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  1. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hi to TheJourney. I clicked on a tab at the bottom of this page that says notify me of replies. Now, every time someone posts to this particular forum I get a notice on my email. Otherwise, like you, I might not be able to navigate my way back. Today is day 28 for me, and I am thinking ahead to reintroduction. I only really miss a few things-cheese, wine, & stevia, or monk fruit sweetener. Just a little of these sweeteners in some club soda would make all the difference for me. I really miss some cheese crumbles in a salad. The fact that I miss it may be a sign of a trouble area? Ditto for the wine. I am grateful every morning for not having had any tho. I, too, use stress as a reason to eat. Recently worried about hubby's upcoming medical issues. I keep reminding myself that this is a part of life, and there will always be something! And can anything tear us up as badly as things going awry for our children, adult or not, doesn't matter. My 2 cents for the day.
  2. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Congrats RBcalli! Wow, 11 pounds, that's awesome! (I know, it's not about the weight). That's good to know that A1C doesn't necessarily come down for quite awhile after improving food choices. I did not know that. I am on day 23 today. Am starting to look ahead to reintroduction as I definitely don't want to just go right back to where I started. I may do the slow roll reintroduction as well. I have also found if I get cravings mid meal, or somewhere in there, it usually means I didn't eat enough, or enough fat at the last meal. A mini meal of a protein & some type of fat usually does the trick for me too. Do you suppose the tigers blood feeling is because of ketosis? Just something I have been pondering. KimmM I'm afraid I am not much help in the meat aversion dept, as the smell of meat roasting with lots of garlic makes my mouth water. HOWEVER, raw meat in an overly warm environment can have that reaction on me, so I can empathize there. I experienced that in an open air market in Mexico, & once in Alaska when my brother was butchering a deer in his 80 degree house. Don't want to dwell on that. So, yes, maybe, just maybe, the compliant hot dogs or sausages might help-they are already cooked & have spices. Anyway, have a good day everyone!
  3. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Welcome Aussie gal, & all newcomers! I am on day 22 or thereabouts. That, too, is my biggest worry, slipping back into old habits. Food Freedom Forever is all about the "after", so I am slowly working my way through that. I have to have a back tooth extracted today. It seems I have a cracked tooth that has had a root canal, & it has gotten an infection. Apparently this, & a subsequent implant is the only solution. Be glad to have it over. I am going to make some kind of soup as I'm sure I won't feel like chewing anything hard for a couple days. Also, yesterday my husband got the results of his recent echocardiogram, & treadmill stress test. The echo was ok, consistent with his a-fib, but, as he puts it, he flunked the stress test. They want to do further studies with dye. This, of course, stressed me out to the max. I wanted so bad to have a glass of wine! Had a serious talk with myself. Reminded myself it is called life, and no one promised a rose garden. We will deal with it. It is not a reason to go off the rails. So, here I am, taking it one day at a time. I, also, make my own mayonnaise, using avocado oil, and a little macadamia nut oil if I have it. I do the stick blender method. It's so simple. I probably wouldn't do it if I had to do the old drip drip drip method! Ok, well that's my morning coffee 2 cents worth. I think it is refreshing that so many of you are getting educated about nutrition, and doing the Whole30. So many folks out there haven't a clue & figure they are simply victims. Have a wonderful day!
  4. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Good morning! You are right LydiaJo, I probably should have eaten before I went to lunch. Sometimes you just get caught. I had breakfast that morning, & had no idea lunch choices would be so limited. At any rate I survived. Although not an ideal situation, I did stay compliant. A reoccurring theme for me in this Whole30 is eating enough at each meal to make it to the next without requiring a snack. Pearlgirl2017, that is a bummer about your fridge. I feel your pain. Hope you figured it out, & don't need a new fridge! Day 19 for me. Am experiencing a little food boredom. Need to crack the cookbook & come up with some new ideas, especially for breakfast. Made pork Posole with tostones 2 days ago. My husband, who is not doing Whole30, came into the kitchen to check it out. He really liked it, & dipped his tostones in 1000 island dressing! Alas, no leftovers for me, but always glad to see him eat something nutritious. Hope all is going well out there in the blogosphere. RBcalli, I am wondering how your reintroduction is going. Did anything trigger cravings?
