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  1. Quick Broccoli Salad with a kick

    I went to go make broccoli salad today and realized my homemade mayo had gone bad. Since I don't use mayo on much, I really didn't want to make another batch (even though it's fast and easy). I had bought Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo when I first started back in August and never tried it. I figured what the heck and ran with it. Super Fast, 3 ingredients and yummy...... Broccoli Florets (I used about 2 cups) Shredded Carrots (I used about 1/2 cup and bought them pre-shredded from the grocery store) Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo (I used a heaping tsp) Throw everything in a bowl, mix and enjoy. The Chipotle mayo gives a little kick and nice flavor.
  2. 9/13 Start

    Hi @A Man Duh! I'm glad to be here. I enjoy communicating with others going through the process - keeps me focused, accountable, gives me an outlet to share, and I genuinely love hearing others stories, successes, and challenges. It is a bit hard to share too much at home as it seems those who don't go through the process don't quite understand. My husband is "supportive" in his own way, but it's just different. I'm sorry your tummy is upset and I hope it passes soon. I think I had caught a bit of a bug at the show (one of my coworkers ended up not feeling well either and we didn't eat the same foods). That is great that your husband is going through this with you - even if he is tweaking it a little bit. Prep is absolutely key. A big lifesaver I found was to find and prepare one crock pot meal a week (I have Paleo Beef Chili with Sweet Potato in the crock pot right now). These typically make a ton and provide lots of leftovers. Why am I continuing........the short answer is: I'm not missing anything and would really like to just continue to eat like this for good. The long answer is: I kinda went into this thinking that I would really like to do a Whole 90. I started with the commitment to complete a Whole30. I've never done this before, had heard great stories and some people say that they "hated every second" so I wasn't too sure how I would handle it. That and 30 days brought me to my daughter's bday and the tradeshow I had to attend so I figured if I needed to eat something non-compliant, at least I would've finished 30 days. I also figured that starting with 30 days and going from there gave me baby steps and achievable goals (not to mention it gave my family time to adapt to my new eating style without freaking them out). When I was coming to the end of my Whole30, I knew I was going to commit to extend to a Whole 60. This time around I am keeping a complete diary on my workouts, meals, etc. There are still things I need to learn and understand about foods and nourishing my body appropriately, so I believe tracking that will help. Then as long as I am still not missing anything, I'll extend to a Whole90. Extending to a Whole90 will bring me to right before Thanksgiving - which is my longer-term goal. My thoughts are that this will give me a really good, strong foundation going into the holidays. We host Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve so I can still have Whole30 compliant dishes (in addition to the family favorites) which will definitely help through the holidays (I hope!). Until I really dug into this program, I never quite understood the Sugar Dragon and the real need to eliminate foods to get rid of cravings and develop better habits. And until I read It Starts With Food, I didn't know how various foods affected hormones and my body - boy was that enlightening! I am hoping that extending to a Whole90 will help avoid my ingrained bad habits from sneaking back up and after that, stick as close to "WholeXX" as possible, only re-introducing foods that I really, REALLY want. WHEW......that was long, sorry!
  3. 9/13 Start

    Hi @A Man Duh - I went directly into my "second" Whole 30 on the 13th (also my daughter's 13th birthday). Last week was tough for me as Tuesday and Wednesday I had very long days in SF for a tradeshow. I stayed with compliant foods, but my plates weren't always 100% on template. Worse, Thursday night something didn't agree with me and I've had an upset stomach ever since. I think I'm starting to feel better (seems like every time I say that, I wake up feeling like crud again). Even with the upset tummy, I am keeping my foods compliant - not always hitting template, but at least when I can eat, I'm doing my best and staying compliant so I'd call that good given my circumstances. It's Day 5 -- how are you holding up? Did you get the hangover or want to kill all things? In my first round, I followed the expectation timeline pretty closely - it was almost eerie. It must be tough with a toddler. I have a 13 year old and 15 year old along with my husband - none of whom are doing this with me. I cook most dinners (and when my husband does, he keeps my stuff compliant). I thought it would be more difficult as I wasn't exactly able to "clear the pantry" and we have had some really NON-compliant foods and snacks around during my entire journey.
  4. August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

