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  1. Rottiegirl2017

    August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

    I learned that macadamia nuts were a psychologically not so good food for me earlier in my journey. This week, I have realized that cashews fall in that category too (I had a sneaky suspicion, but confirmed it this week). I just cannot buy them - they are like crack for me. I think about them and just want them when they are in the house. Like the "Lay's Potato Chip" commercial - "I can't have just one." I find this rather insane as throughout this entire journey, we have had candy, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, and wine in the house and NONE of it phased me. But the macadamia nuts and now cashews??? Nope. They affect me. They are "compliant" foods with no brakes food for me; which I guess makes them "non-compliant" for me.
  2. Rottiegirl2017

    August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

    Holy smokes! Yesterday I was filling in my tracker (I'm still tracking meals/moods/etc) and noticed that it was DAY #30 of my 3rd round of Whole 30! I have eaten whole, compliant foods (no gluten, dairy, legumes, grains, added sugars, alcohol, or baked goods, junk foods, or treats made with “approved” ingredients) for 90 days! Add to that, throughout that entire 90 days I have only had at most 3 RX bars (I can think of 2), 1 LARA bar, and 1 mini Lara bar (all approved and compliant and the mini I literally had yesterday on Day 30) and only in emergency situations. I have to say, it feels great and I don't miss anything (yet) - shockingly, not dairy, breads, sweets ... or even wine!! I thought I would end up eating more RX or Lara bars but have really tried to keep those ONLY for emergencies (not eating them to replace a "snacky" food) and have done just that. In the last month or so, my husband has joined me, in part, in this new way of eating. He's modified for himself - so he's avoiding diary, grains, legumes, limiting sugar, processed foods, and gluten (he refuses to give up his beer and did have a few pieces of Halloween candy and doesn't fret over menus when we go out to eat - he's even become patient with all my questions and modifications to my orders). His breakfasts are compliant (he quickly started exploring "non-egg" dishes, me, I still have eggs pretty much daily). Dinners at home are made fully W30 compliant (I do most of the cooking and when he cooks, he is asks about everything and will only use items he 100% KNOWS I will consume - even down to the dried spices in our cabinet). And lunches, unless he goes out, are compliant as he is partaking in dinner leftovers. I'm still learning a lot about myself and am healing my relationship with food. I will continue on this journey and when the time comes, where I really want something and feel it will be worth it, I'll reintroduce. Until I then, I'm very comfortable with how things are moving along.
  3. Rottiegirl2017


    I thought cheese would be the hardest thing as well and I was pleasantly surprised that it really wasn't that bad. My recommendation: Focus on what you will be eating - and enjoy it!! When needed, take a deep breathe, remember why you are doing this and take it one day, one meal at a time. You can do this.
  4. Rottiegirl2017

    Started today! Whole 60

    Congrats on your W58 and making the conscious, deliberate decision to enjoy some non-compliant yummies! Huge congrats on your associated weight loss with the program - it's pretty darn amazing!! I am on my 3rd (back-to-back) round, day 73 if you want to look at it that way. I started my first W30 on 8/14, rolled right into a W60 and then extended to W90. Getting to a W90 was my ultimate goal (to get me close to Thanksgiving). My mindset was to start with a W30 and then extend each month depending on how I felt. I had no experience with this program prior and had heard some people really hated it; others loved it. I figured at the end each 30 days if there was something I really wanted/missed, I could always start reintro's. So far, I haven't missed anything enough to want to introduce it.
  5. Rottiegirl2017

