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  1. Generally, yes and yes. When I get sugar-cravings I grab for salty/fatty (chicken stock, olives). Today my salt intake might be down.
  2. Thanks for replying! Breakfast was turkey sausage and mashed sweet potato with almond butter, almond milk, and spices. I ate less than I normally do (1 sausage instead of 2). This incident happened just before lunch. Maybe it was a hunger response? Hunger feels very different on this diet than on my old carb- and sugar-soaked diet.
  3. Hi folks! So it's R1D12 for me (#septemberwhole30) and I'm having a weird day. I got some news today that would normally kind of make me panic and shut down my emotions--the "freeze" response. Instead I got blindsided by a "fight" response and rather than shutting down my emotions, they turned up to 11. My mind is racing a bit. It feels kind of manic, which is not something I'm used to. Is this normal at all as we approach the "tiger blood" response? Is this something that will pass, or will I just need to learn to adjust to this? Thanks for any help!
  4. Hey crew! My wife and I are starting September 1 and are excited to get going! I am 36 and she is 30. We'd like to start a family in the next year or so, and I'm hopeful changing our eating habits will give us the energy we need to keep up with a child. Also, I have a genetic metabolic disorder that causes me daily neuropathic pain that sometimes shuts me down altogether. Other patients with my disease report anti-inflammatory diets can reduce the pain. So I'm excited to see how this goes!