    @BecomingBrooklynn - GREAT JOB!! Not just in your Whole 30, but in everything you've been doing. You should be proud of yourself. Your work and dedication to yourself is paying off in spades (and a new wardrobe or two!). Are you enjoying CrossFit?
  5. August 14th Start Date

    I started a thread for us, hopefully this link works:
  6. Hi All - Let's continue to share our successes, stresses, and Post Whole 30 journey here. For me, I am not missing anything or craving anything so I plan to continue my Whole 30 and as I think I've mentioned before, ideally, I would like to extend it to Whole 90. A Whole 90 will bring me to right before Thanksgiving and I feel that will give me a really good foundation going into the holidays to help avoid my ingrained bad habits from sneaking back up. It should also help me experience more new foods, cooking methods, etc that I can incorporate into the holiday menu's since we host Thanksgiving and Xmas Eve =) . I will start with the commitment to extend my Whole 30 to a Whole 60 (small, realistic, attainable goals - wasn't there something in one of the books about that??). For this next “round” (which I rolled right into, no breaks) I created a spreadsheet to more closely track food, moods, etc. I think this may help me see if potatoes really bother me, what could it be that triggers me to feel the need for snacks between meals some days, etc. As long as I am still not feeling deprived when my Whole 60 is done, I will extend to Whole 90 and go from there. I will eventually slow roll re-introductions but only when there is something that is really WORTH it . My First Round NSV’s: Sleep pattern back to normal – fall asleep easily and wake up before my alarm My stomach feels less bloated Jean shorts and work pants are fitting much more comfortably I didn’t have cramps or backaches when I got my period (we’ll see if this continues – one time is interesting, but let’s see if the trend continues) I found that it didn’t bother me not eat dairy, sugar, carbs, gluten, legumes, or drink wine. I never felt deprived nor did I feel the “urge” to eat anything that wasn’t compliant. I was surprised (like REALLY surprised) that I didn’t MISS any non-compliant food groups, especially dairy and wine My taste buds changed…….I actually like some salt (some, not much, but some), tomatoes are awesome, and sautéed kale topped with an over easy egg is the BOMB breakfast Most days, 3 meals a day is fine, occasionally I need a boost – I know I need to track to see if there are reasons for that I feel more in control of my emotions – I can feel myself getting irritated and can control it and/or bite my tongue when before I wouldn’t/couldn’t I find myself paying attention to everything I eat, not obsessing, but being aware, consciously CHOOSING what I eat – and I’m enjoying that I feel in control of food – no mindless eating, no eating something because it’s offered, because its there (not even my favorite Safeway Cranberry Oatmeal cookies my hubby bought) or everyone else is eating it I’m still amazed at how much hidden sugar is out there I think I may be sensitive to regular potatoes – white, red, fingerling. I had a couple of upset tummies during my W30 and I think they all were after I ate potatoes (not sweet potatoes). I need to experiment with that more and see. I think I need to add more salt to my foods (my muscles have been achy and more sore than normal during the day – especially after workouts) As for the scale – it went down almost 5 lbs (129.8 – 125). How do I feel? Content with that number – it’s about average for what I normally experience when I focus on nutrition, especially when combined with my workouts. Would I have liked that number to be different – absolutely. Am I disappointed – not really. Can I say the weight loss was all due to my Whole 30? Absolutely not. I’ve seen those numbers following Weight Watchers, working out and following Beachbody eating programs, etc. Same goes for my stomach feeling less bloated and my cloths fitting better. As for sleep pattern, I’m back to my “internal clock” – starting my Whole 30 coincided with my schedule getting back to normal (kids back in school) so although maybe it might have had something to do with my sleep patterns, I cannot say my sleep patterns were due to my Whole 30. I am happy with what I have learned (and continue to learn) and am happy with the changes I am making, how I am feeling, and the overall results from my Whole 30.
  7. August 14th Start Date

    Anyone want to keep this thread going in the Post Whole-30 section of the Forum?
  8. August 14th Start Date

