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  1. SeeRoxGo

    Guar gum sensitivity

    Has anyone (else) discovered that guar gum (GG) doesn't agree with their system? I'm on Day 25 and, while l do have microscopic colitis, l had thought/hoped clean eating would alleviate the symptoms... so l kept waiting for the digestive distress phase of the plan to go away. Which it did not do. In fact, without getting graphic, it got a little worse. I was afraid it was the coffee, then maybe the kombucha. Then (somewhere) l read where GG could be a problem for some folks. I stopped putting Nutpods in my coffee yesterday morning, and, BOOM!, today l've not had to plan my schedule around a quickly-accessible bathroom. {whew!} ... Have other 30ers had a similar experience?
  2. Today begins Day 8 for me, had my first food dream last night. What's interesting, though, is that when (in my dream, of course!) l chewed that first bite of salad and detected the crunch of corn chips, l spit out the mouthful into my napkin...l got rid of the offending food without ingesting it! Plus, l declined a bowl of creamy broccoli soup. I'm thrilled to see that my determination to stick to the program is manifesting itself even in my slumbers....
  3. Hello...l'm a newbie, not really familiar with posting on forums, but l'm SOOO excited about the food that was delivered this morning and just now stashed in the freezer, l had to say SOMEthing!---like, "Thank you Whole30 and Premade Paleo!" The stress of planning and shopping and cooking is g.o.n.e. ... Gives new meaning to the phrase "Food Freedom" in my world. I'm in a happy place.
  4. SeeRoxGo

    Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hello...l just turned 60 and decided I wanted to know what my body feels like when it's healthy. Today is my first Whole30 day. I'm excited about the changes l'm going to see, and the self-knowledge to be gained, but apprehensive about the blood sugar crashes and hunger pains l know are in my future. Rather than making them "go away", as per usual, my intention is to be observant. And to not bite the heads off of people around me during those times!