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  1. CatholicDad

    Woo Hoo! Day 30 is Here!

    Thank you for the advise. We will be doing the reintroduction as outlined in the program. I take comfort in knowing that it'll be a slow process. I guess my fear comes from the years of yo-yo dieting, counting calories or starving myself only to end in failure and relapse. This just seems to good to be true. I never thought the food I eat or not eat would affect my body as much as it has. You're right I can always go back to strict Whole30 if I feel the urges for certain foods is still strong or I get off track. I'll definitely be coming back to the forums to help check me in check.
  2. CatholicDad

    Woo Hoo! Day 30 is Here!

    I can't believe we're already on day 30 of our family's first Whole30. These past 30 days have been an experience that I'll never forget. I've learned so much about my body and the foods I eat. Just a quick (Ok, not so quick) recap of the past 30 days and why I started the Whole30 in the first place. I'm a 40 something husband and father to 4. For the past 4 years I've suffered with chronic back pain and have been taking medications that are very addictive and at times don't work as I've built up a tolerance to them. Due to my back pain and my job, I've been very inactive for the last 7 years. Due to my poor eating habits and constantly giving in to cravings, my weight has skyrocketed. I was not in a good place physically, mentally or emotionally. I felt as if there was no hope for me, that I'd spend the rest of my life in pain and eventually in a wheelchair. Well, that was all before I learned about Whole30. After hearing about it from friends and doing some research online, I enlisted the help of my family. I knew I couldn't do it without their support. So, my wife and kids (some reluctantly), said they'd also participate in the Whole30 with me. We cleaned house and threw out everything that had any ingredients not allowed on Whole30. Fortunately, a lot of it had been sitting in the fridge or pantry for so long it was expired or it was nearly empty so there was little actual waste. I was amazed to learn how many foods contain sugar in its various forms or other ingredients that can cause inflammation or digestive problems. The cleaning of the pantry and fridge was very therapeutic as it marked a new beginning for me and my family. At first the meal planning and prep was a chore but, we stuck with it. My wife was waking earlier than normal to help with breakfasts and start prepping for lunch. The kids even got involved and helped with the cooking from time to time. We made sure there was a lot of variety in our meal plan. Every week we were trying new foods that we'd never had before. We discovered certain foods that we don't ever want to eat again. We also found new foods that we loved and plan to eat on a regular basis. Our first couple of days on our Whole30 were a struggle. I was hungry and had low energy levels. I wanted so badly to have just one snack between meals or after dinner. It was by willpower alone that I made it to day 4 without giving in to cravings. Then on either day 4 or 5 something strange happened. For the first time in years I woke up and got out of bed with no back pain at all. I couldn't believe it. I was afraid it was a fluke so I didn't say anything, expecting the pain to return later that day or the next. Another 4 or 5 days past and still no pain. I decided to tapper off my pain meds to see what happened. The only negative effect from doing so was withdrawal symptoms. I can honestly say there was no better motivation for me to stay true to our Whole30 than to not be in pain anymore. It's now day 30 and I'm still pain free. I can't put in to words what a relief this is. For the first time in years I have hope for my future. I can finally see me reaching a healthy weight and living life as I once knew it as an active dad going on bike rides with my kids and walks with my wife. I have to admit, there is a bit of fear when in ending the Whole30. A part of me doesn't trust myself to maintain the healthy eating habits I've learned over the past 30 days. A small part of me wants to just keep going with the program and not change a thing. Another part of me wants to be able to go out to eat and enjoy a meal or prepare a meal at home without looking for alternative ingredients that are compliant. So, now I'll have to learn about moderation and when to say "no" to certain foods that can be a trigger for me. All in all, I've have a great 30 days and will be doing more Whole30s or longer to reinforce what I've learned and to continue to learn with experience.
  3. CatholicDad

    Poop Probs

    My wife is having the same problem with constipation. She's only had a couple bowl movements since starting our Whole30, we're starting day 10 today. Last week was a spinach fest, we had spinach with nearly every meal. This week it seems a lot of our recipes include sweet potatoes and cabbage. We also eat a lot of zucchini and asparagus. Would an herbal laxative tea with compliant ingredients be appropriate to use at this point? Just to help get things moving.
  4. CatholicDad


    Hey Kelly, My wife and I are on day 9 of our first Whole30. We are a family of 7 including my dad who lives with us. Our kids ages are 18, 15, 10 and 8. We've asked them to participate in the Whole30 with us so we don't have to prepare two separate meals each time we eat. So far they are doing great. We don't exactly hold them to the same standards that we hold ourselves to. For example, we'll let the kids have a glass of 100% fruit juice or compliant almond milk with a meal. We also have some healthy snacks such as pumpkin seeds and almonds available for them. When planning our menu we try to keep them in mind and exclude menu items that we know they will definitely not want to eat, such as Brussel sprouts. We also encourage them to help with the meal prep which they really enjoy. We also ask that they try everything we prepare before asking for an alternative. As for school lunches, we found some sugar free ham. We'll pack a few slices of ham with some applesauce and maybe some celery with almond butter. As this is our first experience with Whole30, we're still learning a lot. Every day is an adventure. I hope this helps.
  5. CatholicDad

    Started Today August 14th.

