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  1. crkohring

    Starting April 11 -- Tomorrow!!!

    Hi Catherine, I'm starting today as well, and hoping for similar results. Good luck! and good tip, laddyshanny, that makes sense!
  2. crkohring

    Starting September 9th!!!

    Starting today too!
  3. crkohring

    Starting May 21!!

    Me too! Let's all support each other! Here's another thread with a group starting on the 21st:
  4. crkohring

    1st time and starting the 21st of May!!

    Staring tomorrow as well! Good luck, everyone!
  5. crkohring

    December 27th Start Date

    That sounds great, have you started already? Today is day 30 for me, I'm going to follow the recommended reintroduction schedule and see how it goes.
  6. crkohring

    December 27th Start Date

    I'm on day 21, I'm excited because this is the farthest I've ever gotten with the whole30. Looking forward to the next 9 days. I've been thinking about reintroduction too, also thinking about reading Food Freedom Forever. I want this to be a lifestyle and not just going back to eating everything like I did last time.
  7. crkohring

    December 27th Start Date

    I am sorry you had to start over, but admire your resolve to keep going! Are you eating enough? I didn't my first time around, because I didn't realize cooking with fat didn't count as the fat you're supposed to have in your meal.
  8. crkohring

    December 27th Start Date

    Just finished day 9, how is everyone doing?
  9. crkohring

    Made it!

    Nice job making it through a tough day! I haven't completely cut coffee out but I've cut down. Keep up the good work.
  10. crkohring

    December 27th Start Date

    I'm really enjoying the book so far! It's nice to start the day with tips and motivation and end it with some reflection. Day 2 for me, woke up feeling the "carb hangover" or whatever it's called? Going to take it easy today...
  11. crkohring

    December 27th Start Date

    One day at a time, that's what I'm telling myself too! Nice work.
  12. crkohring

    December 27th Start Date

    Today is Day 1 for me, Dec. 29th! I didn't want to wait until Jan. 1st, but I also wanted to get my daughter's birthday out of the way (it was yesterday). I'm happy to see that there are a lot of others starting around this time too! This is my 3rd round, but I never finished my first two rounds (I got to day 21/20, respectively). I am determined to finish this time! I bought the new whole30 Day by Day book as a Christmas gift for myself. Good luck everyone!