  5. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Happy Sunday everyone! It is gorgeous out & I just went for a ride on the motorcycle with my husband. I could swear there is a little more room between him & me. Maybe he just adjusted the seats somehow, but I'm gonna go with the former Day 17 today. Doing pretty well. I had to go to lunch in a different town with some ladies yesterday. The only thing compliant on the menu was a grilled chicken salad. I've done that before, but this one was kind of an Asian salad, so by the time I had them hold the mandarin oranges (canned in syrup I'm sure) crunchy noodles, & the dressing (brought my own), all that was left was some romaine lettuce, a couple of onion slices, & some sliced grilled chicken about the size of half my palm. By the time I got home I was REALLY hungry. I probably went overboard on the cashews, compliant meat sticks, & watermelon Not bad foods by any means, but I've been doing pretty good about snacking. I suppose there is a lesson in there somewhere. I have been reading Food Freedom Forever. As we all know, there is going to have to be some practice, mindfulness, and work still ahead after reintroduction if we are to not end up in the same boat ( or worse) than when we started. That is what I did last time. I hope I can do better this time, that is the plan. I am learning more each time, so that is progress. Isn't it interesting how different we all are? Things take longer to resolve on some than others, and the order is different too! I got thinking about this today, & realized my joints aren't aching hardly at all-big improvement, & no acid reflux either! Right there is success! Welcome to all the newcomers, and a big shout out to the others who are making their way along! Good luck one & all!
  6. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Good morning everyone! I sure enjoy your posts, challenges and encouragement! I agree with RBCali, I think we are probably a bit impatient to see results, which is totally understandable, being human. I have to remind myself a dose of realism & patience is in order. Like you said we didn't get this way overnight. That is awesome you bought a new pair of shoes for walking! Makes me think of that saying "the longest journey starts with the first step)" I got a new bicycle, & although I don't ride a long way-yet, I try to get out in the morning for 20-30 min. before it gets too warm. My husband & I just started up our pass to the Y that we suspended back in May. It doesn't all happen every day, but the longest journey.... My biggest problem is sleep, & I know it is SO mportant. 3:20 every morning I wake up & can't get back to sleep. No matter what time I go to bed. It sucks! I am considering supplements. Keep it going everyone, we r doing good!
  7. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hi RBCali. I'm wondering if you got my answer yesterday on the other post? I have to admit, I am a little hazy on how all this works Yesterday was a difficult day for me-day 11. I wanted to snack, was feeling down, & REALLY wanted a glass (or more) of wine! I had a short night's sleep the night before, had a baked potato at restaurant the night before along with steak & veg. I love potatoes. More than sugar. I think I will avoid them for the rest of the Whole30 as they have too much power over me. Anyway, I got through the cravings, got a long nights sleep & feel a lot better this morning. SO glad I didn't give you in! Enough about me. How are you all doing?