    Extending my Whole30......need some insight

    Thank you @SugarcubeOD. Apologies I thought I responded, but see I did is how I had started to respond back then: Typically, my breakfast more than fills me up and holds me over until lunch (I also typically eat a boiled egg post workout). Since my workouts are typically 30 - 40 minutes and include cardio/strength training, I don't feel they require a full post workout meal so when combined with my breakfast, I'm getting in 2 full eggs and 2 egg whites along with veggies, coconut milk (in my coffee) and avocado. Probably not ideal timing-wise, but this combo works for my schedule (and my stomach) as it allows me to get a little something in my tummy, then get the kids ready, out the door and to school, and allow me to take the time to enjoy my "real" breakfast. Most of the time I had broccoli with the chili as I like to put the chili on top of the broccoli. There was one night I only had chili - I've got to say, it was a pretty hearty chili but I hear you and was aware of my lack of veggies on that day. The snacking thing - I had a serious craving for bananas and the nectarines I had in the house. I had started double workouts and figure there was something I needed in them so I went with it. The potatoes only for dinner were due to being out and at my daughter's football games - their snack shack offers baked potatoes (i skip the fixings and they do not put butter on them when they bake them) so I figured those were better than eating a LARA or Rx bar and much more satisfying. Those days, I'm typically running from meetings home, pick up my younger daughter for tennis, then straight to whatever field my older daughter is cheering at and not home until 9:30 or 10pm. I can update this to say that the last football game I had run right to, I was able to take a detour (hubby took my younger daughter to tennis) and swing by Panera and picked up a Cobb Salad (sans bacon and dressing) - WIN!!! Since my initial post/missed reply, I've completed two back-to-back rounds (Whole30, extended to Whole60) and am now 4 days into (my extended) Whole90. My goal starting was to extend to a Whole90 but I wanted to take it in baby steps, evaluating how I felt at the end of each 30 days. I have not missed anything terribly and have had no any desire to see if any non-compliant foods are worth it. I have been slowly increasing meal sizes and calories are coming up. Since I've continued double workouts, some days require more food (snack) and I go with it; there are also some days where dinner is really late and again, I'll have a small snack to hold me over. I have decided macadamia nuts can be a FWNB food for me ......I will have 5 or 6 to add some fat to my day and find myself meandering back for a few more (now that they are gone, I will not be buying them anymore). Cashews are close. I eat TONS of broccoli, Kale, and Spinach (these seem to be my staple veggies) and am still NOT. TIRED. OF. EGGS (sorry , couldn't resist). I'm still tracking my meals and am including times, workouts/times, and feelings/symptoms/etc. to see how everything is working (ie: starchy veggies/Sweet Potato at lunch seems to make me hungrier during the day; grapes with breakfast seem to make me "snacky", etc.). SugarcubeOD - thank you for always taking the time to respond to questions and provide your insightful observations and recommendations. I am sure you get tons of the same stuff over and over and can only imagine how exhausting that can be.
  6. Rottiegirl2017

    My Whole30 starts today, and my hopes are up!

    @Annalisa Hooper - I have also fought my weight all of my life (and have some sad, deep-rooted weight/body issues from childhood). I also can relate to the late miscarriage - I was about your age when I had mine. I was pregnant with my second child and at 12 weeks found I had miscarried. I was devastated, depressed, and also went down the emotional eating path. Please remember that the loss of your angel is not a reflection of you or anything you did. It's awesome that you want to get your body and your mind healthy and in a happier place before you go down that path again. I would disagree with you about your commitment ability - look at what you have accomplished: grad school, previously lost 90lbs and you ran a marathon! I would say you have all the ability to commit and succeed. You can do this. As Melissa says, "take it one bite at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time" if you need to. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. You WILL do this.
  7. Rottiegirl2017

    August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

    My Whole30 that extended to a Whole60 finished up yesterday and I am officially moving into my Whole90 today. The second "round" of Whole30 I coordinated with T25 Beta and 21DFx workouts (I was doing T25 Alpha phase in my first Whole30 round). Results from these past 30 days - down 4.5lbs. So, from the beginning of my Whole30 journey, that's just under 10lbs for 60 days (pretty much 4 1/2 lbs/per month). My measuring tape has disappeared (I'm sure my kids took it and it's SOMEWHERE in this house) so I can't technically comment on inches for this round. When I took measurements last week (10/7 - official finish of 21DFx), I was down another 1/2" in my waist and -1/2" in my hips. Total inches from 9/13 - 10/7: -1" upper chest, -1" lower chest, -2.5" waist, -1.5" hips. I didn't measure my arms or legs. Nourishing my body better has absolutely had a direct impact on all of my numbers. This is something I know, but seems like always need to be reminded.......I cannot out exercise a crappy diet.
  8. Rottiegirl2017

    August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

    Holy Day 60!!! Yes, today is Day 60 of my extended Whole30. I started this adventure hoping to make it through 30 days, but ideally making it 90 (90 days brings me close to Thanksgiving). I figured I would take it one 30 day session at a time and I here I am on Day 60. I do not foresee any issues getting to 90 (and it will be helpful to have "rules" through Halloween - LOL. Willpower, but the rules help the willpower).
  9. Rottiegirl2017

