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  1. Melissa123

    Day 22 and Still Unsure

    Update: jcmbn, you were right: I completed the Whole30 about a week ago and weighed myself on Sunday and I hadn't gained weight. I had lost two pounds, which isn't much, but I definitely didn't gain weight! I cut out the cauliflower and broccoli and most nuts (occasionally have a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds in salad) after your last response. I still have some coconut oil and coconut milk occasionally, but not as much as before. I eat some apple and celery also daily. Still have muffin top, but I think I'm just aware of it more since starting the Whole30 because I'm more aware of my body in general. I have no digestive discomfort whatever and I seemed to be doing well in that area. But I've decided to continue with the Whole30 as I didn't start to feel good until the very very end. I did have a teaspoon of honey with apple for Rosh Hashanah for a "sweet year", so restarting over from yesterday. Thanks for your help!
  2. Melissa123

    Day 22 and Still Unsure

    Hi again jmcbn, I have a quick question, on the whole 30 FODMaps shopping list. It lists coconut milk, butter, etc. As good fats. Wondering why you said these were not helpful? Also, they list some nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts... But you said to cut back on nuts.,. If no nuts or coconut milk, there aren't any sources of good fats besides cooking fats (except maybe olives but really, every meal?). And I feel when I did eat a lot of those nuts, I had a tendency to eat too much, thus the weight gain. I have cut back on nuts, and the seed butter in the sunshine sauce. Still feel over weight but better. I'm wondering if I don't have bloat. I don't have any intestinal issues.... did cut back next cauliflower for the last few days because I ran out. But I've been eating broccoli slaw because I still had to finish that! I have actually felt awesome energy wise! And mood wise! Just wish my clothes weren't so tight! So I'm wondering if I do a stricter FODMaps plan for awhile what fats should I eat? ? And how long should I try it? Until I notice anything? What if I don't notice anything different? Thanks so much for your insight.
  3. Melissa123

