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  1. Nearly broke down this weekend. It was tough but I managed to pull through and stay the course. Day 14?! It's all blending together:)
  2. Day 5 already!! How's it going so far? I'm needing to get more creative with my meals - I've been really basic but boring. Any favorite treats?
  3. How's it going so far? Everyone feeling good?
  4. Starting Tuesday, 15, August

    How's day 1 going? Hope so far, so good.
  5. Eat more good food and you won't feel hungry! Think of it all as an exercise in awareness and not deprivation. I try to think about everything I'm going to eat that way. Good luck and keep in touch!
  6. Okay, so we'll maintain this thread for the 30 days kicking off tomorrow. How are you planning for the first few days? Grocery shopping done? Any tips you want to share? From my previous Whole 30 (april/may) I found that the first couple of days wasn't so bad...then the carb withdrawal headaches kicked in...I felt hungover. So, I'm pre-planning for success for a social engagement Thursday - I'll have my whole 30 food before the get together and have visualized myself avoiding temptation, ie: wine!
  7. Sounds great! Any suggestions for communicating throughout the 30 days?
  8. I'm starting my second whole 30 on Tuesday Aug 15. My first completed at the end of May. I did well keeping up until about a month ago and the wheels fell off the bus. Am diving in post-vacation and can't wait to feel great again! Anyone want to join for accountability and collective inspiration?