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  1. Am I a horrible person?

    @adjk1229 I struggled with this in the beginning as well. I barely reintroduced because i was scared that if i knew that i could eat the cupcake with no issues i would eat the cupcake, and another one the next day or something else that was "worth it" another day and then i would gain all my weight back and it would all be for nothing. The weight gain thing is something i still struggle with. I have managed to move past making it the focus, and the other day i threw out my scale because i found myself weighing myself after my Whole30 way too much-even if it was because i liked the number. But its still there, lingering in the background. Here is reality, having one cupcake will not make you or anyone else gain weight. The lack of control and the inability to have one cupcake or even 2 on that one night for a special occasion or for no reason other than you wanted the cupcake without then having one every single day for 5 days is something you might (and i certainly needed to myself) take a closer look at. In the end this is about our relationship with the food we eat, so dont take one bite, eat the whole cupcake. But the need or the desire for the cupcake or the chocolate every single day or 4 days a week is something to evaluate and maybe try and delve into and see why this is the case. Yes because its good, but if you NEED/WANT it too much maybe your sugar dragon isnt as tamed as you thought or you have a habit you may want to try to ease up on. Guilt was my biggest challenge and the most eye opening thing i dealt with during my Whole30 and reading FFF. I realized that i beat the crap out of myself ALL the time over the food i ate and i had a horrible reward/punish cycle. I actually teared up when i first read this section in FFF. Its really hard to move past, and takes a lot of mental work-and more importantly ...time. Being incredibly logical with myself was important here. I love how i feel, i also LOVE the number on my scale. I want to maintain both-there is nothing wrong with feeling that way. I can have the cupcake and neither will change. If i have 4 cupcakes both will probably change. So whats best for not only my health but my mindset and my waistline? One cupcake is best for all 3. I dont feel deprived because i had the cupcake, logically i know i wont gain weight from 1 cupcake (although this was hard to get through my thick skull) and i didnt feel guilty because of all the facts associated with my decsion. The lack of control after that one cupcake was a battle that took time. Being comfortabale with one cupcake (or 2) without making it a habit, isnt easy. It takes time and trial and error. Don't expect perfection now, just keep being mindful and eventually you will find a balance between what keeps your goals in reach (your waistline or abs) but still doesn't make you feel deprived. In reference to the anxiety...i am SO with you on this. I still get anxious. Sometimes that comes from not only focusing on being mindful but of everything you CANT eat. If you haven't read FFF you should consider it. Our emotional relationship with food and our inability to have control over that is one of the hardest things to overcome. There is no easy answer here. It does sound like your "worth it" foods dont come with too many physical side effects, which makes it harder to resist. SO, if you have a lot of worth it foods that don't make you run to bathroom in 2 hours and you want to just relax on a holiday (the day of, like Thanksgiving etc.) then DO IT. That's what makes you happy and then, on Friday, right after Thanksgiving go back to eating the way that makes you feel best-both mentally and physically which may be Whole30ish. Then when the next holiday comes along, enjoy it! The freedom part of Food Freedom is real, and your food freedom looks different than others. Find your balance. Sorry for the long post, i just really related to everything you questioned. Hope it helped and you're doing great!
  2. Im not an official moderator but i figured i would chime in because i had the same issue. Obviously this was posted a while ago and i hope you're doing well with your reintroduction and FFF! I had a similar issue, i mixed gluten grains and dairy. So i went back on whole30 for 5 days, until i felt like my new whole30 self again and then i started reintroduction again. I found that my reintroduction was longer than most, i took more than 2 days to get back to feeling good again and i wanted to make sure i truly understood what each group of foods did to my sensitive system so it was worth the wait. it may not be typical but i think reintroduction is when you should listen to your body as much as possible. So moral of the story is always wait the recommended 2 days but if you feel you didnt get a good read on something or combined 2 things you dont have to start from scratch.
  3. Thanks for posting about this!! I am going through a similar issue now. I have been slowly reintroducing different things but i'm afraid to just go back to "normal". Its hard, because i don't WANT or miss most of the food that i'm supposed to be reintroducing. I'm doing it, getting TONS of gas, bloating, cravings. Then i go back to my whole30ish way of eating and im happy again. I'm STARTING to get control over the idea of FF. The one bite rule is VERY helpful. Eat the doughnut hole, but REALLY think about it-is it good because its good, or is it good because its free? After reading FFF i realized how much i was eating because of guilt (people offering and not wanting to say no) and just my own "f*ck it" mentality. This past weekend I had my first REAL test, and i passed. I had ONE bite of an amazing desert my friend baked, and then stopped, later i had ONE more. and that was it. It was great (shes an amazing baker), but those 2 bites over 2 hours was all i actually wanted and the one bite rule and being mindful while eating really helped. I still feel anxious. But i'm doing what makes me happy and physically comfortable first-and if i want to piece of cake....i just take one bite, breathe and think. <3