    Day 22 and Still Unsure

    Thanks so much for your advice. I will have to play around with this....! It will be hard to not eat cauliflower! But the reason I've been eating so much is because when I cook it, I'm the only one in the house who eats it.... So I try to finish things before they get too old. I have eaten celery and apple daily for years. I've been eating a lot of coconut, coconut milk, and nuts recently only after starting the whole 30. But is coconut oil ok? I don't over do it, just curious. I usually cook with ghee and olive oil.
  4. Jmcbn, maybe continue this discussion on my thread/post (Day 22 and Still Unsure in this forum). I feel bad about high jacking this one!! Sorry Marie McCabe! Thanks again, jmcbn!
  5. Yes, I am. I'm trying to follow the meal template as closely as possible. See my post called Day 22 and Still Unsure for break down of meals. I use a lot of fat in cooking and then add a thumb size fat extra to meal, but maybe that's too much, if my cooking includes a lot of different things with added fat (pesto, mayo, sunshine sauce...)
  6. I just saw this. Thank you! I actually did recently post on what I have been eating but not due to bloat. I legitimately have gained fat around my middle since starting the whole 30. I'm in the third week now. I'm wondering if due to my size, I should be eating less. Like kids' sized portions -- I can wear kids clothes because I am small (4'10", weight has fluctuated in past from 98.5 to 105)...…?
  7. I know this has been asked before, and I have read a lot on this forum. But I'm wondering if I could get advice based on my size and what I've been eating. I'm feeling good physically, but nothing dramatic. I was off caffeine and alcohol and sugar before starting the Whole30 for about a week. I think my temperature is hotter, but this could just be due to the weather. I know I have gained a lot of fat. I haven't weighed, measured or anything, but it is obvious from my clothes. If this is what my body needs, OK, I get it. I used to not eat so much last year (I got leaner with the Venus Index program which is strength training and eating 1000 calories for my size for 5-6 days a week and 1350 for the rest), but since January, I've been eating a lot more, not counting calories, and reducing stress, and increasing sleep, and started meditating (and I did gain six pounds). I feel like my metabolism healed. So now, I started the Whole30 to clean up my eating (it was starting to veer into major sugar territory and also a lot of packaged foods and fried foods). But I find myself eating way more than before! Hence the weight gain, probably.... I'm wondering if I'm eating too much. At the beginning of the Whole30, I was snacking on nuts (almonds and macademia nuts) and eating fruits after meals. I've since stopped that for the past two weeks. I still eat some seeds and nuts, but only in recipes (sunshine sauce, pesto, etc.) to get snacky cravings under control. I try to only have fruit as an ingredient in a meal, not as dessert, and not that much. But I STILL seem to be gaining. I could barely take off my ring tonight to mix some meatloaf. And I have muffin top which I didn't have before... Since I'm not very active at the moment, and I'm so small in stature, do you think I should cut back on the food? Maybe starchy carbs? I usually try to limit the yam one after I workout. I usually don't have potatoes all the time... Any insight would be really really appreciated!!!! My background: I'm physically small - 4'10", weight fluctuates between 100-105 lbs (in the past - haven't weighed). I wear kids' sized gloves and socks. 51, female, not very active right now due to a couple injuries. Slowly making my way back to strength training, but had to stop for almost a year. My meals are usually something like recently: PWO: 1/2 deviled egg (made with Whole30 mayo) (every day) WO: simple stretches and body weight movements or light weights (due to a 50% torn elbow tendon sustained last year) for about 45 minutes, walking for about 30 minutes at 3.8 (slightly torn hamstring tendon prevents faster walking/running) (about 6 days a week in the am) ************ B: 2 eggs (I can't hold 3 in one hand), 1/3 roasted yam, a cup of cauliflower rice, sauteed with olive oil and ghee with roasted zucchini, leftover tomato paste, water, couple sips of kombucha. L: celery and carrot sticks with 3 tablespoons sunshine sauce, leftover curry (one palm of meat and a cup of veg with coconut milk, spices, fresh chives and parsley and a 1 1/2 cups cauliflower rice), a couple of slices of banana glass of plain seltzer with collagen powder (for tendons and joints) with some fresh lime juice D: Slow cooker chicken and carrots and potatoes, green beans sauteed with hazelnut rosemary ghee, salad of arugula, chopped apple, cucumbers, carrots, sunshine sauce for dressing. B: 1 1/2 deviled eggs, 1 1/2 cups leftover green beans, 1/3 yam L: Salad of romaine, cucumbers, roasted zucchini, riced cauliflower, cashew pesto, half an avocado, chicken salad made with Whole30 mayo, a couple of pieces of chopped nectarine and white peach (salad was in a huge container) glass of plain seltzer with collagen powder (for tendons and joints) with a 1/4 cup of kombucha D: Riced cauliflower, rest of leftover chicken, rest of curry, green beans, celery and carrots and cucumbers, sunshine sauce Today was: B: 1 egg and 1 white scrambled (had deviled egg before workout) with spinach, last of cauliflower rice, a big dollop of cashew pesto, handful of fresh parsley, L: celery and carrots, sunshine sauce, salad of romaine, cucumbers, chicken salad glass of plain seltzer with collagen powder (for tendons and joints) with a 1/4 cup of kombucha D: will be beef meatloaf with roasted tomatoes, onions, carrots, and potatoes, arugula salad with chopped apple, cucumber, carrot and sunshine sauce thinned with coconut milk *********** Usually we take a leisurely stroll through the park and back (about an hour walk). I take a multi vitamin, wobenzym (for arm but stopped during my antibiotics recently -- I had oral surgery), I drink between 7-8 glasses of water a day ; I salt my food liberally *******
  8. Melissa123


