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  1. Whole30-ish meals while working out?

    Wow, where has the time gone..... Thank you for your replies! Yeah, I figured it was pretty detail. I just get confused, (my fault probably), with all the info out there. Like, for instance, when someone says to not eat peanuts before a workout, but in the same sentence say that peanut butter with your smoothie/oatmeal/whatever is ok? That doesn't make sense to me. Or eating fruit beforehand (like a banana - apparently it's God's gift to mankind) is ok, but I've read on here to not eat fruit beforehand. I've read on here too that eating the right things before a wo signals glucagon. I like knowing that stuff. So for me, I'm like, sweet! I'll do it! Maybe it's just me, but it seems all the bodybuilding/healthy sites vary in their content. What sites would you recommend I start looking at for that kind of advice? Thanks for your time!
  2. Hello! So I've tried to think about what I wanted to say without being redundant with all the other posts on here (not sure if I'll accomplish that). Some background... I've done the whole30 twice and loved it both times. It's a lot of work, but worth it. I currently eat a Whole30-ish diet. I enjoy working out, but have not for most of my life. I did a 5x5 routine last year for a couple of months that I really liked where I woke up, ate a hard-boiled egg, worked out, ate some tuna/sweet potato PWO, then had a normal breakfast within an hour. I'd like to start working out again using the same program, but will probably eat breakfast beforehand and then go workout within an hour. My purpose is to gain some muscle, but mainly to stay fit (I lay around currently). As I peruse the world-wide-web for input and incite into eating healthy while working out I get pretty confused (especially when it gets to eating to "bulk up"). I'm not a doctor or nutritionist so I tend to believe those that are, (or at least those that spout off the scientific benefits of certain foods and when to eat them). Maybe I'm gullible. So my question(s) are...being on a whole30-ish diet, what do whole30's "forbidden foods" do to your body while working out? Like grain, legumes, gluten, dairy, etc. I see recipes that look/sound fantastic for breakfast (or for other meals), but I don't know what they'll do to me physically/scientifically. Say for example, oatmeal for breakfast with milk, or tuna with whole-grain crackers and other flavors for a PWO. Would I be hindering my goals by eating differently? Do non-whole30 foods aid in muscle growth such as dairy, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc. or is there a better alternative? Would almond milk provide better nutrients than dairy and crushed/ground nuts be better than oatmeal? Sorry if this is confusing or going around in circles. It kinda feels that way in my head right now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any insight or advice that you may give. God bless!