  8. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Happy Friday everyone. Haven't heard much so am beginning to wonder if I am doing this forum thing right. Welcome to Jim & Tinman. Jim, I am wondering how your post Whole30 is going? That is awesome you improved all those health markers! That was my downfall in Jan after I completed my first Whole30. I gradually slipped back into old habits & gained back the 10+ lbs I had lost. I guess I must of missed the whole point of the 30, which is to learn about your relationship with food, identify problems, & learn new habits. So I am back again. I guess we must be vigilant ever after. Tinman, I hope you get on board when you return from your travels. It will be worth it, & will help support you in your stress! Today is Friday again, so time to go out to dinner. Frankly I would just as soon skip it, but not an option. More grilled chicken salad with my own dressing. I got up this morning & my husband had eaten the rest of my shepherds pie in the night! I guess that is testimony that the recipes are good even if you are not on the Whole30. RBCali, I have been wondering if you are still having cramps? I have been thinking....about the electrolyte thing again-with all the water you are drinking (a good thing) maybe you are washing out a lot of electrolytes? Maybe pay extra attention to getting the potassium, magnesium, etc. Just a thought. Something else I heard yesterday-with all the current research on the gut microbiome they have discovered that certain bacteria aid weight loss. AND all the good bacteria need to eat (prebiotics) & these bacteria eat fiber rich plants (veg & fruit). This made me even more conscientious of having a good portion of veg at every meal. Just a thought. Anyway, this is getting rather long. That's what my morning coffee does to me! Have a great weekend!
  9. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hi there! How is everyone doing? Day 6 for me. So far so good. Made the shepherds pie tonight. Had that with some sliced cucumbers dipped in the homemade mayo. Looks like a lot of leftovers so don't need to worry about that for a couple days. Hope the sleep improves. Darn dogs! I've never tried the Rxbars. Might be something to try after. I did get some pork rinds in case I need a snack, but haven't opened them yet. I just realized my headache from the last several days is gone! Hope things are going well for everyone!
  10. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hi Lyndylu! I am on day 5, so you are just a little ahead of me. Sitting here sipping a La Croix. That is my treat in the evening. I am cruising along ok. Had burger & compliant marinara sauce over zucchini wide noodles for dinner, & some cut up veggies-carrots, bell pepper, & cucumber with compliant ranch from the book. My garden runneth over with zucchini right now, so trying to think of ways to use it. That's awesome you prepped so well for the 30! Yes, the sneaky sugar demon! If I have fruit I try to make it berries. Picked 4 pounds of organic blueberries this morning. My husband brought home a real tasty watermelon yesterday so I had to "sample" that! My hope is for the cravings to go away. I don't normally eat much sugar, but (before whole 30) use stevia/monk fruit/erythritol. I hope to lose some weight during the reset, so, even though white potatoes are compliant, I think I will avoid them. All that starch gets me craving. To me it's the ultimate comfort food
  11. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Welcome Laura Lee. Well, I've been posting right here. I am a total newbie to a forum so that's all I knowI'm hoping to figure out as I go along. Thanks for the great info RB Cali. I will definitely check out the real meal plans. Cramps always bring to mind electrolytes. I hate cramps! Used to get them in my inner thighs. SO ouch! This is my day 3, & I have had a terrific headache all day. Not sure if it is this or something else. Good luck all, will check back tomorrow!
  12. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Welcome Balo39! I think the most potential stumbling block is getting hungry & not having enough food made ahead/and or available. I mean why torture ourselves? That makes it really hard and can be avoided. That being said, I need to crack the book & plan some more meals this morning! About the water, I find it helps to measure out a pitcher of around 8 cups in the morning & leave it on the counter as a visual reminder. I don't always get it all down, but it is a lot closer than before I was doing Whole30. Restaurant meals is another dicey area. Think ahead on that one! Personally I would just as soon skip it entirely, but sometimes that isn't an option. Last evening we went out with friends & I had a big "Mediterranean salad" with grilled chicken on top. I brought my own ranch dressing that I made out of the book. The hardest part was watching my friend down 3 Bud lites! I really feel this forum support will be a big part of the journey. I need accountability when I get weak. I hope others will chime in with some other ideas!
  13. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Today is day 1 for me. That does seem rather picky MMC, but I guess those are the rules. Today has gone well so far, but am pretty hungry now & can't wait for the basil chicken thighs to get done. Wish hubby would join me, but he is doing something else. Good luck all!
  14. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    I'm 64, & considering my 2nd Whole30. Last time I did it with my daughter & daughter-in-law via texts & email. This time I am solo, & I think the comraderie & accountability were key to success. I would love to join in with some like minded/age women!