    Continuing my journey........anyone else??? I had two VERY long days for work at a trade show Tuesday and Wednesday. 2 - 3 meals a day away from home and I was able to stick with W30 compliant foods. Feels good to be more aware of what I am nourishing my body with and not "mindlessly" snacking/eating. The candy and chocolates out on booth tables and offered to me by my principals were easy to say "no thank you" to, I never felt deprived or out of place drinking Peligrino and water instead of wine at evening events, and black coffee at restaurants isn't great, but bearable when I was exhausted and needed a jolt of caffiene. It would have been VERY easy to "have to" eat off my plan - I could have come up with many "reasons" to do so but CHOSE not to. I chose to stay compliant and it wasn't that hard - challenging, but not impossible. That being said, I'm wondering if something I ate had some sneaky ingredient I wasn't aware of because I have had a serious upset stomach since about 8pm last night - it was no fun having to rush out on conversations with customers to run to the gender neutral bathroom a few times last night.
  9. August 14th Start Date

    We did it!!! Day 31. Stayed food compliant yesterday even with the crazy conference schedule. Wasn't able to stay on target with veggies and W30 "plate" but managed to find carved turkey breast (only salt/pepper) for lunch. Added a banana and 2 skimpy pieces of romaine and a couple pieces of tomatoes (that's what they gave me - sandwich minus bread). Didn't exactly get dinner. We had a dinner meeting, but the "happy hour" went until after 7:30 (I drank Peligrino with lemon) so we opted out of the dinner to head home. I had my reserve RX bar on my drive home and hit the sack about 30 minutes after I made it to my house. Up at 4:30 today, out the door shortly and another long day. Congrats all!
  10. August 14th Start Date

    Day 30!!! The next 2 days are going to be a little rough for me, but I'll figure it out. Long days at a trade show with customer lunches, dinners, and add a breakfast to that tomorrow.
  11. August 14th Start Date

    Day 29! How's everyone doing?
  12. August 14th Start Date

    @superj5976 - I'm with you on the slight headaches lately and feeling tired (I actually took a 2 hour nap yesterday). Along with that, my muscles just feel tired and achy. I can't contribute that to my workouts because I was working out before my W30 with no issues. I read somewhere that achy muscles/legs may have to do with lower sodium. I am not a salt eater so that could be my issue - I do not add a lot of salt to anything - never have.
  13. August 14th Start Date

    I have to admit, for the first time during my W30, I was NOT looking forward to breakfast this morning. My kale was nasty (damn Safeway) so I had to scrounge for veggies to have with my eggs. I had some leftover broccoli and figured, some veggies are better than none. I was ready to just eat it, thinking I wouldn't really enjoy it) . Well I have to say, DAMN it was GOOD. Quick omelet made with: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, broccoli, and avocado with Tapatio. I'm impressed. (I know, I know - I should eat the entire egg - all 3 of them but I just cannot stomach that much egg yolk so I have to modify that "rule"). @BecomingBrooklynn - GREAT JOB and awesome that you can see and feel results! Where do you find your dried cherries? I haven't been able to find compliant cranberries or raisins =( . I have been on this journey alone at home as well. I make most of the dinners so they are compliant (although there are some additions or subtractions made for the other members of my family - my older daughter is a vegetarian so no meat for her), but breakfasts & lunches for the kids are still the pretty normal kid lunches I've made for them (not totally unhealthy, but not 100% W30 compliant) and as for hubby, well who knows what he eats for breakfast and lunch. I've managed around the "snack" foods that have never left the house and am proud to say, I have not been tempted by them. In fact, during my journey so far, I have only had one RX bar and that was because I hadn't had dinner and was at the high school football games - my daughter performs at both the JV and Varsity games we we were there by 4:30 not home until about 10pm. I had both an RX bar and a compliant LARA bar with me and decided the LARA bar felt too much like a snack (my mind was looking at it like a sweet treat/candy bar) so I decided on the RX bar. That LARA bar is still in my purse by the way as are the 4 others and couple other RX bars that I stashed in cupboard for emergencies. 4 more days to go to complete this W30. Anyone planning on continuing to a W45, W60 or beyond? Ideally, I would like to extend to W90 which will bring me up to just before Thanksgiving.
  14. August 14th Start Date

    Day #26 - how is everyone doing? Awful quiet ......... everyone still staying compliant? Only 4 more days - we got this!!!
  15. Pacific Catch - can someone advise on these dishes?

    Thanks SugarcubeOD - I figured I was missing something (or six).