    I feel for you. My husband is the same way. When I first met him 19 years ago, he only ate "brown" food for most of his life. He's addicted to Coke Zero and eats candy all day (not a lot, but after lunch, as a snack, after dinner, etc.) Now, he eats salad every night and some veg. I prepare celery at lunch every day for him. There is no way he would do a Whole 30 with me. But he is supportive. I agree with the above - just try to be a good example and offer him other vegetables. You can't make him do anything, and yes, nagging is not a good path to go down. I cook all the food, and he and my son eat what they want, and I make other things for them to supplement that I don't eat (rice, pasta) and then my husband takes care of the rest. My son also cooks for himself. He is actually not as picky an eater and sometimes he and I eat the Whole 30 meal and my husband fends for himself. It is too stressful trying to "change" someone. I would focus on yourself and welcome him along for the ride, but don't force him if he's resistant (it sounds like he is if he won't read the book). The added stress won't be helpful for you on this journey!
  9. How is it going? I'm curious. I feel I'm gaining weight too. Not sure because I'm not weighing, but I can tell from my clothes and just how I look. It's strange because when I was eating everything, including some junk, I felt less bloated and huge because I was eating less. I'm assuming I'm healthier now.
  10. Melissa123

    Cold sores?

    I also got cold sores right when I was starting this! I'm on day 17 now... I took an L-lysene supplement and it went away pretty quickly. I haven't found a correlation to when I get them. It could be low immunity due to stress or lack of sleep, but I don't remember either this time. All I know is that as soon as I feel one, I take L-lysene, and sometimes if I take it soon enough, it doesn't even fully emerge and goes away in a day or two.
  11. Thanks, Shannon! Yes, I did take the codeine with an egg and some yam that night. I feel much better today. I think it just had to work its way out of my system. I am a small person (between 100 -105 lbs. and 4'10"). I didn't take it again. I was feeling normal by yesterday evening. Luckily I have no pain in my mouth. I'm hoping I am healing faster since I've been nourishing myself so well! I've noticed that as I age, I am more sensitive to alcohol and caffeine. I pretty much cut that out (except vanilla extract) pre-Whole30!
  12. I had to have oral surgery yesterday, and I'm on antibiotics. Yesterday I felt Ok (other than my mouth), and I took a codeine that was prescribed by my doctor for the pain at 11:00 pm and went to bed. I woke up around 7 and felt fine, but then started to get dizzy while checking my phone. I took a wobenzym (plant based enzymes for joints). By the time I had roasted a yam and boiled eggs, I was hungry, so I was planning on eating breakfast. But when I was peeling the eggs, I felt so nauseous and dizzy again, I had to sit down. My sister in law, who is an MD, told me that I should eat something with salt and I should feel better. I had called her because I was worried I shouldn't have taken the wobenzym with the antibiotic and codeine from the night before. But she said it should be fine. So I choked down my breakfast of egg, bone broth, and yam. That's all I could get down. ugh. I had a normal lunch (butternut squash soup with extra beef and onions, spinach, and riced cauliflower with 1/2 avocado, lime juice and fresh herbs). But I've been feeling nauseous ALL day. I'm not taking any more pain meds. My mouth isn't that bad. It's practically been 24 hours. I've never reacted to codeine like this in the past. Or the wobenzym. I'm wondering if I'm more sensitive now that I have been eating so clean - I'm on day 13. Has anyone else had this experience? Also, this is the first time since I started the whole30 that I have cravings. I'm craving plain crackers, bread like things because of the nausea. I feel like I'm in my 1st trimester again! Anyway, haven't given in - just been sipping my water steeped in some fresh ginger. It's not working though...
  13. Melissa123

    Hi! I'm on day 9 but was hesitant to post!

    Yes!! Exactly! It's a choice I'm making, not something I'm being told or forced to do. Also, in the past, problems have arisen when I'm not honest with myself. For example, cutting it sugar to lose weight, rather than health. If I tell myself it's for health but really am doing it in an effort to lose weight, then I am not aligned inside. And that rebellious part taunts the other rule-oriented superego side, and it becomes an internal battle. So much mental energy..... This time, I feel in alignment with my choice and actions.
  14. Melissa123

    Hi! I'm on day 9 but was hesitant to post!

    That's great to know!
  15. Melissa123

    Hi! I'm on day 9 but was hesitant to post!

    Thanks so much! It was definitely a first, that's for sure! Even when I vowed not to overeat in the past, when I tried to be mindful, I was never able to experience it. I always gave in to cravings. Or, when I was pregnant and had pregestational diabetes and was on a similar diet, I felt extremely deprived.