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  1. I just now realized that jihanna’s Post wasn’t for me. I got confused. LOL!!! But it still applies. Oops!
  2. Wow, sounds like you had it rough at the start. Surprisingly I’ve been very fortunate that way even though I drank a lot of dense, craft beer before starting this. The same cannot be said for Meigan. She had it rough for a few days but the sweet potato soup with fresh ginger seemed to make her feel a little better and keep her going. She’s getting on track now that the migraine is gone. Thank you so much for taking the time to post such a thoughtful reply. Your suggestions will be put to use! And sorry it took me so long to reply, I have been really busy with all of this but enjoying it immensely. I’m doing a Zen whole30! Lol I’ll be spending more time in here in the future browsing and contributing, as you guys have been so thoughtful and helpful. Thanks again! day 9 begins!
  3. Brandon

    Bone broth

    I am making another bone broth but this time from the chicken backs I got from grass roots instead of a chicken carcass. It seems meaty. Do I need to pick that off? Do I need to cook it first? I’m guessing not. Do I need to use two back for one batch? That is how it is packaged. It’s 3 pounds total. Thanks in advance!
  4. Brandon

    Day 4 and no appetite.

    Thank you for your input. It’s much appreciated. She is literally hungry for nothing and wouldn’t eat tonight. She says she doesn’t think she’s getting sick but that the migraine is just too much. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will try some ginger or peppermint tea if not. Not the start I was hoping to have with this but we will roll with the punches. Thanks again!
  5. Wow, we started on the same day and my girlfriend is having that sort of day you had yesterday, today. She really doesn’t want to eat anything at all. I’m not sure what to do. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better today. We’re you able to eat much yesterday? How about today?
  6. My girlfriend and I are on day 4 and she is having a rough go of it. She’s feeling a bit nauseous, has a migraine, some sweating, is very irritable and the most concerning symptom is that she has no appetite for anything (except maybe chocolate lol). She ate a small breakfast and an even smaller lunch and isn’t hungry for dinner. She certainly hasn’t had enough food today. What should I/she do? Thank you in advance for your input.
  7. Brandon

    Alpha Galactose

    I have not dug that deeply yet but that’s a good idea. I was actually reading Robb Wolf recently but not about allergies. Thank you for the suggestions.
  8. Brandon

    Alpha Galactose

    Yes, and thank you for your thoughtful reply. I am aware of that coming in. Knowing that medical trumps whole30 is one thing and understanding how it will effect things is another. And hearing that “medical trumps whole30” doesn’t always help. For example, on a different forum I witnessed lots of people using that phrase as a sort of mantra to rationalize all sorts of off-plan things. One person even told me to keep using Zyrtec invoking that phrase. However, clearly that’s an abuse of the intent of the phrase because I could simply eliminate mammal meat and stay on plan! My interest here was more about understanding the way in which allergies factor into the science of it all. See, alpha gal is very different from other food allergies... this is why my doctor didn’t tell me to stop eating mammal meat but rather be aware of it. Zyrtec was never a recommendation but rather something I used once the allergy made a drastic change to much less serious but more frequent symptoms. I have no problem simply laying off the Zyrtec, continuing to eat the meat and seeing what happens which may very well be nothing at all! That’s how weird the allergy is. I just wanted to know from a whole30/food-science perspective what that would mean if I did. I now understand that I am in the incorrect place to pose such a question and therefore do not wish to waste anymore of anyone’s time on the matter. However, I know that if I were to bump into Melissa or Dallas or someone with similar such knowledge at a health food store I could get answers to my questions. But even if so I very much understand that they would likely be reluctant to give the answers here because I think there’s also a legal concern in the statement “medical/doctors trump whole30”. But again, I was more interested in the the science of the whole30 in the spirit of “it starts with food” on this matter and nothing else. I will be excluding mammal meat from my whole30 and ceasing my query into this matter here. Thanks again to all who took the time to respond. I am sure we will bump into each other in the future. Please, feel free to respond but understand that I don’t expect it. I don’t want anyone to think I am belaboring a settled matter. Eat and be well fellow whole30’ers!!! I start in a couple of days!
  9. Brandon

    Alpha Galactose

    Ok. My apologies. But my query was more specific than what you’re saying as I was really looking for someone with sufficient enoughknowledge to approach and analyze the topic from the spirit and science of “It Starts with Food”. That’s all. But I am satisfied that I am in the incorrect place for such a query. Thank you for your help in bringing this to my attention. No need to respond unless you feel the need to! I look forward to checking in with the forum as I go through my whole30... mammals meat-free! I’ll reintroduce it during my reintroduction. Thanks again!
  10. Brandon

    Kratom Tea

    Thank you. I am familiar with their take on cannabis from the book. Just checking if someone had ever weighed in on kratom.
  11. Brandon

    Alpha Galactose

    My apologies. Do you know an appropriate place for the question? I will simply exclude the Zyrtec but would like to know what effect (if any) eating mammal meat will have on my whole30... assuming I remain symptom free of course. If you don’t know of a good place to ask the question I will just leave it out of my whole30. Thank you.
  12. Brandon

    No spleen & Aspirin

    Interesting, Schrodinger. Thanks for sharing that and congratulations on your success!!! I guess I’m wanting to understand to what extent something like aspirin will alter the whole30 but it may be difficult to get that information. But it’s really good to know that some are having success even if they still need to take it. I know it’s off plan.
  13. Brandon

    Alpha Galactose

    Ok. Thank you for your response. A doctor has never told me to take the Zyrtec. That’s just what I found that worked to prevent any reaction. In fact the allergist just told me to keep eating mammal meat if I’d like to... but be careful about it. I know that doctor’s orders Trump whole30 and all that but that’s not what I mean to ask. Perhaps my questions are better worded this way... In what way and to what extent will Zyrtec effect my whole30 should I continue to use it (a decision I probably won’t make depending on your response)? If I discontinue using my Zyrtec and continue to eat mammal meat (both perfectly acceptable according to my allergist) in what way, if any, will it effect my whole30? For example, does a potentially elevated histamine load effect any of the important physiological targets of whole30 like systemic inflammation, gut health etc? Sorry to be so specific, but I am trying to incorporate mammal meat in my whole30 (so long as I remain symptom free) if possible. For variety’s sake as well as the experience of learning new cooking techniques and such. But I am of course willing to not experiment with the mammal meat if necessary.
  14. Brandon

    No spleen & Aspirin

    Thank you very much for such a thoughtful reply! It’s the best I’ve received so far in other forums. It sounds like I can move forward without being discouraged that my whole30 is seriously compromised. That is my fear. I’d hate to do all the work just to find out that it isn’t a “real” whole30.
  15. Brandon

    No spleen & Aspirin

    I have no spleen. I take 325mg of aspirin daily to maintain a normal platelet count. I am about to start my first whole30. I understand that “doctors orders come first” but I have a few questions... Is there a way around taking aspirin for me? Are there brands of aspirin without undesirable inactive ingredients? if I have to take aspirin, to what degree will it effect my whole30? Can I really do it properly while taking aspirin?