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  1. August 14th Start Date

    @Rottiegirl2017 That looks absolutely healthy and great. Great staying off temptations
  2. August 14th Start Date

    Whole30 Success statement. Fed the family a Whole30 dinner and they didnt even realize it!!! Victory!!. Although am allergic to eggs I made the egg spinach turkey mini muffins , cauliflower and cantaloupe .
  3. August 14th Start Date

    What model of Instant pot do you have ? I have been looking for one for a while. For today, I had chicken curry cooked in coconut oil and cabbage and kale sauted
  4. August 14th Start Date

    It looks like we have a few of us veterans. Woke up this morning feeling much better. Rottiegirl2017 Thanks to your post I ventured out for a 3 miler yesterday and now today morning as well. Wohoo. BecomingBrroklyn Nutpod is nut based milk . U can order on amazon. Its somewhat similar taste as the unsweetened milk. I am hoping the trend continues. Alright question, how do I reference you guys in my post without having the underline throughout after the post
  5. August 14th Start Date

    11th day and how are we all doing. I still seem to have this pain in my joints . Need to check what i am eating to ensure there are no foods in there that i am allergic to. Lunch was Baked cod and basil and kale pesto with almond and no cheese
  6. August 14th Start Date

    We are continuing on our way and there are the tight pants ... I hope. Things have been pretty good.
  7. August 14th Start Date

    What I mean by this , is W30 way calls for not making pancakes and comfort food so how much of a dish can i put together.
  8. August 14th Start Date

    Its the Brat Hans Spicy Cilantro Chicken sausage . Got it from Whole foods. All ingredients seem to be W30 compliant. Its says 0 sugar as well. For lunch , I made cauliflower/brocolli chicken rice, seasoned with turmeric, cumin, coriander powder in a 2 tsp of ghee . and had some cucumber salad (small sliced cucumber in just sea salt and lime) Also was wondering if someone thinks this recipe is W30 compliant. It consists of potato and onions cooked in coconut milk with ginger and salt . We call it potato stew. We add coriander leaves for flavor at the end. I am so ensure how much of cooking is permitted so wanted to check.
  9. August 14th Start Date

    Thank you for the post Rottiegirl2017 . Its 8 days since we started our journey and so glad to see there are many of us still here. And the support has been tremendous. Today Steamed Kale, pineapple and W30 compliant sausage for breakfast. How is everyone else doing ?
  10. August 14th Start Date

    Yes the broth had lots of home made chicken pieces in them .
  11. August 14th Start Date

    Yes we can. Yes we can. Chicken broth soup spiced with turmeric and coriander powder, steamed kale for lunch
  12. August 14th Start Date

    Rottiegirl2017- THANK YOU and YOU Too. Your posts certainly are an inspiration as well. Breakfast has been sweetpotato with unsweetened coconutflakes and 1/2 a W30 compliant sausage. Eating meat in the morning was a challenge but hey we are in this for reasons. I am starting to turn the bend on being hit by a truck. Waiting for the tight pants and tiger blood.. Hope everyone had a strong weekend.
  13. August 14th Start Date

    Happy Day 7 indeed. I am still struggling to find a good balanced breakfast due to my egg allergy . But other than that things are looking pretty on par. 7 days sticking to a plan this has been the first in a looooong time. Thank you for your support.
  14. August 14th Start Date

    Day 6 Friends we made it to this.!!!. I was so proud about walking away from Soy latte at Starbucks. Hope everyone has a good day. The evening eat everything in sight mindlessly is very much in check. Rottiegirl2017 and BecomingBrooklynn Thank you for sharing your recipes
  15. DC Friends: CAVA Grill on Whole30

    This post has made my day!!!! THANK YOU lauren5021 NeedAllTheFries