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  1. August 7th Start Date

    This stuff is fabulously expensive, but I tried the "original" flavor and it's really delicious, and it's compliant. I found the link on one of the pages of the Whole30 website. A pack or two of this thrown in your bag might be very helpful in case of emergency and you have to break the glass.
  2. August 7th Start Date

    My 17 year old daughter wanted to do it with me so we're doing it together, and my 15 year old is away at camp and she wants to start when she comes back, and knowing what a great huge sap I am, I am pretty sure I will be extending my whole 30 by an extra 3 weeks until her 30 is done.
  3. August 7th Start Date

    Thank you so much, Karen! I'm pretty cheap too but I pony up for this because it's my first time and I really want to nail it! I did see that you need to sign up on Day -1. I may go for it anyway. To be continued - thank you again!
  4. August 7th Start Date

    Thank you so much, Sara!
  5. August 7th Start Date

    Would any of you guys have the link to where you sign up for the daily emails from Whole30 which are timed to each day in your program? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks so much!!
  6. August 7th Start Date

    Hi Everyone! Today - 8/7 - is my Day 1. Brensuma, thank you very much for that graphic about the plate because I need a reminder of that!! Good luck to us all!!