the beginning, and then a week later I got my period! I don't know if that is related.
  15. TMI: Diarrhea

    So, even after being on whole 30 for 15 days, I'm still not regular. I often get diarrhea. At first I was like, it's because I'm cleansing. I do eat a lot of fruit since it is the summer time, would this be the cause?