    August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

    Day 58 and going great. Whole 30 extended to Whole 60 almost completed! Going strong and still planning to extend again to Whole 90.
  10. Rottiegirl2017

    Extending my Whole30......need some insight

    Let's see if this works...... Date Post Workout Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Feelings/Comments/Reflections/etc 9/18/17 6am: Hard boiled egg white, 1/2 yolk, coffee /coconut milk 8:15am: 1 egg/2 egg white omelet w/sauteed spinach, kale & avocado, grapes, 12:25pm: Grass fed burger on romaine leaves, 1C Quick brocolli salad (full: 2 cup brocolli 1/2C cut carrots, 1TBSP Primal Kitchen Chipotle Mayo) 5:15pm: 1C Paleo Beef Chili w/sweet potato, 1C steamed broccoli, 1/8 avocado, 4 almonds 4:15pm: bananna Woke up feeling better! No issues after breakfast. Started second workout, added Chisel Abs. Workouts felt good. Used 10 & 8 lb weights for Plyo Fix Extreme. Got Paleo beef chili with sweet potato into crock pot. 9/19/17 6:15am: Hard boiled egg white, 1/4 yolk, coffee /coconut milk 8:20am: Kale Breakfast salad (1 1/2C Sauteed Kale with 2 fried eggs + 1 egg white, 1/8 avocado) 12:30: 1C Paleo Beef Chili w/sweet potato, 1C steamed broccoli, peach, 10 almonds 6:30: Grilled Chipotle Chicken breast, romaine lettace, grape tomatoes, banana 4pm: carrots with 1/4tsp of chiipotle lime mayo Tummy issues seem to be gone. Core Cardio this morning was rough, legs were sore - I think I need to figure out how to add more salt to my diet. Hungry 3/3:30 - had some carrots; backache - started period late evening 9/20/17 6:15am: Hard boiled egg white, coffee /coconut milk 8:10am: Kale Breakfast salad (1 1/2C Sauteed Kale with 2 fried eggs + 1 egg white, 1/8 avocado) 12:30: 1C Paleo Beef Chili w/sweet potato, 1C steamed broccoli, La Croix Peach-Pear Sparkling Water 7:45: Grilled Chipotle Chicken breast, 1 C cauliflower fried rice 4:20: nectarine & 10 almonds Good day. Slight backache in the evening. 9/21/17 6:20am: Hard boiled egg white, coffee /coconut milk 8:10am: avocado omelet: 2 egg whites, 1 egg, 1/5 avocado w/tapatio, mini cucumber & baby carrots 7:45: Grilled Chipotle Chicken breast, 1 C cauliflower fried rice 6:30: 1C Paleo Beef Chili w/sweet potato, 1C cauliflower rice, .1/6 avocado, swoodles 3pm: nectarine, swoodles Hungry a lot of the afternoon; snacked on swoodles. 9/22/17 6:20am: Hard boiled egg white, coffee /coconut milk 8:10am: avocado omelet: 2 egg whites, 1 egg, 1/5 avocado w/tapatio, mini cucumber & baby carrots Chopped salad with grilled chicken, 10 almonds Baked potatoe with salt & pepper Banana Meetings in Concord, kid Tennis lesson, football game. Didn't get time to get afternoon workouts in =( 9/23/17 n/a 1 boiled egg, 1 boiled egg white, banana, Starbucks unsweetened Green Tea Cobb salad with grilled chicken (late lunch at Mall - CPK) 1C Paleo Beef Chili w/sweet potato, 1/8 avocado afternoon: banana, 10 almonds; evening: banana Busy day shopping for homecoming dress (11am - 5pm) 9/24/17 n/a Banana, scrambled eggs, coffee w/coconut milk Coconut Cream Lara Bar on way to bathe dogs (hornets got my salad on our hike) Ground turkey, fire roasted tomatoes, roasted baby peppers, 12 almonds, La Crouix Sparkling Water 2 baby cucumbers, GT Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha Busy day, 3 mile hike with family, took dogs for bath, grocery shopping. 