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  1. KatieJaneThomas

    2nd Round Starting Friday

    Hi All, I haven't posted much during my first round because the Forum is so rich, any question I had was already answered. I would love to network though, and get more active in the Forum. I start my second round on Friday, September 15. My first found was pretty good but I made nuts/nut butter/ghee and SWYPO mistakes. All that being said, coming off having 777 consistent days of restriction in My Fitness Pal and doing a Whole30 without tracking or measuring food was a huge victory. I have a small Facebook group of friends doing Whole30 together at various phases. I have not enjoyed my re-introduction week and am read to be eating Whole30 again in the next 2 days.
  2. KatieJaneThomas

    Reintroducing Fatty, Salty, Sugary Treats

    Well, I made a paleo cake last night and had that. It was ENOUGH sugar for me. I do not want to re-introduce sugar at all at this time. So, the prescribed re-introduction it is after all. Funny how that worked out.
  3. KatieJaneThomas

    Reintroducing Fatty, Salty, Sugary Treats

    Thank you so much Ladyshanny for this great response. That is exactly what I thought. I think I will do the measured re-introductions after a second round of Whole30s and for now just tackle some decadent but delicious treats. That's the best thing about this program is how personal it is and how no matter what - no one can do this for us so in the end there's the freedom. Absolute and total freedom. Will definitely take it slow though, I'll tell you that much.
  4. Today is Day 30 of my first Whole30. I definitely want to do some reintroducing even though I love the Whole30 way of eating and will probably eat like this most days from now on. I don't really care much about any of the eliminated food groups enough to want to add them back to my life daily. I'm more interested in: coffee with milk and whipped cream, seasoned french fries with ranch dressing, cake and icing, pralines and cream ice cream. I really just want to see what it would be like to indulge in those 4 treats every once in awhile. And maybe some bread. Does anyone have advice on doing my re-introduction in the context of my "treat foods" rather than the prescribed re-intro method? I don't feel a need at this time to test beans, dairy, gluten, etc. all individually since if I go off plan, it is definitely going to be one of the treats on my list, not a side of peanut butter or beans. If one thing's for sure, I'm NOT adding back sugar on the daily. I will be scouring labels and only indulging when it is delicious. I'm also thinking I want these foods to show up in my life as a nice chance to indulge - I don't want to go out seeking them. So, I plan on being delighted at how all of a sudden something is available as an indulgence and how that makes me feel emotionally as part of the re-introduction process. Thanks for any input people have.