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  1. I'm on day 20

    This week, I made the the breakfast "cupcakes" typically with some v8 and black coffee Lunch the past two days are salads with protein and balsamic/EVOO dressing dinner last night was coconut chicken nuggets and brussel sprouts and the night before was a burger with cauliflower mash and broiled tomatoes Primary reason for doing it was to get control over what I put in my body and to have a healthy diet along with going to the gym. Positive changes...I dunno sure I guess. I don't know my weight yet, obviously but I think things are getting looser. I feel generally fine physically. I don't want to leap tall buildings but I also don't want to hide in the sewer. I get it. I'm alone on this quest at my house and amongst my friends. And it is "supposedly" good for me and it's certainly empowering to take hold of destiny and blah blah blah. But it's hard to do this. especially when you are without imminent physical aid. I miss going out and not caring. And I get that that is kind of the point insofar as caring about what you do and eat, it's just a massive pain in the ass when no one else has to check themselves and you're that guy asking for specific ingredients and preparing techniques at the restaurant. I've worked at many restaurants from dishwasher to server to chef. We never enjoyed those customers. So, I guess I'm happy that I can do it but it just seems like a lot.
  2. I'm on day 20

    I'm tired of cooking everything. Oh for the opportunity to grab a granola bar at work. I'm tired of not going out. Oh, to have an ice cold beverage apres work with some friends. I'm tired of being so strict about everything. My temper is short. I'm tired of my friends saying "just take a break" I was pretty energetic for about a week (the 3rd) but that seems to have vanished. I hate the fact that "only 10 more days" seems like an eternity. I have grumpy!
  3. #SeptemberWhole30

    I'm on day 8 but I have had two dreams nightmares about doing this very thing.
  4. Started 6 days ago...

    yeah that 3 meals a day stuff is not quite working for me. I'm still snacking. Not a lot but I am having a really hard time with it. I also may have eaten all the eggs in Massachusetts.
  5. Started 6 days ago...

    ..and I have procrastinated posting here til then. I even procrastinated my start date by 2 days. I'll tell you all about my procrastination...later. I'm tired. I wake up tired and I don't like that. I'm the only one (wife and son) doing it so that makes things interesting, but I do pretty much all the cooking anyway so that's been fine. I haven't wavered and have been to a family reunion and my family has a special affinity for pies. Last night I had band practice where there is a race to purchase the next round and I sipped my seltzer. Tonight is Game Night at our house and our friends (and normally myself) love to have at least one adult beverage. That'll be hard. we are having tacos so I can use lettuce wraps for that, so I should be good there. I make my own taco seasoning anyway so that's not an issue either. I haven't had heart burn since I started which was a daily dosage of Zantac problem for me before. That's nice. Working out is definitely harder and I have a gout flare up which is pretty obnoxious and painful and kinda unavoidable from what I've been reading. I guess that's it for now. I know I know, it was a great read.