9/25/17 6:20am: Hard boiled egg white, coffee /coconut milk 8:10am: Kale Breakfast salad (1 1/2C Sauteed Kale with 1 fried eggs + 2 egg whites, 1/8 avocado) 1pm: 1.5C steamed broccoli, 1 C Paleo Beef Chili w/sweet potato, 1/8 avocado, 1 nectarine 7pm: Grilled balsamic chicken, roasted sliced sweet potatoe 4:20pm: banana, 6 almonds 9/26/17 6:45am: coffee /coconut milk, hard boiled egg, Banana 9:45am: Kale Breakfast salad (1 1/2C Sauteed Kale with 1 fried eggs + 2 egg whites, 1/8 avocado) 1:10pm: Grilled balsamic chicken, roasted sliced sweet potatoe, baby cucumber 7pm: Grilled spicy pork chop, cauliflower mash potatoes, 1tsp Ghee 7:45pm: banana Dropped off kids, came home, washed car. Breakfast after. 9/27/17 6:45am: coffee /coconut milk, hard boiled egg 8:10am: 1 egg, 2 egg white omelet with baby kale, avocado, and Tapatio 12:10pm: 10 almonds; 1pm: Blueberry RX Bar 6pm: Grilled spicy pork chop, cauliflower mash potatoes, 1tsp Ghee 3:50: Nectarine; 7pm: banana Lunch meeting in WC - didn't eat sandwiches or salad provided (salad had candied walnuts & cranberries), cramps/backache 1:30 - 3:30pm 9/28/17 6:45am: coffee /coconut milk, banana 8:20am: Kale Breakfast salad (1 1/2C Sauteed Kale with 1 fried eggs + 2 egg whites, 1/8 avocado) 1:30pm: Grilled spicy pork chop, cauliflower mash potatoes, 1tsp Ghee, baked sweetpotato chips 6pm: Chicken Apple Sausage, 1 1/2 Cup sauteed zucchini & yellow squash, 1C grapes took each dog for a walk around the big blocks this evening (total roughly 2 miles). 9/29/17 6:45am: coffee /coconut milk 8:20am: Kale Breakfast salad (1 1/2C Sauteed Kale with 1 fried eggs + 2 egg whites, 1/8 avocado) 1:15pm: Chicken Apple Sausage, 1 1/2 Cup sauteed zucchini & yellow squash, 1C grapes 7pm: Plain baked potato, 6 almonds 2:15pm: baked sweet potato chips football game - had a baked potato at the field for dinner; bit of an upset stomach (cramping) in the evening….really thinking white potatoes do not agree with me.
  11. Let me start with, I know that the Whole30 discourages weighing, measuring, tracking food (and aside of your before/after 30 day weight/measurements and discourages the scale and measuring tape). It focuses on whole foods and listening to your body - and is really focused on healthy food choices, changing your relationship with food, and overall health. I fully understand that the reasoning behind this is that when you focus on the scale, you are more likely to start to try and cut corners (ie: eat less, eat less fat, etc) to see the result on scale rather than see the overall benefit eating more healthy foods has to your overall health......the goal is to untie yourself from numbers and give you FREEDOM. And that makes sense. I did that for the first 30 days. When I extended my W30, I started a speadsheet to track what I was eating (along with workouts) because there are certain W30 compliant foods I think I've realized don't necessarily agree with me (hello white potatoes) so I figured keeping a detailed "diary" would be beneficial. Then I decided to start tracking back in MFP so I could see where I'm hitting calorie and macro-wise. I had seen numerous posts about how many people tend to undereat on W30 -- I have a terrible history with that -- AND many posts where people are seeking advice and moderators are asking them to list exactly what they have been eating and portions. Now that I've started logging my meals/snacks into MFP, I'm seeing that there are days I am not hitting my calorie "goals" which are modestly set at 1200/day - and realistically, may be low to begin with. I'm not sure if maybe I'm not logging correctly or what (I don't measure/weigh everything, but I think I'm pretty good at guesstimating). I do pay close attention to how I feel in workouts (I do Beachbody workouts Mon - Fri) and can usually tell when I'm not properly fueled so I am a bit torn on how much I should focus on the "numbers" vs. listening to my body. Thoughts, advice??
  12. Rottiegirl2017

