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  1. I'm so glad I found this thread! @xacerb8 - I also take Citalopram and I was wondering how was it when you stop taking it cold turkey? I also accidently went off of it due to running out and being out of town. So I decided to stay off it, however on the 8th or 9th day of not taking it I had a massive break down. Super anxious and very depressed, I was in tears for a day. I had to start taking it again and several people warned me not to go off it again cold turkey. I would still like to try to go off it again after my Whole30, but I'm a bit nervous. @CaseyD - I have suffered from depression/anxiety for years, along with migraines and anemia. I was just diagnosed with Celiac 2 days ago! I never really knew anything about that disease, I had just finally gotten so tired of all my stomach issues I finally went to a gastrointerologist. He figured it was just irritable bowel but ran the celiac blood panel just in case and sure enough. So I will be going 100% gluten-free and I'm REALLY hoping it will help all of my symptoms and I'll finally be able to get off and stay off of my medication.