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  1. Wild vs Farm raised salmon Omega3 question

    Excellent, thank you for replying kirkor. And O6 at higher levels, not so good, right?
  2. I was a having a conversation about salmon on FB and I got this comment about farm raised salmon with Omega3. Sounded "fishy" to me (sorry!) but I didn't have a fact based rebuttal. I thought farm raised inherently lacked the O3s present in the wild caught. "...although we always cook the salmon with the skin on, skin side up. We'll sear it then run it under a broiler, so the fat melts and covers the meat. I think that's where you get your omega 3s."
  3. August 14th Start Date

    Yes, exactly. Since most of the protein found in eggs is from the yolk, eating just the whites defeats the whole (pun intended) purpose of eating eggs. And to reiterate ISWF, the cholesterol in eggs is not your enemy. Your body creates most bad cholesterol all by itself as the result of eating a poor diet.
  4. Brands of coconut milk that are compliant?

    Any suggestions or thoughts on how to keep Coconut Milk or Cream after opening the can? I almost never use the entire amount at once. I think some labels suggest storing the coconut in another container after opening. Is this necessary, or advised by W30? How long should coconut last once opened, assuming it's refrigerated?
  5. Bacon & cooking fat

    Pedersons brand has a sugar free bacon that is the best! It's sold at Whole Foods and Sprouts. I actually prefer their sugar free version over regular bacon now. It does cost a bit more. Sprouts and Thrive Market sell lard in a jar. I use it sometimes.
  6. Hiking Snacks?

    I do a fair amount of hiking and always carry snacks. Because I loathe baby carrots, they aren't an option... I like tangerines for the juicy sweet taste and refreshment. If they're out because of sugar concerns, I'd definitely go for some roasted diced sweet potatoes. Also consider tuna fish mixed with Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo, celery, real carrots, cucumber and red peppers, perhaps sprinkled with salt. An excellent snack, crunchy and tasty. PS: Aren't egg yolks a critical part of Whole30?