    Quick Broccoli Salad with a kick

    I went to go make broccoli salad today and realized my homemade mayo had gone bad. Since I don't use mayo on much, I really didn't want to make another batch (even though it's fast and easy). I had bought Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo when I first started back in August and never tried it. I figured what the heck and ran with it. Super Fast, 3 ingredients and yummy...... Broccoli Florets (I used about 2 cups) Shredded Carrots (I used about 1/2 cup and bought them pre-shredded from the grocery store) Primal Kitchens Chipotle Lime Mayo (I used a heaping tsp) Throw everything in a bowl, mix and enjoy. The Chipotle mayo gives a little kick and nice flavor.
  13. Rottiegirl2017

    9/13 Start

    Hi @A Man Duh! I'm glad to be here. I enjoy communicating with others going through the process - keeps me focused, accountable, gives me an outlet to share, and I genuinely love hearing others stories, successes, and challenges. It is a bit hard to share too much at home as it seems those who don't go through the process don't quite understand. My husband is "supportive" in his own way, but it's just different. I'm sorry your tummy is upset and I hope it passes soon. I think I had caught a bit of a bug at the show (one of my coworkers ended up not feeling well either and we didn't eat the same foods). That is great that your husband is going through this with you - even if he is tweaking it a little bit. Prep is absolutely key. A big lifesaver I found was to find and prepare one crock pot meal a week (I have Paleo Beef Chili with Sweet Potato in the crock pot right now). These typically make a ton and provide lots of leftovers. Why am I continuing........the short answer is: I'm not missing anything and would really like to just continue to eat like this for good. The long answer is: I kinda went into this thinking that I would really like to do a Whole 90. I started with the commitment to complete a Whole30. I've never done this before, had heard great stories and some people say that they "hated every second" so I wasn't too sure how I would handle it. That and 30 days brought me to my daughter's bday and the tradeshow I had to attend so I figured if I needed to eat something non-compliant, at least I would've finished 30 days. I also figured that starting with 30 days and going from there gave me baby steps and achievable goals (not to mention it gave my family time to adapt to my new eating style without freaking them out). When I was coming to the end of my Whole30, I knew I was going to commit to extend to a Whole 60. This time around I am keeping a complete diary on my workouts, meals, etc. There are still things I need to learn and understand about foods and nourishing my body appropriately, so I believe tracking that will help. Then as long as I am still not missing anything, I'll extend to a Whole90. Extending to a Whole90 will bring me to right before Thanksgiving - which is my longer-term goal. My thoughts are that this will give me a really good, strong foundation going into the holidays. We host Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve so I can still have Whole30 compliant dishes (in addition to the family favorites) which will definitely help through the holidays (I hope!). Until I really dug into this program, I never quite understood the Sugar Dragon and the real need to eliminate foods to get rid of cravings and develop better habits. And until I read It Starts With Food, I didn't know how various foods affected hormones and my body - boy was that enlightening! I am hoping that extending to a Whole90 will help avoid my ingrained bad habits from sneaking back up and after that, stick as close to "WholeXX" as possible, only re-introducing foods that I really, REALLY want. WHEW......that was long, sorry!
  14. Rottiegirl2017

    9/13 Start

    Hi @A Man Duh - I went directly into my "second" Whole 30 on the 13th (also my daughter's 13th birthday). Last week was tough for me as Tuesday and Wednesday I had very long days in SF for a tradeshow. I stayed with compliant foods, but my plates weren't always 100% on template. Worse, Thursday night something didn't agree with me and I've had an upset stomach ever since. I think I'm starting to feel better (seems like every time I say that, I wake up feeling like crud again). Even with the upset tummy, I am keeping my foods compliant - not always hitting template, but at least when I can eat, I'm doing my best and staying compliant so I'd call that good given my circumstances. It's Day 5 -- how are you holding up? Did you get the hangover or want to kill all things? In my first round, I followed the expectation timeline pretty closely - it was almost eerie. It must be tough with a toddler. I have a 13 year old and 15 year old along with my husband - none of whom are doing this with me. I cook most dinners (and when my husband does, he keeps my stuff compliant). I thought it would be more difficult as I wasn't exactly able to "clear the pantry" and we have had some really NON-compliant foods and snacks around during my entire journey.
  15. Rottiegirl2017

    August 14 start, finish, continue, re-intro

    @BecomingBrooklynn - GREAT JOB!! Not just in your Whole 30, but in everything you've been doing. You should be proud of yourself. Your work and dedication to yourself is paying off in spades (and a new wardrobe or two!). Are you enjoying CrossFit?