    Wow! My family just started day 8 and we feel great. I can't believe the changes that have taken place in just one short week of eating healthy. At this point, my clothes aren't feeling any looser but, I wouldn't expect that in just one week. I did have a friend ask me yesterday if I've lost weight. However, the big news is; In the past 4 or 5 days I've been able to get out of bed pain free. I'll explain. I have a very bad lower back. In addition to being overweight, I have spondylolisthesis in my lower lumbar between L4 and L5 and moderate disk degeneration between L5 and S1. At times I feel as if someone is stabbing me with an icepick in my lower back. I currently see a pain specialist and have had steroid injections which greatly helped with the pain. I also take pain medication. In the last few days, I've felt as if I can stop taking the pain medication as I've had little or no back pain at all. This is a really BIG deal for me. The pain has been so bad at times, it's literally brought me to tears. I really hope this isn't just a fluke. If this trend continues, I'll be a lifetime Whole30er. Here's hoping for another successful week and continued reduction in pain.
  6. CatholicDad

    Wish Us Luck

    My wife and I will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow 8/19. It'll be day 6 of our Whole30. We plan on going out on a double date with some dear friends of our whose anniversary is just a few days later. They are gluten intolerant and on a non-Whole30 but similar diet for medical reasons. Having them with us will certainly make it more comfortable for us to ask questions we normally wouldn't ask and to order menu items we wouldn't normally order. Thing is, this will be our first "real" temptation since we started our Whole30. We're going to a steakhouse so, the steak or seafood shouldn't pose a problem. It's all the side dishes and salads with cheese and the sauces with cream or sugar and having to really look for ingredients that are not compliant that concern me. I'm going to do my best to ask the right questions, be aware of what I'm putting in my mouth and not stress...too much.
  7. CatholicDad

    Anyone done a Whole30 with a large family?

    It's good to see other families are living Whole30. We are a family of 7, including my dad who lives with us (he's not following the Whole30 program). It's been awesome to see the kids get involved in preparing our meals and eating foods other than ramen noodles or boxed mac and cheese. I'm curious to see just how their tastes change over the course of our 30 days. Of course as they are kids, we ask them to try to stick to the plan but, I'm not going to force my 15 year old son or younger kids who's still growing to not eat a healthy snack from time to time.
  8. CatholicDad

    Metal breath?

    Thanks for posting this. My wife and I are on day 4 and we've noticed what we call "fuzz" on our teeth especially in the morning. We were wondering what was causing this.
  9. CatholicDad

    Tea Brands!

    I just recently discovered that soy lecithin was in most teas that I have in the pantry. However, there was one brand, Good Earth, that unless I'm reading the ingredients wrong, appears to be compliant. They are: rooibos, chicory root, natural flavor, rosehip, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile, ginger root, anise seed, orange oil, orange peel. I'm sure a moderator or other member can chime in and verify if the ingredients are in fact compliant.
  10. CatholicDad

    Started Today August 14th.

    Day 3 and so far so good. Now that we're cooking a lot of meals, our kids are getting in on the action. We homeschool our 4 kids so they're home to watch my wife and I prepare our meals. They've taken an interest in helping out with meal prep. I can't tell you what a relief this is. We have a couple picky eaters but, they don't mind eating the foods that they help prepare. I hope this continues not just for the next 27 days but well into their adult lives.
  11. CatholicDad

    Started Today August 14th.

    I know exactly what you mean. I'm an emotional eater myself. I eat when I'm happy, I eat when I'm sad, I eat when I'm bored and so on. The food isn't going to be the problem for me, it'll be overcoming my sugar craving and in between meal snacking. But, with the help of my awesome wife and encouragement from others, I'll get through it. Best of luck on your Whole30.
  12. CatholicDad

    Started Today August 14th.

    Thanks for your response. So far, so good. We have two older kids 18 & 15 and two younger kids 11 & 9. The younger ones are still trying to understand what exactly we're trying to accomplish. They were skeptical of the new foods we've introduced to them so far. The older kids get it and are complying without too much complaining or eye rolling when they see a ton of veggies on their plates. We're a family who pretty much made a lot of meals at home but they weren't always healthy or balanced. We also had some form of desert almost every night. So, this is a big change for us and the kids. Rather than endure an emotional meltdown, we'll allow small diversions from the plan such as an apple or other fruit for the kids but only if needed. One thing we did last night was to have to younger kids help prepare dinner. They really liked that and it go them excited to try the food they helped prepare.
  13. CatholicDad

    Started Today August 14th.

    This is a great question and one that I never considered. No one in our family suffers from gluten intolerance and the amount of flour in the host we receive is so small we'll continue to receive the Eucharist each week. As the moderator stated in their reply, "God trumps Whole30". Today is day two for us and my kids have already had a normal week's worth of veggies. So far we've had very little complaining. I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat so this adventure is fun for me as I get to learn about new cooking techniques and how to incorporate different veggies into our meals.
  14. CatholicDad

    Started Today August 14th.

    Today marks the first day of the Whole30 for our family of 6. We've been eating junk and getting fatter, and less healthy for far too long. Personally, I have a really hard time saying no to foods that I know are bad yet tasty. I'm looking forward to reseting my tastebuds and losing the craving for sugary foods. I'm also looking forward to being a better example to my children. Since we're new at this, we're open to any advise you may have to help us get through our first week and make this a successful Whole30 and start of a new way of life for our family.